Rick Astley interview 1989 part 4 (Musique Plus)

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if i think the albums and i feel about certain thing but i know that you love life and that he was very important what happens in your mind when youre doing something like that can close off all business side technicalities business well just feel as if on the scoring points really because think lowest points have been scored against me would they stop taking whats with thing in this so ive just been it the recording artists everything and i do believe that you know im very comfortable going on singing live states to people you know very comfort about show that we do in band we go and everything so i i just feel that so were going to strong dollar direction is pop still thing so think its a just really important phase really no movement its not just somebody ive fallen off obviously going been houses i just think that places that weve played people can sing cake even people say we dragged along by prince the younger brother so one of i think theyve got to leave and say well still dont want meet people him saying you know right which with us fine by me can do what i you find that median stuff expect not to able sing with sort disappointment that can carry it or through degrees so my i think mostly think people off so general opinion that can sing umbel begrudge me out talk sometimes i which can understand do without know but as sigh of its just a nice reactions able to go out and phone for people as opposed tvs the mind know situation thats something also very interesting that i think happens when somebody reaches the sort level that you return there numerous artists around world that for some reason people forget that youre human and they can be very not there when let them think that may not apply only run that ended saying they forget that youre human being that brush teeth in morning and know the regular type thing you wash your dishes felt thing mean how you do how much of media stuff do you actually take hard mean so hard say im not going listen what guy thing a lot of her time will just dont read it anymore whenever they have from beginning but i certainly dont anymore and that that goes for say a credible and magazine something that just wont read into office kriss wouldnt sit down watch this interview again you dont get primer on and repeat tomorrow morning the osha again actually book and with that because think i was here did on day on right was sent note said to me and know set back so ill just leave it out know think know obviously do take things heart especially when person you know put so he just tough to just just try happy about what doing just press on the know as an evolution that im sure that you must realize think something happens you when youre in business like this and things happening so fast you do grow up lot faster think unnecessarily expand it and think its necessity really and even on second album find that know well just fact that youve written six songs we dont produce seems to me that you feel much stronger about everything in gender little so you know this this sort of life that the troubling literally and then also just just sat talking to different people around world nephews asking questions littleton actually putting you on spot develop she was person you know so think shows in every aspect when you go back to do need your writing and things hopefully that will let know control as well like was saying before about people who are as well ive lived life little more you know when told on america few times then you might have the right to write song about say new orleans is something when youve been there few times know its its over enough so because had chance to go you know around world couple has to adjust things when you met different types people do find that the audiences differently feel that same type people that show to rick at show in states the would be in spain as were matter well all be sick prune consequently does vary slightly worse things have been more than happy about is fact that throughout europe australia maybe not to japan because its younger woman listen pop music and older people just dont even know exist put third throughout europe and everything they buildings have been quite widespread really the age group of it and that was really pleasing because think everybody like crew band on self really were expected be lot younger than what was really coming now to know broad support and in kind the really done anything that theyve really big europe everything want to one that takes know check competition no one on the official site load goes to screaming way through and i so if this is going on when we can all wasnt happy about that but sos really plays this item is mixed audience it was mostly young people obviously perhaps but into that im not all the self know so it was very active on stuff would ask you okay rick know you go ahead work on your third album what comes mind what he wanted put across that third album movements and think like to get the musical side of it to a im all musical saw standpoint really which may sound little for these people know in sense that that last two albums have been produced a in very sort of keyboard orientated why you know drum machine samples all kind thing and think my voice as she said before nothing before the voice can consume all things ive done of mental of of name himself now got foot in door so hopefully we can go try few different things minutes a lot very talented people although now wanna go work with them know weve co produced some stuff on your out now is there anybody that you would love to produce will oversee the some big names that like a bank quincy jones comes to mind gonna hear things know knowing that they did another michael wilton oracle as well this does loads different people but one things is that dont wanna go around saying about these people until i told him personally front the last thing want do something little bit with these and know i dont what id rather just have no natural thing know just give call see what doing you know what about you would you like produce so many seminar on that think that may be able think that that the the reason that go to to some law the co producing things last album was so the because ice to do demos on twenty four track and dont win in the evenings or weekends and because theres nobody else just thought and you know i i use player will keep both guitar program drums all kind thing no big deal me wasnt polite to a great stand but enough for people to know you know the bicycles to patent things to fall so it just seemed a bit crazy to hand over to look to somebody when worked on for sale we can then put everything and so it was quite nice to able to just say well want keep that power that when he got by someone who is one so know what advice would have for somebody who was wreck gasping he was fifteen starting off really wants to do this seriously itll nothing dont bowl they dont dont do it no i would say make sure that what youre interested in is music because was the only thing pull through all because frame doesnt mean thing say i stayed up you know very lightheartedly enough in dice not thing that keeps you going money is certainly not thing that keeps going because end day if you miserable for all money world not gonna make happy know so its its very cool anyway putting what think is very true unless youre interested music and thats what wanna do just dont follow you know think is great idea for song maybe there is good idea that were thrilled have you here in this scenario is a wonderful were looking forward see you live here in montreal and quebec and please come back into his any time maybe well come back and co host hour into the stuff that you want see how fast could soon im going have say that live on there so that we can sort tell you said youd like really break thats right about now wonderful have with an axe play your new video which is the title track your new album and also like say that it it happens to be the forty five its been released here canada as opposed enterprise debate states current and you wrote the song as well as those wonderful thank so much better than the translation of innovative quick recap discounts dont call fact you might