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good evening ladies and gentlemen im jeff omaha put the kids to bed close blinds and watch your posts we got whole lot news talk about our first story because my alabama where governor was caught cheating on his wife at she found dirty text messages that was sending to colleague up up up i cannot wait to read these text messages i and rock hard let me let get hand ready wrath well this gift unless we can do that until we cant do up i was just checking i was not serious but would try it the text conversation was as followed with all of my passionate heart i love your passion for me its good thing you do i have passion only for you its good thing you do i do my loves i miss you my love i miss you sweet robert you were on deserted island yes i was were on one together are these even turning i think thirty december two second graders trying drive beach other via text lets shy one dirty shopping thirty to get started i would try to show usually its around my dick and call me bitch show me that this what im gonna say someone should get spread on some at some point during six month stint someone should get paid on natalies tara lets head on over to the beloved frank wheeler who by the way is when christmas is in middle of fucking april frank frank ladies and gentlemen we seem having some technical difficulties just kim would you jeff material out glare well we got over you right pull another stunt like that gonna have my son fuck your daughter the break her heart understand me go on with weather cheek says jeff barrett as can see behind is pretty cloudy weather with dont worry were gonna have great weather fluorescent week however militant wasnt word come on man were live live right now what the hell is the one i dont know what fuck im doing i should study ordered college also know its not fucking brain so enjoy your fucking barbecues fat piece shit okay lets just move on to our next story here matthew mcconaugheys brother actually named his son miller lite in honor of his favorite beer after hearing about name beer company reached out matthew mcconaugheys brother whose name dont like know because its not matthew mcconaughey and gave him a free supply of beer from dar year i know im woman next to no a blow job without asking is it so hard sheila is it so hard vogue and do that once awhile not even my birthday i think that im just going around are you married no no love you you get a note would not do it might want switch their all bitches and now we move on to romantic piece about young love these two lovers who look like proud owners of pet raccoon recall backseat pickup truck in waffle house parking lot doing what lovers do fucking the couple was so intoxicated that one please tell them put their clothes back on woman mistakenly stepped into cheeseburger thing was our sandal up my yeah but as one drunken bids were these people related no i wish they were what but ive been watching lot incest porn were not on would not see the thing would insist one is a you even if its not your cup tea you to show the volume off because now its regular poor credit if you can hear them say im your brother and your sister theres two people have a good time right thats why like it ladies and gentlemen i just got word we have some breaking news public pinch my nipples is this real life yes it is we have breaking news good for you that is some very aggressive transitional music but do have breaking news the news is this video has bloopers too if like go see those you can go youtube dot com slash extra joe videos to see that also subscribe for more videos and i know you pretty upset because we its not actual breaking news its just cheap plug because i am self centered piece of garbage okay hope everyone has good night and mostly in a these were there was supposed professors on table can i