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was to peeled off back creek simple straight dont care how much work we do im not gonna miss the oscars tonight you know i find oscars be an empty competition completely devoid artistic integrity where are still angry that prince of tides thats not thats deserve better and prove my point that none you can remember what one last year titanic my great uncle had ticket titanic actually second decided not go on ladder looking guy then on way home got hit by the truck nda made them both clientele voters think him yes im tech moves next week is mayors black tie reception for citys diplomatic corps this major event imitations hard come by so we asked me why but because of come by because theyre these boxes theyre gonna stay here till stuff and stamp all three thousand envelopes alright which one these major drug has cost me my sunday which need to stay strictly take that person sign in telling generally in private which id did you spell it for whole big group big grow big group hi come on guys we work quickly can still make the oscars we guess what movie quote pass time who great here to huddle first okay what have i done to make treatments salt disrespectful well for starters that impression please stop screwing around and stuff these envelopes that soon now playing anymore games over field dreams james dont shut up gonna punch understand gandhi you you the king of movie club can fix negative some but until that street mens either with us against us period nnamdi mike has taught well but luke i am your thoughts say know i mean that gay pride parade on in places you dont talk about parties want me you dont need me on the clark my favorite color sir were looking for simple you want answers i think im entitled you want answers i want truth you can handle the truth like my martini shaken not stirred letter rec know neighborhood my sister graham his mechanic shes so lucky love to of woman brad this is what hear that sounds silly but grew up without older brother guess need someone life look up to mike complete me james you had me at proud this is like stepping back into follow my looking to the future you mean said cake cool way right now sat a star trek convention kind mike you need to explore new worlds do investigate new experiences boldly go wait announce released one day what relaxing sunday the mayor wont squad can you run biggest city world not have any eureka still works smooth what wrong with you carter if gonna steal mayor scotch least have decency use glass really cut mr mayor what doing here well on mayor of new york city the city that never sleeps my work is never done getting lift my tv guide join our office oscar pool ten bucks a you charge me twenty thats because have advantage the only ones going fruity categories like custom design well that is just actually thats going fare you know the children may i caught they dont make enough movie musicals anymore senators that sort stereotype game and loves the big musical besides there isnt decent movie musicals and singing rain alan my fair lady calling on mobile homes just plain fun was story lets face it classic sorry if offended you hey there citizens hey there eight hey there who in those stars in your eyes eighty is all well and now very but sir were live and now heres mayor this so theres something wrong with my mean all days they he hong think you will be in touch good luck follow that you so where you from the office and what you do them your speech writer mean here gonna do for us here nnova singing danny boy danny boyle over eight the pipes the pipes are called in from glenn took lead and then down the mountains love hated tears all be through hurrians shattered move danny ball or a whole danny you pull a i love you let me give it a shot okay hold my hand west envelope lick the you little shot eliminate thanks very but i think even there we go were adding really donna the very tonight is tonight lassiter house today do the dishes take out garbage make love the claudia paul but told thats true i have pick garbage emeriti year youre already some say about sex mean when first with claudia you sorted sing different tune it was everyone going turned my house yeah you voted tom hanks or in every category yeah were dressed about those things the imitation things least these envelopes right sick cracking these babies are put on feel valid never tatian whats big deal couple diplomats coupled ambassadors the arch bishop stuart could vote best picture write vote sperms endearment so my pick for best can tiger feet and what guys arent even going help me now paul you stacy could at least have letter opener sure you won battle between the eyes or taking out on paul if think about this is really stewarts fault yes yeah this week i could stop doing this no know think going split like never fall for that think this actually happens just looked flat its all open george in the envelope open flirts you thinking what im thinking yeah what can get free postage it must be so dont continue spirits i didnt know the woman yeah your real estate through south robinson kind like getting older women and charlie i dont know if it is changed think about seem so overruled so much maybe thats because teach fourth grade james time to catch okay i think should going whats wrong with just think mister if dont whats going on here okay yeah me alone my song close door ask you so know he tried sit when chick flick differ deftly woven tap fact and of love loss jealousy and revenge im very tablets you do in short chick flick nothing better than good old fashioned love story like nnova stacey there will no sin as paul gets in oh in the that list wedding guest type facp on semi stacy yeah getting microphone why dont you and do what mike one of has youre absolutely right about today we flew believe it was finally done we can go home were team home hour ago okay joan rivers is ring while end you what what what what average youre watching elaine you realize sundance kid you realize in that movie about three bullets i was thinking time they were cliff and they have too often give your hand is recalling right because not strong swimmer went whats swimsuit edition there in new moon one small step one eagle and landed whos though peeled off back great you know when oscars devoid artists gritty where are still angry that the there better none you can remember what one go on way home got find sex movie