Inanimate Insanity II - Episode 7: "Everything's A-OJ"

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how are nothing like relaxing after hard days work fixing up the hotel but we didnt sue anything how far do great until you meet our yeah get dejected yeah oj can i talk for minute of course whats going on theres something been meaning to get off my chest but weve all been so busy that exceeds our language sangha goodison im sure well theres something that been meaning i i hold that thought since when did we have that weird door over there what door nnova listening here we dont go in there palm behind not i mean i never mind go right ahead if think this is funny did you did you do know what its like sneezed on every single day multiple times song well its not fun its not its not alright dont like know what you guys doing my property lie a bit not our fault by well im not law what what kind monster with drug anything you open door whats wrong with you didnt read the sign wrong with me you ordered the sent hey hey says was me i would hurt you crashed plane into my hotel even if it was me what you gonna do about it ha ha ibm sue you may the case of people of hotel orange juice versus me phone for now commence conor oneill is used welchs property to commit the crime up tension ointment that bad about it yeah warner warner please see with your opening statement yeah honor for his big no prison people still eat because they lost but its reality trust me i witnessed this first wins well mister paper i believe that means you are biased against defendant so we are not i think were getting off the track track look i dont have all day let us hear witnesses uhhuh wow cruelty and then theres this box ive never been so moved by testimony may phone for the crime of unlawful detention imprisonment and freaky portal that defense claims randomly opened one day you are sentenced to one our in jail but not upload yeah make that one day i i i hate you toilet but i am i innocent tell you think children think of children and in many phone force absence oj will take over hosting duties case dismissed how that many many still do it nonna okay everyone on new host now but trust me im totally on top things well on top things took half year to find those people in your poem hotel if may say sarcasm isnt helping you at the station wanna try and manage this largest everyone tried to change me mind your own business so first list is the elimination ceremony so which team lost last time well my team as usual was superior we won last car and now dont try anything funny baseball where the one he won last content okay okay but the fact is we lost lost our spirit theme grand slams tragically bail again ha ha ha excuse me you guys really mind will no ones gonna admit it im just gonna pick someone didnt you whats your face yeah youre eliminated i believe just a statement okay look weve got a busy schedule i suitcase youre ruining the show well okay now are just walk few steps back little more you just little more little and perfect okay guys follow me to our next location how can we just lose suitcase like that yeah its pretty unfair but lets face we were balance out last year but she did serve this look my property was used commit crime you cant complain now come on everyone were headed over to my hotel you guys gonna clean it believe this is true it gets even better itself mass i i think im in love back if hed mind you guys balloons coming late getting to like will tell know blue you did vandalize this property would spread page youll ever get the feeling they dont appreciate your company mind you feel like different person but everyone in that boat show look forget how we just acts whoa looks like stupid balloon is back at it again great robert was trouble yeah suitcase was right i havent changed but neither have you alright team soap is going be a major threat so get your a game on pick breast whats point that havent noticed pattern each team wins twice row and now charter no you still need put the effort caroline coincidence that out our control paperless just you want most surely and as much as id like to be player fans right statistics are beautiful thing you think we could do nothing march you gotta back me up here mac cleaning out me out well you get no one nobodys going help the pain the gun u numbers down as the downward dog will think you light bulb i appreciate support no crowd well so that thats the fixed my leg was shattered aber one scenario how long itll be before she sat i say quicker than catalyst helps reactance rejected beats in energy i didnt see i came up with like the bass id see yeah as far i would be here okay well what if one theory cleaning the had says sorry yeah things good get to guys of my blood now jesus the no collaborative theres no way im doing no yeah blood the we but what we do tyler yeah no question and then i suppose i dont need to im innocent tell you im innocent so what you in for new guy mind your own business man you gonna be in here for while you might as well get talking the names rusty joe so what you in for fact piracy only did was like some people room well for how long and several months give it take dude thats really messed up no no you dont understand its just game show its not even real theyre still real people what are you sadistic urine here too its not like youre angel look for some reason youre only in here for day you can still change ways too late for me if you continue down that road these walls are going be it for you yeah well what you know what would you do it was completely unacceptable hes normally pretty nice guy baseball i know its tough but cant let these gets you were still team just not shot before but if theres one challenge i can dominate its this one well right captain excuse me im standing right here well so actually nice to meet you just got me all time really why did oj picked today to throw my trash this it never will leave will it who no guy doing yeah sure i guess as long you arent here to break the controller whatever im rode back then going protect yeah okay i take passes level im done with this there go you can play the game that way you have be willing to go back and try again just because you felt one star everything wait what you mean by one bad experience ruin it otherwise youll never move on the next stage well that means lot knife nobodys really been there for me lately im i was just talking about video games really are plus im well goodbye hey mike youre so loud you made me phone this is hearing get it because hes in prison now its easy to leann think seriously okay my just remember you have lot lose but not much they gained because dean is setting out my finally i think i finished about half up im losing my patience paintbrush just let it go youll hurt yourself o g if only i had seen how well i lou you enjoying show band how you like it now price you act like you still get the spectator that nothing lead real well how about your practice will what are you guys and pull it together paint brush dont do something youll regret why yeah yeah yeah yeah hell close one because two words cant describe how grateful i am right now going sleep and i didnt mean to embarrass knew you werent nicest but attempted murder is for me okay guys thanks bunch for cleaning the hotel up granted its not completely done but much better than was before some right right weeks in most one no that wasnt contest i just want to help with cleaning is all mind wanna challenge how about coin toss grand slam their heads bright lights tail go cool bright light weight yeah ohio fee paying bras now you know better than think you have power yeah hi guys im back from slammer like all i o whats going on its not my problem actually youre right thats kind of unacceptable suitcase come back oh yeah gang is back me pet good to see you display the votes again apples illuminated with record amount votes heres some broken glass and picked up in jail yeah strategy and here crimes people isnt but thought we were buddies how olds friends for life now well id lie you cant stand that glide back there aunt laurie what hes gonna do make me sick portal doesnt send you to closet anymore apparently judge gavel said was a legalism thing so id made some arrangements with oj and we devoted apportion hotel all of you thats right at hotel oj where youll be true the utmost respect and not in small locked closet well the grand slams lost viewers vote to eliminate one of them well come to hotel oj allow me to show you to your rooms well like like like like like like like like like like like like like like you can get little awkward damn everyone who finally some peace and quiet i am yeah i think thats you know mean i mean was it really worth it jack to sell out here middle of the night dissipate upon it wasnt even funny maybe not but all men that reaction who im trying harder than everyone else so why do i owe you lou you know mike times like these