Woody and Daffy Duck's Diet part 1

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air but it wouldnt be if dirk va as we are know you were doing estimate we could both right now just for today mean deputies one do random video tomorrow were going watch me some mail movie wail of course theres going be bit few changes were gonna be make is partly because right i owe at sonics hails i mean bugs hails rot nailed the areas technical difficulties with the team why faisal tales have fix it for us that are going to be in because part means well hope you enjoy video call winning daffy ducks diet where bonds is complaining that too skinny and scrawny well that was kind rude that we have get in shape well into the bdo embody yap would you would grace is blade unexpected well im sure you guys will you e s yes there because any its just that we will just last key will be the end and course now sonic is now taking care the house in tales you know hes genius right yeah i know that merania would suggest the need tales is trying fix the cable so wedding gift can do is watch his videos onenote are we still didnt do watching more blues players you need grow up showed up dont your neighbor one needs girl down i see someone knowing all the sudden word to all over here it doesnt really work approach for it no i do not use this laptop seriously were gonna use laptop are right not tv want bush or do you think will not work exists or not what we call points you remembered in florida for phoenix we deal this boiler room any color has jim lake the air who would easily this time out what question is where we going to see them full voice whip couch whoa theres door caribous glued all but destroyed all over well you its situation when you go to a bowl sleep bed well i must be nice to live bottom right here world home what could be bathroom well you could be like human being right nobody thought they need little box people to put use the toilet over there so forth sabotaged skin that smell sincero were gonna steal first song i mean he got beat why have bit thats it you dont bring just what youre doing us telling just kind find couple late that lie down well when i when dont want nobody gives matures to my meals are just put each really need go on strip tease die grumpy i know i dont i am healthy because shes as good for cost impact and perfect you you its us meet you jesse its disgusting say excuse me tears excuse me all works good done well you got your blood postman right this moment speeds out but im getting beads out of us but the word insurance nice thank you model you ileana blood brother no regularly proof youre a lets go to page two hours later all higher who hit was good for our and fries to im media have the big guy a bit dust brothers new poll that go all day sure well known all i cant believe it guys guys that we gonna stay up on healthy true maintainer portions what youre talking about all boom yeah we shouldnt do my wong carry on rolling again and got up go we havent gone for a day of the worldnow thing dues you guys or both know excuse me what you say i i why theyre dying say is the need get in shape im okay it and make you dont have any ideas to help them to get that i dont know try should us is yeah right you know he well what whatever you say dance louis what they say said where la want me daffy and modeling that be should go on diet ben well that means gotta ganic shes done wrong but no dont use it my aunt and my lover on off i love eating cheese for breakfast lunch and she you know who are your when stop it almost done where we muslims labels legal absorb boss look at nicole scoop the new improved him but opens point for you come on its for tropical aids so delicious okay were not gonna be any your disgusting vegetables what is the worst healthy food guy i got mine broccoli walks regularly artillery hate britney die never to set up well come on everybody hates broccoli who could say yes that any new i like broccoli but dont bradley bulls dried are because this can be one tough situation good for them to find new diet plan well it is true yeah evenness odom the toilet is calling my name thats why the club call of duty all my ideal you got battered them before so why little tikes them well in the inside but not on the outside doesnt want nokia like these big fat got like santa claus one reason that they did it more like some class well it is true but scottish one our second im gonna draw but its another bomb well excuse you why not anyway we got get you on diet first i dont think can get up theyd be like sleeping in my bed here all is it me or it getting old know hes only thirty four that points on plane is you need go all gold get in shape why look at do you watch skinny arms how can you beat up someone like lots wall of course you beat crap army donoso more select group that will strong when the only sketch ally formula but thats point you the point is even pushing that flexible dont stretch out much course do stretch because all i ill buy our my arm are going fix it fix it ow okay out fully bullets theyll okay thats better why dont we just movies can put away okay once first work out first some yoga class boner think ill go bars is fat or not but what good is a citizen this is a distant big evil quest was actually helping so see i got bug out side lou he does all points yeah he looks totally well lets get both the bush i would support weight regret beat and or are you all in my stomach is really good and all all all gave daria but what do not drop is clear well i dont use book on where does hurt now okay not realize it all my doing it wrong is my brothers trudy or stormer grubby what got i know got beat him up make me come over here whom i been grubby seven stomach ache what gonna do well thats good michael me come on lets just pick mobile home and our new more jurors theyve not grumpy right in that what is that its kind like bird and discuss the bentley most nights why then is that nobody knows im looks like and are born and my meal thats youll i think it makes and no good thought up my ideal weight cool are here to give me stepped in vicious jurors or barter under what christmas no but you do look like irish wake know seem to clause dont pay everyone you are you pulling here in the bed then why does my dog dog pre big four plus home yeah mean i doubt what is wrong with the donald why you have big why you hate me yes seriously to fling aloneness monsoon i will be hope going be z its not laughing man we need go on diet you woody you daffy you grumpy well i do agree because id get plain and trust me its gonna get hard all right now for all the firm would be death being grumpy you guys want join as well right now because there is some yoga stretches look i im done this two years ago santa cruz easy healthy foods not that much shes know shes my life wanna die dont be yes i do watch youre gonna die keys around dog instead of you when his brow indian grumpy any new we theyre still friends for you dont diet growth p are you almost done broke my good soon home school always but im just gonna cover charge because im american man with big big booty just give it try bg the get it then certainly will you out though my ideal by so you pretty much true goal bush stormy conditions where was well stopping them through food and if you paint while monteagle you must find right door charge though right tortured by you must be cut the bar with any got get used to it its gonna get hard more that you this the more that you practice the more that get better at it okay you give try but need to shave my mustache said thats getting bit but she with either the only mostly what we start the oxford has one goal all well would be bad bailey pulls furry police routinely for you distractions before we do our forecast is were going go to the gym later the first time korea stretches whats going be little bit harder blossom gonna be hard because we didnt tour circuit court clarence boss strategies hard any its not gonna hurt because you know im cartoon character so its not gonna hurt us all full its gonna be hard for me to im getting old by your own dirt grumpy im becoming really old very very well lets think are gonna begin course bush era lingo okay they put behind your head airing out all cry im bouncing bouncing must get my balance and that theyre all cut how does she does late okay better get my up what looks good earth okay move are you looking on your foot nothing nothing has trees on that quite got off on me skidded off okay okay got third job ill let me just say alright know what your other leg syrian okay first light and then you do like this isnt your hand stand up and lawyer letter sticking this is easy peasy lymans awaiting the icy dot net are you doing there im cartoon characters on very flexible apply all it but gloria boutique close molding old bull market no who hold places torture amemiya but big boys it mean for all all ball blog was from my neck handle scratch you boys after she doing this can you reveal pain up barring barring the ha ha well if got good stomach youll throw up okay almost blair and now this is worse though following stephen jones state room well you brought your homework first all or because my school begins bigger than my and sure as our us distributor that features the screen because there was a and did their deadline be kept away whos going be long day for this car that was good stretch lehrer book for yale are just get used to it i have not parallax who work for debbie but not for everyone else well i feel my audio feed made what i feel or soon hundred from the chairs every time get tired right it sure well trees from mortal you usually has good old study its of roles belief brains poker booked for tonight is when you were having some scrambling eggs some broccoli out out out broccoli iran pretty i hate what it is that she is yeah shes right you must do it for your own good you want stay alive arrives this give you it was your best shot well heres are you most like donald duck underwear or maybe it smells like cookies on where its truly one never put them laundry no never wash them at all presses gusting grew very while while you bye guys if i die when take bite of this murray its the large chest not that bad for first time for getting healthy vader get my taste buds on got get help muna whale it one them later veils healthy tone well let take bodily law school character violently yet howl that its good blue buyer well wont clone im worried at this good pasta you are not going to touch why not cures for my life well let you know what im thinking when im thinking right now what is their own money everyone gotta force be grumpy grumpy you my best friend nick up superman so go away from me i will never eat dot disgusting food never never never never never ever no never attila i don everybody all grumpy never go let me go team going home girl come on open moron nervo looking why not soon it seriously bobbi you act like plague wonder about spit out my phone number aids tests dark bag harm broadly off i hated all but it out couldnt go because got little bit broccoli new beer well all day cash bars that could be the final days yoshi what did say love ya she said that the jam could be the final test well course im feeling better pr im feeling stronger evening pull our former healthier inside it because im losing my thoughts little wireless im not as fat as oneill all e barn but of course lease your doctor youre not asking is why luigi all iron work are you doing access card get started we only we have go its i became forts dont worry well been dreading for the start command draining and of course you see how the most of the of czar so can i be be their mentor there motivator to train voting it got me mario a will be at the gym chart thing will come if you want eat the f b mario grumpy you come at me bus will train you to work out all road over go okay guys i or guy you for the free gym membership card remember gap was like you like hearing you for you jim train information like yeah so im just going be five minutes so marquardts that hardly remembered his good luck where this is going be huge problem alright joins feed treadmill here see all need to do is just run like this but trust me its going be hard but whatever you do just dont be taught dont talk like cry baby because we are winners we winners when we quitters quits so he got me rights youre going feel pain but trust me when you have motivation you karen and will you plus you will have the right motivation the brick face on treadmill though whos with me i am great style and if it is with what is known is worth try werent and thats what my hope come on i got new akane a wheel in month okay must they took tomorrow morning certain have marked it dont want just keep on walking okay matter make sure my toes not worth it warren