Adam Ruins Everything - The Shocking Way Private Prisons Make Money

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you got me into this now youll get me out promise i have someone working on it but meantime this is great opportunity to explain why our nations prison system is failure on every level but we you know a lot about pretty good about watch lot previous document your guess youre right do like first hand knowledge maybe could help do this episode or none better than ever well to have magic tv like know when got lot favorites nmra leave lunch today early lunch today everyone prison system is total mess whatever purpose you think serbs if they dont well the point of prison is to reduce crime definitely not doing that there are two point two million people incarcerated u s ten times more than fifty years ago two million is more than population of some states welcome to mass incarceration it uses our primary export shiz i secondary export yeah i for band despite this massive increase prison population study conducted by the nyu school of law found the effect on crime rate has been essentially zero zero then why like so many people up well cant speak for all prisons but this one here make money make money is profiting from this yet these guys are it all started in tough on crime eighties when war on drugs mint state and federal prisons were bursting at seams how many prisoners what we do know that corporate america handle your prisons will take care everything thinking few bucks in their little offer topple business is running prisons that sounds little fishy just kidding i mean haven saves money right and so the corrections corporation america or c c a was born okay hold on you cant just sell prisons like their cars or real estate or hamburgers then why dont tell that tom beazley the cofounder cca who once said you just so prisons like selling cars real estate or hamburg series sells electric vannatter super and rake in ton scratch last year cca took in one point seven billion dollars felt good criminal well you know maybe its okay because theyre saving taxpayer money sorry the cells pitch was wrong the data shows that private prisons cost taxpayers justice much as regular prisons and today nearly one fifth of federal prisoners are held four probability okay graphene beautiful one are you im already gotten fraction was given lot games oh yeah thats not coincidence one study showed that private prisons dole out twice as many infractions as government prisonniers fractions thats an infraction please penalties go up your sentence which as company even more cash so more people that prison more money they make pool next dirty yeah thats why private prisons nick occupancy clauses into their contracts which actually requires states to keep prisons fall lash share a private prison in arizona didnt make their ninety seven percent capacity quota so the state government had pay them three million dollar fine finds like that incentivize cash strapped states to keep people in prison as long as possible if parole forms order and youve been model prisoner so were going to like get back up we really cant ads reprehensible look not all prisons private prisons but this one is so no its purpose isnt stop crying its dollar dollar bills yall the law hasnt been happy didnt even know i never thought about prison like at all pulling back the curtain on our disturbing business practices thats an infraction that makes three infractions not solitary okay that doesnt sound so bad enough think quietism that nino solitary confinement is cool agreement punishment that has no place modern society wait what will tell you about if you get settled whole