Conor McGregor Against Cerrone and Dos Anjos "Stuck In The Mud Division"

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off bill and it also only please con mcgregor spoke media this week shockingly who made headlines with what had say said he would it move up lightweight after this fight in that each you guys would happily give up fight have right now fight him because money attention would bring to that would change life when says that whats how feel about those comments agree with with his evaluation yeah now right my focus on ceremony and so if you want move up im here gonna be easy money that wasnt question book as himself i so self truthfully if dana rang you once said you dont have face around you can fight mcgregor even those around was still fit would take it youre damn right take off because my husband i often by other amenities in my name and i can make you rich you and i change bomb low if find me its celebration out would be to india signed up i mean its a celebration you back home you bring your wife maybe we dont wanna reach baby connor mcgregor meadows rich break out the red panties where rich baby so dont say you would not take a fully because would take a fly like everyone else appear with take fight against me if was offered regardless of ballots i need sheet on money fight mail mail she out all weight divisions of folk everybody else of come i yeah its meant be knowing inside flame me a budget buy home which aligns its celebration guard connor has no right going to decide theres no way not just any chance two big former too strong so you can take little english asin get all too slow and too stiff yes there was part i snappy one half and thats the yes see stiffness when look one fifty five pound vision slow stay if feel like theyre still in mode almost the featherweights they hit like flyweights so its nice down there just destroying them and killing whole division but have my about one fifty five division and see them all stuck mode in there so governor dean we see over time but guess what have i been wrong yet i had been wrong yet no yeah the monster right here forty five auto but beat your you be nobody to hear god what if i make statement come on man set phone down whos got next question good sir leahs here without foxsports gonna question each for joe dustin and connor joe youre finally getting its sense and have big events like another spin off off my name youre welcome diana ransom frank youre welcome so julia part big events like so its connor seems to really relish i enjoy for you so far how you feel you did give you extra energy just part job so far if for me on you it is great up here experienced whole lot but you know my job fight and thats what love doing and that thats going there keep continue to do just keep beating people thank celadon dustin obviously youve got a huge fight right here and big challenge is any small part of this fight though excerpt hell and your mind like idea doing rematch with connor you said you wanted it duffy has his own challenge in right but on being that hes last guy be connor is that at any extra fuel fire for you said its the only appeal now plays the only appeal win so get that maybe climb back get flaming them whenever i yeah you know right my focus is is on joe duff im excited part another main event irish fans familiar with me so im going dublin and and im excited but that ready for that that step career right now you its big fight big things happen if you win main events and thats plan on doing thanks economy vansittart first to with this is actually for sure reared here right obviously youve got bigger things on your mind and in your minds but if the fight made sense money wise eventually would you like to avenge their loss to joe duffy one hundred percent if moneys right if can climb open this is great opportunity for each month climbed back into into that air into lottery ticket in i mean so am wish him well and i when when they announced has its good business because youve got build brush marks to make fight with me so an album to keep doing that its its its intelligent business and thats why thats why u s heres where is i us matthews with calea stevie economy ask at this thing last what was last spring asked you what you what your plans were connor for us for twenty fifteen you make him go out and im gonna break records and break light paper view it on numbers and so forth now what is mystic mac had say about twenty sixteen twenty six men not well the end twenty fifty and means the end featherweight division they are all dead in water its gone if if brazilian shows up hope does i i i who knows hes petrified said the so called pound pound number one but hes quaking his boots over there you cant you know mean so dont hope shows up shows december twelfth the division will be killed like predicted and then its on one fifty five stuck mud division