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thank you very much today as we face this critical election fraud country i launched my manifesto for britains future manifesto to see us rubrics six and beyond a plan for strong go fairer more prosperous person plan to seize the opportunities ahead and build country that our children and grandchildren are proud to call home it is detailed program for government rooted in hopes and aspirations of ordinary working people across the land but it is more laughs it is vision for christian poll trace of kind of country i want this nation to be off to brexit as we draw our own way in world four amps this defining moment for united kingdom as we embark on this momentous journey for our nation we have chance to step back a mosque all souls what kind of country we want to build together i believe all united kingdom can emerge from this period national challenge strong got federal and more prosperous than ever before i believe we can be country that stands tool in world and provides leadership on some greatest challenges of all time and i believe we can and must take this opportunity to build great meritocracy here in britain now let me be clear about what that means it means making britain country where everyone what ever background has the chance to go as far as that talent and that hardwood will take them country that asks not where youve come from home but well youre going to it means making britain country that works not for privileged few but for everyone country where it doesnt matter where you were born who your parents saw what the went to swear you went to school what your accent sounds like what god you worship when you man or woman gay or straight will block want country in which pool that matters is that talent you have how hot your prepared to work and that is kind of britain all i want foster builds together because as we leave european union and sex also has new cools we need to make most of all the talent in this country for britain to succeed we need to unleash the ability of every person harness creativity of every business supports the on mission an entrepreneur realism of every sector we need to embrace opportunities before us with confidence believing in britain and in the enduring power of the british spirit and we need to look forward not back believing that despite all great heritage we have an even greater future and that we can build that price future together not just be in no jobs it will not be easy there will be obstacles in a way there some who wishes to full short others who wish to hold us back many who will us to fail but with discipline and focus efforts and hard work and plot hole unity of purpose stretching across this precious union of nations from north to south and east to west i believe we can and must go forward together to do that we need new contract between government and people we need government that is strong enough to act and humble enough to listen responsive enough to peoples needs and stable enough get on with the job and to live off and need to unite behind clear plan to make the most the opportunities ahead that is what this manifesto office a clear plan to meet the big challenges we face together credible deliverable program for government around which the country can unite a plan that unlike the offerings of other policies is up front and honest about scale of tallest we face what we save it we will do on scale of our ambition is clear because it is the responsibility of leadership to be up front and straight with people about challenges ahead about difficult decisions and trade offs that need be made and the hard work required to overcome the obstacles in our way and that is what this manifesto dogs it identifies the five great giant challenges that we face as country one the need for strong economy two responding to brexit and changing world three tackling enduring social divisions full responding to an aging society and five facing up to foster changing technology and it sets out what we will do to address each one and in doing so it offers vision of person not just the next five years but years and decades ahead a stronger person where everyone has the economic security they need and chance to live secure or and full life a more prosperous britain what each generation can do better than last but all of this depends on getting the next five years rights make no mistake the central challenge we face is negotiating the best deal for britain and europe our future prosperity our place world our standard living opportunities we want for our children and our childrens children each and every one depends on having the strongest possible hand as we enter those negotiations in order to get facts best brexit steel for families across this country if we fail the consequences for britain and for the economic security of ordinary working people will be dying if we succeed the opportunity is ahead of us all great ive negotiated for britain and europe and i know that best place to start is to be clear about where you stand and what you want thats why i have been clea that we do not seek to fudge this issue to be off in and half out of the the british people made that choice i respect that and i respect view of the other european leaders who agree we copy coffin javaos heyse so we will leave the european union and take control of our money take control of our borders take control of our goals we will forge new deep and special partnership with europe but reach out beyond your just like new trade deals raw goods and services with old allies and new friends around world to we will make the decisions that match up to britain here in person and be great global trading nation but stands tall world once again and if we get bricks it runs we can use this moment of change build stronger fairer more prosperous britain here at home that is the real prize the goal towards which we must work because for too many people in britain today life is simply much harder than many seem to think organize the non ideological the deadline to graduations dont fooled by pro politicians who promise the us and claim no tough choices required they make those choices every day their own lives i understand politicians who aspire to lead must do the same they dont ask much they just want get on with their lives to do the best their children to be given fair chance and they look to the government for help and support this party the conservative and unionist party will be that government the wireless is never true that government has full beyonces government put squarely at service award me working people can and should be force for good a force that steps up and acts in the interests of ordinary working people but does not ignore whole bowl combine the on sign but serves the interests mainstream british public with right brexit deal secured my mainstream government will deliver for mainstream person all those who work because and make this country what it is people have job but dont always have job security people own their home but worry about paying mortgage people who can just about manage but worry about cost living and getting that chuck children into good school and that is why the government highly unusual every area this united kingdom is able to prosper with modern industrial strategy to spread opportunity across the whole country why the government i lied will build britain in which work pays with higher national living wage and proper rights and protections at work what government on lead will keep taxes low account ripoff energy targets help families were working all the hours they can to pay the bills what what have we will help those struggling to afford home their own by building more affordable homes its why government i lied will build britain in which the economy is strong to support world class public services with most ambitious program of investment in technology and buildings the nhs has ever see record and fast funding for schools real technical education for young people and the first ever proper plan to pay for and provide social cash because strong public services dont just provide security engine honks opportunity they all vital local international institutions that bring us all together and it is why the government high elite will be relentless in tackling burning injustices like discrimination on basis of race gender mental health or disability for injustice is scar on soul of our nation and i will fight it where ever it is found so for example we will introduce the first new mental health bill for thirty years to put parity of esteem at heart of treatment and then to stigma of mental illness once and for all but most important of all the government it will provide strong and stable leadership to see us through brexit and beyond tackling the long term challenges we face and ensuring everyone our country has the chance to get on in life we need that strong and stable leadership now more than ever for next five years will be among most challenging in our lifetime defining period for our nation a turning point for britain but will determine the kind country we are on kind future the generations that come off to us will see that is why now more than ever britain needs strong and stable government why now more than ever britain needs strong leadership to make most of the opportunities bricks it will bring now more than ever britain needs clear plan onto the chair nation and will to see it through and that is why in this election more than any before it is time to put the old tribal politics behind us and to come together in national interest you might shift in our desire to make success of bricks it united in our desire to get the right results for britain because every vote for me and my tea in this election will strengthen my hand in negotiations to calm every vote for me in my tea will be vote to get on with the job of delivering brexit and delivering stronger more secure future for all every vote for me and my team will be vote for stronger fairer more prosperous britian and after all that has passed that is vision of the future but can bring us together so i offer myself as a prime minister with resolute determination to get on with the job of delivering brexit optimism but all i can get deal that works but cool im confident in belief we have the vision the plan and window to use this moment to build a better christian with the right deal for britian abril taking back control of our borders on monday and on tools and better deal for ordinary working people at home modern industrial strategy to spread prosperity and opportunity around country exploiting the opportunities technology to attract the jobs of the future to britain relief on family energy bills cost of living more secure all well paid jobs and new protections for workers the chance to own home and more affordable housing a good school place every child with more money for schools every year a strong economy to fund our nhs and give you security you need a stronger fairer more prosperous christian that works but everyone not just privileged few that is the goal that is the plan and now is the time so join me on this journey come with me as i leave britain strengthened my hand i fight for britain and stand with me as i deliver for britain and with confidence in ourselves and unity of purpose in our country thats just bull go forward together