Tom Hiddleston, Mia Wasikowska and Jessica Chastain on AOL BUILD - Oct 16, 2015

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i did house become so indelibly printed my mind is as some as set how was describing script mean was i found script incredibly honest it was it was emotionally sophisticated psychologically but incredibly spooky and combination two is something id id never read before and was sophistication of the engagement of the three characters we play i i really wanted jump into and then house in the house really said and not recently but house was most extraordinary manifestation of imagination it was it was built on on sound stage toronto first saw was like stepping into another world was like going through kind of style into very dark creepy place well mean true to gothic romance it is it is love story its love story with ghosts in it and and supernatural and the horrific elements come from romance in young woman falls for it dark stranger from another land and and romance happens quite early in film and was going and anyone seen viscontis leopard amazing film italian film based on the italian novel about the sicilian sicilian royalty in late nineteenth century it is extraordinary party in that film and he was was not to to that his hero in way and mias character in ive fall in love through this waltz and its shot very beautifully its by candlelight and know with light has this extraordinary golden quality to it and and camera camera dances with this anyway and what found amazing my research waltz this time its set in nineteen one and i if you went to party and you expected dance in society you were normally with figures of eight sixteen partner on your left or right and was only in vienna those crazy viennese who were who were rebelling against system suddenly invented this the waltz you dance with your partner face face chest chest could smell each others breath sorry was very sexy south but no the i sorry point is its a was its very its beautiful form of waltz very beautiful and down and something very something very thrilling about about spinning around circles and and the intimacy over i think is really is love that and think yeah most shots it very beautifully and was i loved hearing was a great sequence film he it wasnt his inspiration he really wanted to gothic romance and there some cost mysteries are you anorak live and obviously things very clear to me like jane and wuthering heights and house usher and and all that is in mix theres a sort of ingredients yeah was it was interesting theres scene towards the end think theres scene thomas and edith tell each other the truth and its truth that has been expressed until that point and its very very high moment and thats lot adrenaline and and it in both point and written it was quite he can he can confessed that said three days ahead he was think scene think its its little too formal think nature scene is much more instinctive and and and all everything say comes right from your heart and so think should have more spontaneous quality in and near and i and not moment completely rewrote scene and if wonder what scene when you see it takes place at top the elevated stairs when edith finds thomas shes called elevator and thomas arrives elevator conversation that its and very immediate very emotional and its very direct and and and love that scene as result of immediate reworking script funny about thats incredible thing about cinema in end is the truthfulness of camera the cameras is captures everything its and and discipline for us is is to is to be truthful always has feel real even if situation is heightened has feel like its motion real and sometimes when bring in dialogue off page in environment us on set doesnt feel like its architecture writing is too formal and have to shake up make real and and z me thats the thats the thrill of of working on set absolutely mean if you if want just mean that last fanatic waltz say like i think because because got waltz be done end film which which is very very intense every character is life death situation mean immediately life death seconds away from from one the other and so the experience of doing that as an actor is is you have to put your mind and body in that environment and recreate the affects on you it if youre terrified and desperate it affects breath doing that hours hours and hours today finally finished it moved outside and snow in toronto melted and started literally dancing and experience of of of of working for day was just so much more up lifting with so but also i love that thomas is engineer inventor and hes actually more gifted as industrialist than anybody film gives him credit for his actually capable and machine eventually works and built it machine is real yeah was extraordinary thing to be on mean i dont how they got up hill but it worked know that was the the the mechanics of completely real felt like kinda driving train it was extraordinary any female character from any movie gosh maybe chris hemsworth could louise i yeah think balance needs redressing in other direction but its fun question thank you great really someone youve had great time first time get know do something different and i i trust have betrayed acting is about trust the end and fact done in together alive slightly different relationship but really really nice to work together again yeah again would would extend them by saying trust got and follow your heart because think you out on part being actor people trying you how to be and who to be and and think thats very dangerous i lost know its so important to own your own view world and very courageous and so its it sounds like simple piece advice hard hardest thing to do trusted gut like jessica doesnt know its like like khebab think yeah i think i think lokis cool think it isnt cool without honest and hes not really part team was kind team thing so he he take world wasnt really involved being part team and he was good man loki important to its weve all done that know differ wide variety of different things and i think responsibility is to take some time to sync up with vision director because want actor free with instinct but you also need and infrastructure and context to place yourself in which is in line with tone of what director is trying to do is think was very helpful in in in recommendations novels films paintings know allowing us into framework his imagination saying this is world im building and and these the archetypes so that it gives your instinct that guy and then once step on you can be completely free and so it think me its about creating imaginative context within which can then place myself my costume island thats doing flattered very much that really appreciate it i see those two it does count his image ive already played i i prince fifth on film television called hollow crown so i guess if youre burning see me i will direct you to that but you know it gently you dont dont rush take it i would love do theater in city i mean i im its something have done it once i i play that academy music thousand seven with production but id love come back i dont know when or how and with what just make time make commitment but thank very much for saying that youd like to see today similar