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everybody thank you davids davids pretty amazing director and he has great sensibility he had very good idea what wanted happen and he knew the big action beast and all that other stuff just want make sure we got all the emotional beats correct in their funny having watched so many tarzan movie life time actually sit in a film like this and have misty moment yeah you look something and that couple couple things like that in this film that you know dont necessarily come mind when you think of tarzan film okay yeah there are there are some some interesting different elements you know but usually tarzan movies you know jungle dangerous place you know scary animal scary natives evil white people coming in whatever do you wanna you know like that yeah so not having that its kinda interesting yeah im major african holocaust taking place what doing in extracting rubber ivory in diamonds out country and george washington williams the real george washington williams actually he falsified things about himself get him in specific places as black man in that particular period in time you can head to and convinced bunch people that he was an emissary from the u s president sent to the congo because as usual the united states was one first people give king leopold money to do what was doing because they didnt know it and he was trying to stop governments from supporting leo somehow even do is export knowledge rubber diamonds and ivory he ran out money to build this railroad was building probably because was building all these palaces all over world for him his various girlfriends because he was not allowed have standing army and he was paying this mercenary army led by leon rom which was you know going in and taking all men out the villages forcing them climb trees and cut down rubber vines and when that army was given bullets really bizarre and nasty things army was given bullets they werent allowed kill animals for food or hunt each they were given had be used kill person prove that bring back human hand to get another bullet so thats how they their bullets thats how they get paid by the number hands that out there so millions and millions people were killed and not only they killing them physically that way they would destroy because the women that left villages once took all men out had grow food for mercenary army but men never got home so population started because werent having kids you know and effect of that is still felt today in that particular section of world and how worked i really know that actually what got me interested was i got a a text email from craig brewer who wrote the original tarzan script because i yeah because that dumb black snake moan with and you know hustling flow i understood his writing and he told yeah witness tarzanz script as character here you know i think youll be really intrigued by one see and find out more about when discovered george washington williams and when talk david about sent all this other you resource material that get and wrote couple of treatises on being black america and all these other things before he passed away and actually last year i was shooting miss peregrines home for peculiar children tim burton in blackpool and thats where george washington williams died so actually went his grave site on his way back from congo tuberculosis other people doing very same thing if you read king leopolds ghost that book chronicles what stanley in missing whole of whole bunch other people knew what was going on or what king leopold would lock up allow them see if they didnt get past you know all his mercenaries in all these outposts that around years slave in understands slavery stuff mean i mean you have new routes got underground television on birth nation about happen that matthew mcconaughey thing that as we did nobody went see lot stuff out there you know and its not like it didnt happen and you know there are there are various and ways of telling that particular story or or making people aware of it and wanting to know more about what it actually was more than you know people been over field being whipped or running away into the swamps or whatever you know there is that political thing about slavery theres whole civil war thing about slavery there is you know the the inter african thing about slavery there all kinds things be explored about it same people explore the holocaust you know in its various and sundry you know forms or stories in what different people and how they were affected by what happens we just havent been able go into it and go from track track track who was who who was actually selling slaves white people or what happened when they got halfway to liverpool because i happen be liverpool shooting movie at a one point and they actually had this whole you know were sorry ceremony in town liverpool because that was like place where halfway spot for the the travel across and used wonder when i got there you go down and all these big big huge building that various families that were shipping before liverpool know that had african faces carved into the building because thats what they used do deal slaves in those slaves you know build those buildings made things and they would willing do whole reparations thing about yeah yeah right slave yes grandfather i didnt okay you are where you are because of that you know on back or the blood some of people everybody nobody wants take responsibility you know its like everybodys been been taken care of because of you know we we gave indians tax three casinos so revenge you really go lose their money and you know we paid japanese for in tearing them you know with black people still got deal with you well we didnt bring you over here well at least you get education we dont still have you been over so you be glad you know so take that youre on anything else forty acres and mule that was really you know so all kinds things that happen and think you know we talk around it and we do movies about it and sometimes its glamorized interesting sort way me i was really fascinated by how we spent lot time counting number tans quinn wrote in django and you got one song in twelve years slave that out dango by like thirty but nobody said anything about because steve mcqueens in oct youre and hes black british but white and american and hes telling an american story where he wants to tell it which is which is lot more real me than that particular story because i had heard so much about twelve years slave before actually when in look torture porn thing about happen people got it treated so badly we slave and django you know come on you know people go well popcorn film maker and he was making fun of slavery or talking about slavery way thats distasteful us but steve mcqueen you know made us feel something about it its they they on same tree they you know on in louisiana some whole movie okay xx exactly yeah and thats thats thats part point but know filmmaking it serves lot different purposes but for me i always think of going to movies as been moment in time where i can stop being who i am and dive into this thing and take that ride for awhile and if want learn something and you know have my intellect pete i watch documentary i read book but when go to movies on friday night saturday afternoon sunday whatever and got box pop corn slurpee want entertained yeah im trying be educated yeah i got and i know what that form is know how do it and this not say that what one are what what one director does is different from what another director does but you isnt entertaining he likes movies for the entertainment value and hes film the greatest film mind ive ever encountered mean this things about films and how theyre made and whats happening inside film who wrote it what lens they used what process was in all this other stuff history that moment time when that film was being made or politics of country that that dictated what that film was suppose to say to america about what was going on he he gets treated like hes some kind of pop culture idiot you know and people dont you know realize that im the whole hateful eight racial treatise of what was going on there middle that story in terms of you know who mark was in terms of all these other people were in that room and what thought about him and what times were at that particular time and speaking people and what happens to them when theyre put in enclosed space and have deal with each in in specific way its like walking character and that script and never really real conversation with black person or tell kurt russell you know you you dont understand what it means to be black in this particular country and yes tell you lot about that letter because that letter is an entree that gets me into place same way george washington williams lab his credentials to get people to listen him or or or do other things but weve always had that happen being a being product of segregated america from me i mean born forties grew up fifties in segregated chattanooga tennessee so i had learn how traverse a world that was very dangerous for me that i could say or look certain way and all of sudden im get back home so i had be taught how to travel in that world adults who love me and want understand that and understand that that was dangerous part world i also lived in a part of world that was very nurturing and caring and and and positive for me as young man growing up because they reinforced me a way that made me feel i was worth while in the world was kinda tell me out so in my black world where everything was black and black teachers my friends black i want black church it was all that only encounter white went downtown but i had act different way when went downtown and i encountered those white people or i had to understand that you dont have to drop your eyes or you have to you know shuffle your feet anything else but you have to present yourself in a way that is non threatening and not equal and even when work my grandfather who ran elevated day but evenings he cleans several real estate offices go with him waste basket rat on buffer while floor stuff and every now and then all white dudes with this cigars will still be there you know and they go it boy grandson and and i will look them in the eye and at would leave boy you do that his like mr speak you turn bit and you answer questions and dont dont say anything more than answer to that question you know you asking him questions about what he was doing on his desk why why he he whats over there or why or why he calls me and call him mister so and im three times his age you know so i had learn how handle all that even even down to somebody as supposedly non threatening as insurance man comes my house you know to get nickel week from my grandmother for life insurance policy i had call him mister o and he call my grandmother pearl shes grown woman old grown woman and by time college and came back and came home had brother they like shit you gotta get your soon came home you know my first im im im going college i come home nineteen sixty six i miss some brothers whove been vietnam no vietnam was going on and they came back talking about war afro black fist man rope neck and then my cousin got killed vietnam who was like the same ages was was war was like yes war and dont keep your school and learn some shit you can be war and be dead and then start talking about that in black power thing happened become michael brown time came home that summer my afro and mister venable came get his nickel and he knocked on door sitting on porch pearl names you gonna miss you youll youll youll montgomery and sudden like somebody boy you get killed you be killed but they understood what i was doing and they got it because they were they were proud what was going on doing this other stuff you know bit yeah not kicked off trustees up building story yeah but i say all that to say when i look at things and i watch how works or my world work so when went cinema kid see lot people look like me sydney occasionally our occasionally step vest too much but i ask my mom want to killed like you know or if he was he was he was in this movie edge city jackass this fight with these baling hook dock york could kill them one point but gave me who back and then jack up like know and then you know and then long ships like the head of the the the know bad what so bad that they got sword look like biggest board called mayor and he just tell duke and like what did you just say you know terrorists you know but when sydney boys did it fell on and then mark mean really kicking and all sudden bell comes out nowhere like ding ding ding ding ding whats successful crackhead yeah i was i was i refuse be painted into somebodys box lot a lot chances be you know jewels again you know say smart be very cool or i have lot chance lot crack addict jungle fever but yeah was i was i was i was actively trying not be painted in box because i have grew up in theater and i knew i had facility be all these other different things and one rules that i had for my agents managers when finally got them was that do not send me scripts that say specifically african american just send me script ill find person on in saturdays script that be and job get me room with those people to convince person that because im specific race is not going to change the dynamic of story unless its the important story element and most so was able to you know do that then i was able make choices so stopped auditioning and i had the ability make choices which i never had before so was gonna make choices that allow me as actor to counter grow and to enjoy myself in in a real specific way i surprised them lot because their and go i not do and bottom line that most actors dont realize when get to new york la is that you know you dont work agent manager nothing nothing work you so if want do somthing your job figure out how make those people do that so get ten percent make so that was my rule i will read some ill tell you and get lot women life in terms creative so they read action movie anyway just saying that ladies read action and i like action movie that eighty two percent of eighty eight percent of movies that watch home are asian action movies or asian crime film like make great crime and there pretty much morality easy follow you know good but now koreans make really interesting intricate films that you kind minute seemed like bad guy but makes pretty dope movies but when im reading somthing we have discussions about and we same time have them read something and tell me we found great film you let let lets ill read it same time and weigh what we pay and sometimes its money thing for them sometimes one things where they wanna take this film and use your name go out raise money i dont want him do that cause mean dont wanna be responsible that really if if you got script then you should able sell xx xx that dont work out so well for most of mean sometimes i have sometimes i have the discretion of whos going to direct it or who the other stars are i remember when first got the hollywood first thing that happened when i was about do patriot games i was doing another film mexico and say well wed love you be in this movie but harrison has cast approval so you come down here meet harrison ford what later on that you know like me or like way i chew my food or whatever then i wouldnt gotten job so i have i have been in that position since then where the other actor comes or they put me place with other actor and im actually judging that actor and they dont know weather want talk to him from day to day or whether think we can work together and scene no and sometimes ive been right about that sometimes ive been wrong but fortunately you know im met harrison he had just done film with guy use old roommates bill so we talk about billy and both like billy next thing know im in movie and that happens but even in that instance once film was over and first junket ever gone to i know anything about going cause have i am about that so im at the junket and when i audition for film my character had lot things do but when we shot film my character didnt have so much to do i actually ended up being like a gaffer some shit gave flash light turn lights out keep light girl you know you go say something me you know but i made mistake of of actually talking about that junket and i said well you know people like you great film was like well wish that actually had chance to do all things that were script thought do but im really glad was film wanted producers got pissed said wasnt ungrateful son of you know that and i got written clear present danger and willing got role was supposed do so was one of hollywood lessons about you know shut up take check was anything want to good you know didnt know that then you know but then was office one day and theres sign on the on the on wall that i here to vehemently be careful toes you step on today for they could be connected to the youll have kiss tomorrow and believe me theyve been PAs and other people like when im movie set think everybody is just as important i am treat him that way pas names talk to them speak them every day as did grips these people and over the years ive gotten jobs and producer will show up and he'll be like remember me but was a on so you so nice me that you know was doing this movie i could help thank you you perfect and works out you know or they become writers become directors you know but its collaborative effort almost the least important element of any film cause if put lights up right jacked up itll be about doing good nobody can see you are know so they can fix that in mix you know but everything else is work and you you have know that and thats one of the one amazing things about working for quinn tarantino is youll be on quinn tarantino said it is the most collaborative community set ever been on my life first of all theres no electronics on set no cell phone no nothing on so when says cut each other or hang out and music comes on and youll start sing youll be moves around and we know each other he also has dailies like three times week you required come but its good suggestion if you show up you know and everybody comes hang out we watched that on saturday tarantino theater night so he movie if everybody that piece be to kill it is whatever whoever wants whatever and we we shouldnt we shouldnt hateful we were and take in and tell you right yeah colorado so it was like we gummy bears and all this other shit legal legal so everybody was toast watching watching clinton movies whatever you know i got him to send print of kings down and we watched that but its communal atmosphere that runs through so that everybody feels like theyre part of that particular film every hundred reels of film still shoot film they stop big you know drinking party for like half hour what time day night that is you know they have big party or theme party some point beers tequilas and some and they do it you know but he makes that so that everybody feels like theyre part of it and its great great great atmosphere even down to sweep snow out do great not often i dont what that is im mean unless its like eight times you know well crafted dont dont really know what that is or to me the sam jackson thing is i have have read script you know i how many times and i have broken my character down way i learned break character down in the theater if their source material like for george williams ill source material with that but if not then okay its up me figure who this guy is i can figure out when was born whose parents were was educational background is military if he has that what life experiences hes had how feels about this that other even down sometimes kind food you know just because theyre scenes movie figure out what that particular scene and theyre from scene scene what my relationship is with those characters or what trying to accomplish in this scene that next scene that leads next scene leads next scene so what happens is the sam jackson thing for me according my agents managers is im so prepared when i show up that expect everybody else be so when directed list that day or directors in figure out what hes because funny thing movies is person what good directors fifteen movies you know everybody fifteen movie the last two know so we all know yeah movie really need this out so theres theres go what from somewhere but i sure prepare so now me thats the sam jackson thing when you hire me you hired an actor who gonna show up lines marks and do his best make other actors around him better call shots for you and dont expect you give and if you do you hired what jumper yeah im it will you know thats question directed actually when you me trilogy happened i was looking back up actor actress that surprised me in specific you mean on positive side negatives side most recently brie larson and did this skull island king kong movie and around but i didnt get do much with her came really really really really good friends so i would i would actually love mean just room can help got some skills so yeah would i would love to do something you know on regular her more movies two hundred first first first person ever asked that never had that before actually friday im going vacation take vacation every year july and yeah my wife i and magic johnson his wife friend of ours vicki palmer from atlanta yacht in naples and go up down mafia for and the rule on that boat is no plans no plans eat when get up sleep wherever you boat whatever but no plan so thats what we do and when im home la you know i couple weeks off every year when im just doing nothing get up every golf know like six mornin im at golf course with know my friend with and couple people couple of guys we play everyday so do that i dont just work said watch movies all time know what is funny about this job people go you work all time you have my job youll be surprised how badly you want get up and go do it mean not mention what pay you do it but its like mean i go work and movie day is at twelve the hours but twelve sixteen hours might work two rest time spent waiting on them set up some light so whatever so me i watched lot judge julia read books from right place and golf course close enough to set ill go play golf while you know so hardest like doing play gotta show up every night you know eight shows week and do some from beginning to end im go work sundays page and a long days four pages some days i go work say shit got do got room room get car wrap do that day mic up hobby pass on movies some did in movie actually picked up pretending play guitar was doing black snake moan real funny though caused kind things where i was at a rock roll hall fame event and somebody walked behind movie where you play blues guitarist me teach you how play guitar turned around and it was felicia collins woman who used be in the on dave show dress and okay that happens you got it and about business next week i was at academy award and in gift basket was gibson guitar fittings blacks they moan week later i came new york to start freedomland and got the job in black snake moan and call felicia and she became my guitar teacher when left here after that i went to vancouver to do snakes on plane have been good movie problem problem with snakes on plane was it was better than was be had been hokey piece would lot money but anyhow i go vancouver snakes on plane and got my my back and first day the prop guy passes me go so you play guitar and like learn play guitar for this movie that going do after this movie and was like oh you need some help turns out dudes like shit rock blues everythings so every day he was my trailer drilling me all things learn do black snake moan so by time got to memphis to do black snake moan the music direct movie trying be funny so he like take me places juke joints in mississippi and alabama and me and what you guys i could play you know because ive been with this and he would take me to old blue due houses you know we back you know so can pick that up bit still do that here i did yeah okay yeah i sit down shoe so the jokers shoe mean things where i dont why cast me but did and he would just call me know come on set and i go you know different scenes that go out to beach when he should be sales cold that day people out there beach im but there would hit young some reason he was there doing that and then he all guys that were around set and guys you i did so did times know what college right were platform shoes platforms crazy and i actually have trailer when was on that so we shooting out john gottis hunt fish club so they will put me need gangsters houses every day you know different gangsters not be know sittin around watching baseball or eatin be around like daughters like pop no no no no please but it was it was it interesting shoe yeah im lot people that done time that highest whatever and now shooting move somewhere else in this fast food place somewhere right somewhere and this woman told me that have betrayed her brother movie was like just like was my brother so you know yes just comes around like that pants