No Breathing In Class - Michael Rosen

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strict we had teacher who was so strict you werent allowed to breed in her lessons cues to stand out front going low to glory thing and have whole morning to get through the weak ones just used keel over and die youd hear them going down behind you could pull to pull to pull and was always whiny kid gunmen carregando chambray then shifts i know you dont play time to do it and ill go want to know the beginning week there forty eight kids in my class at the end week there were only five of them left yeah you know the end day youd be stepping over kids just get out the room ono as melanie shame should really know this dave hearn humbug latin day always knew you were bit weak china people say to me if thats true how come youre here to tell the tale fair enough and tell you its because when i was at school we used sit at desks wouldnt sit round tables like you do now we used sit desks with leads and some of us figured out what had to do was snatched quick breath under the desk lied when she wasnt looking so small from the big no move breathing the weak ones to pull capone capone the one wants mayor is gonna go out do some breathing not dont play time to do it all so long and slow that and that was mistake slamming desk billy down if made noise with desk late it was ouch school prison that school prison underneath the school hole when hes to string you up from war bars and okay lobbying for three weeks hello joie acts when they blame my god i was so figured it out what you had to do was put your thumb round the edge desk lead so when it went down it didnt make any noise tool once more from the beginning then move breathing the weak ones too capone capone the one wants me to carve out loser breathing not little play time to do it and ill call all these other kids ouch school prison okay so hopefully not paid three weeks unless wax limit really bob dole niles amaze me thumb around edge desk no noise tool subtitle