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hello everybody almost as loud as yesterday okay louder got yeah doing no teacher room it does get settled in kneel behave myself now basically the whole performance is three films right here live save it thats really good question yes its if i feel like it changes depending what i am how im feeling given moment i a hard am have very as very soft spot and think its its its most it its kind of perfect and the giving fellow was so good so this as extraordinary energy between them and production myself london but then as the some speeches in kingly eric just heartbreaking and and theres one line in cymbeline i was at my if i was cymbeline i on year thousand seven and played posthumous and kind hero and bad guys double act and the hero posthumous is is kind of separated from his heroin image and that but chose married course the entire play and story goes on many twists and turns and mistaken identities and and cross dressing and no kind shakespearian greatest hits and the end play theyre reunited both in disguise and and both both posthumous and and think the other is dead and imogene actually strikes imogene because shes dressed boy thinking thinking just recognizing her and then in production down and suddenly he and just him and posthumous is fruit my soul till tree die which is beautiful i think fifth which is amazing and and about play coriolanus coriolanus is my was was as lot of it yeah great answer i i met great pleasure last night drenched in my own sweat dance floor of meeting nathan fillion yes did and told truth is im about two things and thats tennis and shakespeare and he enjoy swedens much about nothing he gives best dog ive ever seen know kenneth is big mentor mine and he said something day somebody asked question if think its shakespeare midsummer nights dream which is have four words take pains be perfect it and its think way saying know afraid of caring mean when started acting never forget guy above me drama school to say big audition part really want should go out and and and have crazy night and then talk over and youll always be always get part i am and tried that works i just i just feel like i pay them and and then i kind of changed basically i i i gave myself permission to care because there lot people in this world who who are afraid of caring or afraid showing they care because its its uncool passion so much easier lose when you everyone how much dont care if you win or lose its much harder to lose when you show that you care about youll never win unless you also stand lose and basically im said before afraid passion like just give it free reign and and be honest and and work hard and and just fine trailer thats week actually like think really everyone else like these films for dark world and and both us both have heck change and different degrees of of face paint and and used like need on set say seven morning so we use makeup chair five five like and people moving little slow its five oclock morning its winter like the entire planet still asleep we tended just blast out everything from elton john to beatles to yeah and this man as thats thats most chair like so big deep im like said front problem side some people like hi we press that hes thing you only get one this it this is this this this is posted something on twitter about month ago which was in french is french quote and it says it was like to do the listen i london its france two hours on train say i see on which those you understand that is is all have lives i we have two lives second begins when you realize you only have one so im wasting any time and and thing is that you know with negativity is is it my money they are just they are like clouds across sun and you they they will pass like just feelings its important not dwell just move past it there is there is so much i find maybe its my nature theres just so much about life thats amazing and become key into that i dont know its its strange thing i just get excited about stuff cant explain it and try not to get down in disappointments and and nobody goes like nobody has easy ride thats sure single person this room hes had easy ride and and and its about get hot im sure but also gets better in and and point about going through those experiences just have to of go it is what is itll past know i know i am that help anyway have to just like you know this is amazing im im sitting front of empty baseball stadium whats not love that and there three hundred people in here who come to this some strange reason thats incredible in our but yeah this intellect how amazing stuff is a cool see some times when was drama school was it they they kind of over work you and they just everything at you and maybe was was three year course at drama school london and first year slightly showing your strengths second you everything you do things know weaknesses your basically work on your weaknesses whats point working your strengths and working days exhausted draining physically tired and and i lost love of it lost my mojo and this and i going im live near couple parks london remember just my sleep summer nearest big saw rising over london just greatest cities world and sometimes like thats answer just sun gets up and look around and and realize part amazing planet do well i some may know this but i junior ambassador unicef london and ive invited to work field in west africa in guinea beginning of this year and they are extraordinary as organization they are worlds leading charities children and women and children closer you get problems that children world realize that same problems really mothers problems much as childs problems and they believe very very strongly that every child deserves clean break and and no child deserves disadvantaged start mission to elevate a every single childs chances of good life and ive seen first seen field do london are extraordinarily dedicated in very real way mean was west africa all things ive done far today not possible morning and i opened bottle water not possible slept on bed with clean sheets unlikely clothes washed machine not possible places you realize that we live in we live in extraordinary privilege and unicef committed to helping babies get inoculated against disease helping train mothers know how to breastfeed helping make sure have access clean water drink have sustainable agriculture helping they so many things combating terrible fgm thats rifle over continent so its its amazing and im very very proud to remember when this this photograph was taken it was headshots and i felt like was pulling terrible faces looked away for second said just just like relax bit those just looking out window sees its all the same me its same its same job acting is is job is business telling truth in imaginary situation and and playing loki playing fifth im playing any characters played or i off list maybe captain nicholls horse or or most recently adam and jim is only lovers left alive engaged in is trying to distill and distill whatever aspect of human condition is appropriate story and presented because ive always of acting as kind of extra anthropology which mean its in business people i i people interest me and what they what motivates them and and what inspires them makes happy makes and united by it were all united by this these feelings that we all feel different times and reason became actor is because i sat audience audiences theater and and love it when you go to something and you enter is individual leave as group because bound together by same experience so really when dont distinguish between whats commercial and and whats small mean never any money anyways like its i my only satisfaction comes from from whether it rings true know and and if it doesnt im disappointed if does then im really happy so i hope hope never make distinction way course sometimes have modulate tone know about certain things but yeah basically its all same chair like his his spirit day find still find you say the word hiddleston find it little sounds like it sounds like an ancient and punitive ritual gets beginning of life of brian guess guys think is appropriate mean im so flattered that i you that what think suggestions from the audience shout loudest wins again will forward thats one paying full address mean everyone has dress like bald goatee well hes being too modest we we kind talked about this idea that end thor see loki disappear through one hole in space time and we imagine that loki basically kind goes through he goes seventh circle of hell way mean hes hes hes out his hes hes he just gets lost in it in the wrong districts of the universe know like dark alleyways backstreets and people meets are are not not kind and hes really having survive his and also of reservoir of of pain based events film and really was just established terrible almost year long journey that he goes on through as were jungle universe and and his deeply scarring and hardened its like guardian version of apocalypse now psyche his down river and and gets pretty wild so was really important basically that he he was stronger and more dangerous less he tougher exterior think yeah thats happen mean use imagination guess okay glasses i fix thank you much cold indiana jones bond take it i it was listen read the i couldnt i had to stop and make excited every single page new kind of mean was most amazing role and was mean was little bit aware it had huge remember it maybe you do in kenneth branagh thor where thor is is captured by shield found the found on desert and gregg is agent phil coulson is kind of grilling thor who are you and may minimum wage mall cops its hurtful dead basically and then walks out of trailer and theres a reflective door reflective screen and and and camera angle standing you see clark walk out door and then closes door behind him and im standing there and he i to make that shot work this incredible kind two step dance because was old school no special effects place hand signal before did it so we had huge then when read scene where i killed him thought this is amazing such hes good guy and it took awhile get right it knew actually it its in story its its very key moment because it stops from bickering and bands together mean just egos point and death of course makes them become team and and they need someones death to avenge so realized loads but hes alive well and think good absolutely yes first got it seems like century ago but was caught april two thousand nine and read all the runs of of of original comics jack kirbys illustrations and michael straczynski and robert roadie and suddenly drawing blank on ive got some of like and and myths an amazing car ride i had from the west coast of from santa monica to pasadena was think was was going valley and had ring cycle on on a cd my car stereo because loki hes god fire just basically i read everything i could and stole all bits thought were fun bits and and then then also there this other other side it which is kenneth really want to highlight which is his younger brother that that the damaged lost of sad injured betrayed second son of god was always the black sheep so it became kind cocktail and and what do when work is i i its have huge well or bucket something and i and kinda circle around throw things in which think useful books songs pieces music newspaper clippings interviews and kind think about i once once have got this enormous well of of research kinda and paper walls of it and and just lived there bit so once id done that i like you plan and know and then you forget need to thats thats thats always mantra planet it forget it so did asked this question and never quite know what id love to id love to travel back to ancient greece because know like become enthusiasm for it its we used the idea of know this sense of classicism is like everything you know is marble everything is kind white and and and has this of shiny marble quality to it actually all of those palaces and temples ancient greece painted painted so many different colors colorful marvel comics and id love to seen ancient greece technicolor as actually was but had was in woody allens midnight in paris and and and and had taste of what twenties in paris might been like and more read about and more mean they they live high life thats sure it was amazing think twenties paris twenties thirties amazing time and what people say that that his film is all about this is its its about what golden age thinking is is what call it which is idea there was better time before now like now of better before people say like miss sixties or like seventies where that or people always back to age in past which they thought was better time is now like it should celebrate that guarantee you twenty year old kids eighties looks crazy like much lead therein terrible music can makeup yes or i pimpinela as always three emmy amazing id id love to do it some point mean thing is im kind its busy playing loki havent done anything but yeah i scallop kind mystery and and hes hes love mystery and romance character seems style director probably yeah but pimple now why just have image of image of like its why have sliding down stairs god okay well love chris hes hes he is such cool guy and i said backstage last night after came off stage from all right there and said was wearing cardigans like human being wasnt wearing his i was and he uses really tv mean what so i love great need it didnt need single help me yeah like flynn and amazing impression you incredibly and first all this is yes did read text message sent last week about like text message exact tuesday this is highly like the whole age thing yesterday was so secret i really couldnt tell anybody and i really wanted come here talk guys didnt tell zack coming without straight back like hiddleston i have inkling you are coming on top secret mission comic con swing by personally punch you have been warned really thrilling not have its always hard finger on what it is it gut feeling think always trust my gut thats all have i even im working thinking about shape how played in often get way trust gut and i its just if im inspired if my curiosity is piqued and want chase this possibility down i see in front desk its some before embarrassed say was speak in metaphors speak way and and acting is its kinda like playing piano and and if piano is human condition and we all have every single on that eighty eight key boards within us and me every role want play every note and some and sometimes if character or story seems to seem stretch some way seems to offer up experience is different different tune that i is is is real true human and and accessible and matter how joyous or loving warm painful seems like interesting shape to inhabit im running i know if running towards already and especially if find if stop reading it pages twenty pages in your life biscuit over here something else im gonna clean house so its never specific one thing its just does this thing grab me and then second question is am going to be allowed this think myth business is have have everything choose from everybodys list its a its im never thats place matt damon say every script he got he brad pitts fingertips over it and might happen michael fassbender thats okay amazing this amazing actor really truly gifted and that joke its its every actor is completely different and sometimes read something think i have read things wow this is amazing and ive chased it down knocked door people said its not you tom different my job is keep knocking on door say mind yeah second question yeah so many i get i get inspired every time go movies i even know start and and more people know make list it next week there be ten names list gosh yeah i honestly couldnt mean filmmakers ive admired all my life martin scorsese terrence malick clint eastwood christopher nolan michael hanukkah jacques Audiard ben zeitlin directed monumental piece southern wild last year their their their doing such amazing work time so know i should lucky really ive been lucky enough frankly ive worked with some my heroes already with steven spielberg and woody allen and kenneth branagh and joss whedon mean like space years like im ive died tomorrow happy know and intention its good like think if was happy if died tomorrow recently discussed question was amazing video on about this young guy told terminal terminal illness about hundred days live incurable and basically spend hundred day the end last hundred days his life being amazing and he did all things that he always wanted do and it seemed like was more alive those hundred days rest of because knew was all end think whether this better it was kind thats very galvanizing things like know do love and and question again so forgot a is amazing sum up the shes not possible sum up defies she is incredibly warm and am really really brilliantly intelligent and and sharp and kind very very kind and shes lived an extraordinary life shes shes broken so many rules that were imposed upon people and and shes amazingly wise its its actually astonishing just just has a shes got it whatever is talking about she knows that that that that life short and its living and huge fun actually we we were we left alive year detroit in tanzania and cologne and we to we just had such fun we doing night shoots remember she one day both had of hair makeup situation and she one day she just said watch this and it was gangnam style she was on onto it way before everybody else and she riot amazing to question i i learning learning is leg work anyone knew anyone its been in anything play or film like thats thats thats job words into and its down cant cant sit down and and and read something and and just learb it by have move tend im deranged guy in london like walking around pretending hes phone actually like im speaking in pentameter learning shakespeare and its just its literally repetition repetition repetition yourself its like learning i always say that have know the thing that text well as know happy birthday like it someone jazzy version know because happy goes or are to do like beethoven that and has be in your body with much of confidence and as that so its just repetition really or just watch jurassic park eighteen times im and full stage here just go for regret this gonna really challenging script