TF2: Scout quotes [2013 download link]

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hit it doc modoc do we do it doc doing okay fly you all know you chuckle laid down there could see my pace for me grammy mock yeah yeah yeah yeah i got got it no problem yeah its ours now im not even winded i got i got got it you have got be kidding you got kidding me i cannot believe this all i applied for it i look at me look at me i will give me ma fallon im not look at me no other class going do that see that you see in this put in my trophy room with others dont think first all i know me crying make look easy play ball whats gonna eat my dust well whats voice dont promise me that their art site construct well whats up get hurt yeah ie yeah nope sorry not denied welsh what pat pulling her weak told me morando mass nice a punk warts return free consent alright alright right now were doing it now would do it yeah yeah yeah would rise to what does god that way ready to write way guys what hells going on rock like the car is someone going push the freaking cart clock moving backwards aunt sees the car no no no the car anyone else put this thing we gotta stop that day aunt shes guys got stop it does everyone dont want bush forget god keep that taught moving kamal moved car pull march you lazy bums keep pushing it yeah yeah keep moving guys go go go stay by cart fellows get over here stay close guides but dont push this thing we poisonous dana what will help pushing cart i we got stop it gonna stop car lets stop if we could take frigate got stopped what i felt was stop pushing cart bush said push jet project yeah i got it what rob lowe sumit wicked all yeah yeah is supply over there supply is spot over here got supply free conspirators sparked freaking soldiers supply friggin happy just by african borrows supply friggin demos supply that supply one loss african medics supply african auto supply african snipers supply you got freaking dominated not let alright lets do this yeah thats right you even try it no did you even see me hit nearby knuckle doing going to stop bombing much suck look at you like youre renting traffic drinkin and powell thats failure tastes do look at you mean look at you dont usually kill morons is fast lotus just caving is called my back still dry no clubs have nothing hit bricks pal you don you all terrible didnt dominated chocolate domination look up that you got more on yeah dare you rage quit my make both happy all what gonna cry you gonna cry now i will never stop killing you in next time try to ice well bad up cyclops best man won you bomb throwing drunk clock just got cleaned rummy depth perception pal look into what are you some you can invent next time docket is something should bill im not die in machine dont bring right to gun fight is schematic for you ma yes they overalls you suck not go down lot and did you all i am already knew you fat bald bastard today today paid takes four hundred thousand dollars fight i got off that money well spent them two hundred dollar bullets eats lot when dont hit not not a legal take sauce out steak dinner tonight we think about that eight so hot now are fat cakes are you eat your sandwiches i about nice hustle tons fun next i need salad pay log fat does lotteries dont stop bullets dont a i am only new you fat bald fatty fat fat fat diagnosis yusaku youre gonna shoot medicine its intimidating way suppresses football crates now real nice effet deutsche bag it pate doctors a doctor doctor doctor fate was on fire now no if dont want kill you you shouldve said something repeat after me im im dead take that you don bit wherein dont eat it you mu fricking moron yeah nice moves mumbles i am discount here this map big enough for two of us need roll balls a lot real scout get work sniped at your freaking talent and at fancy scope yours but got real good deal me telling you you cant whole time for this was mercy killing you live a camper van beloved beagle my tiny head so tiny apartment so that im little at no im not even wearing helmet what is your major malfunction brother drop dead and give twenty your disgrace to uniform pout days summer is there enough critical world kill me disguise that dominated your shape shift in red ought stab guy back hes being your freaking head in okay look you shapeshift into dead guy i did on tap guides stand on freaking tap was get on cap velos daytona cap you dopes is is anyone even paying attention me lets go lets go lets go lets go go go go we just lets go atta boy thats what im talking about that was all you are right yeah thats thats pretty good job michael left who left left left left alright yeah lets go to right right right right well no little help erik im dying here all will help know need help happen im capital over here whos with me might have capture this thing by myself get over here help defend defend freakin point wyman after financing by myself in calming knowing call me ben comment on fracking touchable you can hear what a day one them on frigging blur here dont dont slow going so clones come on come on work dammit box wrapped what bach ramp good crap its okay guys scary head i got this scary had not got point stay frosty scary head pushed gary heck pulls come ons gary had bush i believe and know we did scary head we did it together hey we got it scary head so my best friend week then its scary that we did because were best friends wait only guys see this scary head users got dominated by handsome man frightening ahead awaited i know what ask yourself was i scared death by this mans goes pat but not just killed you nice work scary heck were doing is scary had your me stereotype i say is so scary not stereotype this is all your fault well gotta go ten big muscles check scary hey check our yeah lets do this you would be scary ghost had lets do this lets go over plains gary hit all around be awesome you float over my head got it homemade loot is that the said so scary my head just got scared you you wanna see some scary look slightly above my head yeah thats right scary goes head oh man were gonna scary head float above my head like ghost something on isnt so great im jealous of me hey check out scary a scary expensive dennys yeah im rich what these guys get load my head yeah its haunted you guys notice anything new about me specifically top on my head yeah its super scary had no big deal dole look scary head well we got that almost scary my name gone bush you know gone growl our friendship is stricken magic pale you mess with horse you get all in all i just could club might well fuck your ass that sell your corn lays down friggin art that is how you are going get it done son wears fairy tale ending rapunzel well where go every time youre going killed yet you got make wish yeah heard laughing earlier but its okay because youre dead my booty magic does not state caught on fire your gun fire could be club over here im pretty big loss yeah lift it up you know what girls love your coins will get up cant put saddle on me brother i am like pink wind yeah laugh up i think gore your race with this thing i am not unicorn im pig rhinoceros youre not going our our ighodalo gone moon for again unbelievable this did not just happen does socks on ice no seriously you all suck what hell you guys problem aunt shes socks what was that crap this is real frigging embarrassment well nothing up hope hope hope hope hope hope yeah you got home yeah yeah yeah yeah medic medic doc to all men mawddach follow me this way doc doc this way follow me doc lets go bring it lets do days you want me bottom up malcolm on tough guy if order now going second britain absolutely free would be on his skull delay it tonsils hand scold votes off make as easy pop quiz how long takes be moron death where sorry times up your dad you like car crash slow motion its like im watching fly through windshield dont you get closed casket ugly cemetery whats matter you freaking stoked with moving up moving up come on move up lets move it up yeah a hooker well yeah suite come daddy call yeah oh yeah man wow needed dispensing here new century here need teleporter all we all screw stone but still played still paid call davis is not look good here got shot and soon their way go slugger aw no no no way i yeah youre alright were on fire thats what talking about ive wasted you are you like now blockade do like that chuckle lots pull my back tommy remember me yeah you do dont you outlook cross me again what we learn i always wait whos tough guy now how tough guy tilting funny funny man century ahead century up then got century up there offagain good yeah looking good over here this no spell i am discoid hey look my feet bought it dance bought dance product block for it lock for it gravity who gives crap about gravity okay you got bomb on your head i crave like a bomb on my head well crap got bomb on my head bump on head blown off my head head vomit bomb coming true all got my head is huge called god my head is huge i got to tell you little were not like you got little at top my head is so small got my head is so big they spelled out all my blood my blood all my beautiful and look the other idiots dont look at out slightly less handsome real small over here i yeah well you wet morans most yeah oh well yeah where you at marasmius calling you out stupid wizard heh heh siegfried and roy i am gonna mess you up check out casper i am gonna mess you up next time we would ask be is roommate you say no soldier yeah you better hide wand waving moron so lets get come on out see through marshmallow get out here spell takes he was it so much where the hell is that wizard harry houdini way i mean dot come on out you stupid whiz it nobody likes wins it you hear me youre going die alone i hate ghosts so much i hate ghosts so much debris solid already stupid ghosts you know what not scary you just waited im gonna take all go scully magic man were going make you wish you never entered dark arts also you some eldritch horror hp dom craft grass grows sun shines boats fly and brought up i come back from dead brains man would kill for some brains here isle of brains are you know would hit spot brains that delicious its not original but its true i love brains mold go mommy i am lord of all magic i am furry get wiser you old cell not break in brass i am full of brick in magic i love no its magic time okay stop magic saw logs magic are you break in ten minutes its happening all got it and we had still not magic dulled automatic nam now its still not magic wait awhile then god told me well no dont have admit i pulled so i just down branch i get that branch breeds time everybody gets the island lets go get some free crap is to which you now lets go very dry up lets get this money moving guys is all false only gonna move himself guys kp do scrappy truth peck tomb diablo loose so smell strong role model good ball goal more poll in physiome improved im fully knows and vocal monocular this on blues trade prodi all paid on solaris ipso manson dairy alone debuts in victor roots mortis animal terrace in infatti toys bog dole batter up wave goodbye you secret crap dumb ass he oil ought be on baseball card come back thousand eyes so many given track i had bedded approach to stupid crap moron because feel when got things not say now wait goal pally we got we got him stand on freaking point you moron what hell is wrong with you stand friggin point get on free good point dumb ass would you kindly move your ass to freaking point because well over that dumb ass get free deployed whats already me hit you know what yeah did vote thats skull fracture for sure who i got all that one days that thing up for you downtown poem for good run got nice piece so that no ice carrots knuckle let go days body good treach dummy waited talk nice muscle dole had stopped gong think fast juggernauts real smooth domi batter up catch days but assuming that my children got ball back play ball well my ball who does my ball love my ball and circles around you who yeah real scary yeah want come over say that my face tough guy got tough now are you arya overhead but you what had but you never had much yet come get some african whats what someone else sega body kneecaps trouble ed and lot good that god did just what you looking at yeah its friggin bat magnet pay knuckle head im talking you youre all losers hey webs joint stock you knuckleheads aint even worth the effort you morons about kiss of real beat all hate you sock thank probably yeah yeah thanks alright well feel good food yeah thanks doc thanks doc dykes will ride a good job at all that day for that tough guy yeah yeah yeah got