Donald Trump responds to his critics

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you well think making big mistake number one i think im be the one that beats hillary i the pox your own pokes came i beat hillary rather easily and i think they are kidding themselves im leading in virtually every state im leading and iowa although registered as pole and thatll be negative when they announced themselves think gonna win know im not one these other guys that goes down dont go down i go up whole life has been about winning im gonna win look i understand going through i wasnt supposed be here i was member of the establishment seven months ago i i get three hundred fifty thousand dollars to the republican governors association im not supposed be doing this you see im supposed other side writing checks and having people do whatever want folks sorry did this to you but he used to one those little problems life now ill see whether being treated fairly wanna republican im conservative guy i have great ideas make our country great again im gonna make great again its mess right now country is mess so i think theyre very happy i think win in two years i think happiest people in world okay but i understand cause i understand where theyre coming from this wasnt suppose happen supposed pick governor senator you know puppet with hundred percent this wasnt suppose happen people flying airplanes into world trade centers people shooting people california like happened last week we big problems problems that nobody understands you dont understand that people dont understand muslims have to help us figure out this tremendous hatred there theres tremendous hatred where comes from i dont know also but there sickness this sick people theres sickness going on there is group people that is very sick and we have to figure out the answer and muslims can help us figure out the answer like well right very very weak on illegal immigration they amnesty very very bad on our southern border let people poor and its not kind thinking we need we need stronger thinking than that and like was nice person but we need stronger thinking that i want muslims to help storm im a very smart person knew that the storm we need muslims to help us figure it out yap make america great again its the opposite want make our country safe fact add to it make america great again make america safe again its not safe living in fear im not quitting fear people living fear i have friends dont want airplanes anymore okay look theres problem you dont to admit you never will because you always want politically correct father admitted but you catching if very rapidly ratings were catching we do together but look look theres fear out there you know you do more than you have surveillance system new check things in you have papers and documents and you go through process which we dont do very well right now know that in syria i hear theyre making false passports and i have heard that isis and pretty good stuff chris in syria right now have people that making false passports migrants and its ice isis making passport and we have people coming in through migration coming into this country with false passports now ill tell you what its stop we got get tough and weve got get its temporary help didnt said his stupid not strong enough terms im partners with muslims theyre friends mine theyre very smart people they help us they got help us she had these two people everybody knew what do they have pipe bombs all over their apartment sitting floor yet mother knew you had neighbor knew yet one guy who bought rifles they all knew one person said i knew but may be racial profiling want racial profiling so people laying dead all over certain place good people great people think its disgraceful we need help we have have people turn other people once theyre radicalized its too late now we another problem because we have many radical people in united states we have do something about that well he was notice said it behind my back somebody tape that conversation said behind my back and and thats okay look dont think hes qualified be president because i dont think he has right temperament i dont think hes got the right judgment look way hes dealt with senate where he goes in there like a you frankly like little bit maniac not get things done that way look i built phenomenal business im with many many billions of dollars some greatest assets anywhere world you cant walk into the senate and screaming call people liars and not be able to cajoling get along with people hell never get anything done and thats problem with ted problem no i think this quoting one poll because there other polls were very favorable with women me you released poll donald trump against hillary clinton and win by four points its fox paul its not quinnipiac whoever is its fox paul so fox and roger pays all this money for fox in fox poll i beat easily hillary clinton why dont you talk about that poll think owen hispanics i employ thousands of hispanics they love me i love them think gonna do great with one and one reasons im do great with women is that im leader im not like hillary clinton she got no strength shes got no stamina everything she does is like theatrical all donald trump should do this he actually was interesting she said watched last night donald trump looks like practices front mirror hours donald trump said i think hes dangerous im dangerous shes one caused problem with their stupid policies you look at what she did with libya what she did with syria look at egypt what happened with egypt total mess they dont we back any our allies you look she was truly if not the one worst secretary states history country being dangerous shes killed hundreds of thousands people with her stupidity secretary of state obama was president the team reel too real geniuses course look at what happened the middle east is a total disaster under she traveled back and forth but look all the problems look at as an example iraq total disaster but got us out badly okay total we spend two trillion dollars thousands of lies wounded warriors all over look at look at libya look at benghazi our ambassador her five six hundred times asking for help shell take her friends call every time hillary clinton doesnt have the judgment she doesnt have strength or the stamina be president she will be terrible president and think we had leadership have talk about and one of things im so disappointed with republicans is that we have budget and then sleep two years dont do anything start talking about just before the budget comes it doesnt work that way dont want and you why certain things we can talk about but dont want say because they have to think of us as unpredictable said we will never ever shut down government what happened he give away all his cards saying words he gave obama all his guards okay its fine say that now obama said back he got everything wanted so dont wanna say the art deal fairness mean nobody nobody in our government understands art the deal shes always been known as very low interest and as developer i like low interest rates as somebody that loves our country you have start raising she should start raising little bit look im getting free money by doing this its former printing money but and think shes fine shes very low interest rate person i think shes probably raise them and if she does its be small and dont think its have much of impact thank you thank very much brigitte