DON'T say this to Siri (VERY ILLEGAL)

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hey whats guys keep here so you can tell theory you know that iphone cool friend you have a lot things shes always listen but you cant tell her some stuff like you dont need to trouble so im gonna tell you what you cant tell her it is this video is going be eighteen quickie im not gonna make it too complex and guess thats why you might pose patients not just turning on ring that bell eyes you can see because apple might fix this you might not get to try it you kinda get how things going here so you can tell theory a lot things say okay seery how you doing i literally dont care but you can tell theory pretty much anything now there some things cant you cant say hey call nine one one at least here in u s for matt is same way canada no nine one one calls cant either its pretty much nine one one at least north america is no no unless you are actually an emergency like thats what cool so let see how this goes before start trouble in this video was shot shoot for twenty five thousand like i know really big goal let me all comments if they other stuff you cant tell series or stuff thatll break your iphone really want another one and we headed out of looted parts you sometime this week so here we go you cant tell series this one o a literally it will call police okay one away yeah whatever about another one twelve services well i called related cult known no thats not good idea one eleven even one eleven calls emergency services dont do that one thirteen how how how call one seventeen okay call one eighteen col one fifteen pretty much stay away from one ten and one twenty in any numbers tells you so this actually a really good thing say well much friends someones catholic even on you and theyre not mac group you can tell theory just one away one twelve at least here the west is like no one really knows those mean and itll call someone like police beautiful i wanted you with someone it like was it like didnt you werent getting along that were gonna say they know try call police where is this way some kids are itll connect that takes five seconds honestly like this is something you should do but if ever wanna situations one way maybe so have honest i actually found this out grew napton told me to just tell my phone one oh eight and i didnt know that would say emergency services and then just start calling is only five seconds fluid monthly i did ikana started off prank but maybe its kind like low key way thanks matt jokes on you but i pretty much dont call one way or one twelfth unless youre an emergency two asian theres lot awesome people that like spend time life helping us that are the situations no i got little teary eyed there but dont do it its not funny pretty and also let know the comments some other stuff you cant do on iphone foretells theory that part was gonna be how well it did is that preserve the studio thanks much savage in argentine brother by you to notifications on guys one occasion shot out turn mom like know comments did subscribe channel if knew it yet text mark did guys find any other weird gadgets this they dont call it numbers usually dont buy good moments in state for next fall it man now guess