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its just that they couldnt sell it because couldnt say it and can honestly say im change man scholar down ship sank okay hon yeah were sent home watching basic cable one shawshank pops up oh yeah yeah does it its on high rotation that movie did not succeed in theaters by the way it was released twice once before got nominated and then and had not great release and then after got nominated and it still didnt catch on in theaters not ten years later thats about it it seemed that this eleven all good visit die why that delayed response think he has what you know word mouth is the marketing tool dont care what you spend word mouth doesnt get you you aint going anywhere right so our marriage and going to see movie and then going to your friends i just saw one most terrific movies calm down ship chang john reduction if it no matter what happened but you mustve been like i did this thing years ago and im suddenly hearing about it from family friends people on street and lot that song in the movies and all really held in very high esteem just that they couldnt sell it because couldnt say it you have said title they got title wrong yes i do i said bad pixel what she could you dont what they say whether full title wont that on mark to use the phone dont put full title up there you got one sheet hold both titles on one shed everybody could fade with hayward television used cops and doctors now its you can replace your left hand on the bible and raise your right hand and repeat after and v and house cards thats what feeds what were talking about right absolutely well we did we think that started what started it like started it yeah im watching wheels turn here when barack obama was elected president with elected by everybody this country was elected by the people this was peoples leader but that was some people in congress was that never happened tank gonna happen now your government is spy met doesnt work grinds to a halt perhaps going on here just got nobodys going this is what has pressed by and think people disillusioned with what was going on government and the stagnation great leader not able get things done can you tell us anything about whats going happen this season were going to going election cycle can tell that so we hope to be the aspirational version of what an election cycle could that being reflected right now or not there things from our life on on on not im not its not been factor and think that this is an aberration now the political cycle were in reality yeah not making any sense has hillary clinton seen show ive ever heard madam secretary im so sorry hosts hoping this is the part where wakeup yes yes yes what you say it just says the same pain that madeline all and now its very who could show well its very realistic very realistic preserve protect and defend constitution the united states i get started love for madam secretary i guess star male strip street could never out of it tell you as good morning caller thats what thats what im betting thats all it takes do think tv is done stealing those character driven stories from film or are we going see more that trying to go on for awhile yeah i think we have lose because thing about television is success being here comfortable and that constantly upgrading it a superhighway script when was kid grew up probably like an american kid due to the movies and magic movie is smaller pot put in lot but the sticky floor so home do go kitchen and make pot popcorn and come back and live with hidden that done yeah yeah well that has distributors freaking out are you have make experience outside home better than what it is that we can have inside home when we started cutting up the big beautiful cinemas into these multiplexes screen started shrinking and the screens homes are getting bigger are you s agnostic about where you appear am i do care if you are seen on ipad do you want seen on seventy foot screen i dont know dont care yeah look at me what do you binge watch i just finished catching up with american my wife have anything actually besides golf i ncis i probably going to lunch take care you team wned hunter team to carry so mara child cant pass go past when im surfing so if see its on his leg ncis ncis ncis ncis isnt even on you think this whole superhero blockbuster budget tentpole paradigm that hollywood zen can last is that mean they over shooting on these things because every big failure raises more eyebrows yeah but every big success douglas him so one success youre appearing ben hur remake jouni any other classic films youd like to remake not least wanted go ask balance led to about he said you do a remake shane and always thought or that youre load down yankee little lie i would love do a remake of shame i play a shame it works so well so well what they said its out classic and about click start weldon upon you district tell me what you saw at time you obviously had idea that we were not going watching content the way we work thats what steve jobs safe now we were presenting at some valley conference and we talked about how we thought that movies and television gonna meet thousands them of online had this idea put clinics what had western channel morgan has faced channel danny devito had a horror movie channel documentary yeah definite and steve jobs came up afterwards and said this is ridiculous youre wasting mister freemans time youre wasting intels money no one is ever going take time its going take download movie and watch you should stop what doing and inside was dying because im computer programmer and was one my heroes and outside was trying to just be not burst into tears and andy grove turned around me okay ill tell of intel yes and group turned around after jobs walked out and said to me you know its gonna do it right free itunes downloading movies anything and i thought yeah god thing morgan rose i am god matthew broderick has said morgan freeman doesnt sound like god got some more and found that ever get old no its just fun you voiced for awhile the ways that driving out hasnt ahead lets avoid all clear and present danger who would you want voice of your gps so have think about whose voice but want hear think i technical savoyards a lot maybe jack who does best morgan freeman impression wrong frame folks band had not even contest i see b c fans im carl quintanilla thank for watching cbcs binge on you too you can subscribe by clicking right here watch all our interviews on changing needs escape can also click on any videos are watch more from c thanks watching