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brown eyes met his i just how find myself thats part of it that way im back you notice yeah well here i am back so lets celebrate i research ive been shooting secret project in la i had glass and then now back and can make videos at home why you telling this because for maybe eight months i prepared for going away to this pain and then i did lot of areas in and think majority of what i saw i well never see the light day think would really really hard so thats thats plus but its something i realized when i came back is that i dont want do that anymore i dont want it were head i dont she making videos just because i need to add take a really im going away in few days as well and im supposed do that right now am supposed work ahead so that when go away there will still be videos i im just burned out and to tired of doing that and that im here on this i i just wanted me videos that want me and that think youve rosalyn john watching and thats what gonna do i just thought id let you know dont think want to talk about is that for some reason all projects that im working on is happening at once and studio now laying she was amazing i had such blast i had like best time ever i cant wait for you watch and its going be so awesome and then game came out in president really really supportive and was really narrows his know you well not game doesnt do well then we lost bunch money and i dont know so im really glad were supported and im really glad youre enjoying it really really needs going call back so recently which would so its scary but i think it did okay and the book is coming out next month theres just so much stuff going on and dad so happy how things turning out i feel feel so fortunate to doing all these things i just also want clear that im not doing all these things trying get out you im not doing that try and im happy here youtube im happy doing what im doing i started making videos because love making gaming during that and im i keep making it because thats what love to do by law you timbers theyd theyd be using you to buy ask how i leaping platform to get somewhere else which is totally fine thats is not my intention im just doing these other things because theyre fun and theyre fun opportunities i think theyre fun for you resist wallace just want clear on that yeah now that im back i have more time to actually make the caravan does that take extra effort like fridays weve hit pie or leg uses everything using high school all star that videos that i really really really love think our reasons why maybe you discover this time all i had more time to do that in those kind of areas that feel like they remained like that for awhile like trolleys well ive been trying prepare for this month that its been so now that back im excited to do that and think you rose should just be excited for better videos now to say that theyve been bad right i just think its so cool i only been doing using for five years most channels that became like really being really fast died out really fast as well and and was really worried when my child going that the same thing would happen me and its been five years now algebras still here and i just really really appreciate stick around i want keep making videos because i still love doing and and it because if you would watch alright thats all for me for now lets see around us future videos stay awesome dress