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okay lets see what weathers like as a healer its only nine degrees if go over to sydney sixteen authorities is fourteen only two degrees behind sydney by its own me five a m in la so when we get to mid day scurry about twenty degrees celsius and good about twenty three and twenty seven thats not that bad hows going good morning guys it is currently eight twenty four have six minutes to get down in the lobby i just need pack few things them off in plane to l a b i threw up quite a bit packing to do so need do that and then lets go grab plate ive never been to la before dont how but never made out that day so can my first time saw on site lets go mated hows going guys welcomes alan they will welcome to my hotel room and they would check this out this is my view for next three days you caught even see it that go check out go palm trees will produce guy liked so much warmer out here its amazing that pull down that this is my go about its pretty awesome see it with time change because when came from detroit is three hours ahead of la so the and that is three hours behind troy will more the dates because we left at like ten and now the whole bus once we got going beats and explore and i love exists are only free day that tomorrow i mean you to space to date make videos you guys though i do have nothing to watch and then also the day off to is my yuji bread for me and then it day off the i go back to doing shows saddam could pretty intense week but said about weight start day off so that its warm exogenous you look that a here we are we made is bit later day because i had time difference completely made so tired so had sleep welcome to la so on if go this way we had to send yeah its not see for monday night its at steve really very quiet this is known here that we just got food is about eleven pm and stay kind do went to nothing almost just kind of go and had to sleep iran gem for hour as well which is good because thats best time ive done that since ive been in the u s ands yeah lets see we go santa monica pier and i think gonna have hotel because of a busy data videos tomorrow okay so decided go back to hotel but bust lets take look at santa monica pier its litri right that look so cool that looks we gonna do santa monica pay even tomorrow with day off ducks vs them time on wednesday before and off u to go then tomorrow need make many videos as possible so for now go look from distance is like eleven pm is also im very very tired but it looks cool i like as a soapbox its very very cool indeed on weather is much nicer than say boston because boston was like minus ten celsius whereas here its like plus twenty five so like it lets go back hotel and make sure explore la before we go even though coming but really through the month still want explore it because my first time being you know america another life you i like you lot and longer stay here the more like you dislike love it peta will people great places im seeing great obviously a kinda skewed view because im spending like small amounts time each place but im absolutely loving it its its crazy get and its thanks to you guys i can do crazy things like this so thank guys that i really really appreciate it so on what time now hop up eleven as mentioned earlier im going to get some sleep because tomorrow i call hold every courting at you space ands anointing show you guys youd use space in new york but dont worry go back to that ive seen pictures of the g space la and looks incredible im looks massive as well so spending next two days that first day tomorrow can recording delta is the prime yes so know what i get some sleep to see guys in morning i morton n in my has gained too long to do this style which upsets me need get cup one out here but i will sneak it dyed blue when im out here i dont who to trust do it because i have one plus nine go to do it ands that no in america policy july fly home we get my head on thats about it but does look like a three year to put outside if you cannot see that whatever we gonna go out that second anyway because its eight fifty three i dont beat you to space by nine so gonna happen is it its ten minutes away needs to pack stuff get nuba get straight over that studious okay so time is kind got away from me im here right now in youtube space la is another edit suite which is pretty cool and ive just finished recording litri a million videos up a okay okay maybe not million videos but im close to it so ive got two weeks almost prepared which is pretty goods and brings up time im back new york you choose space so i can make even more videos my voice is going be destroyed tomorrow sunstar havent blogged much in u to space gonna try grab some now because the some really cool stuff that amazing massive screen now that weve be done tdm creates new scene out fell on that and looks amazing song try show you that today but dont get show you it today because my voice might disappear by that and then ill defeat show it tomorrow because tomorrow is the u tci premier event someones ring in may but yeah need pretty much pack and get out of here because ive only got twenty minutes left this room ive been here but twelve hours making videos next two weeks which kith so not and looks awfully him now ten live off battery i get packed up need get out of it is that gonna kick me out otherwise and gonna try blokes more if you guys because ive loved nothing today im sorry okay so yesterday was weird day went the space and look myself away for like twelve hours and got week and half worth of recording done so obviously no really good footage the blog is it but today is going to be awesome bus stop the weather is looking phenomenal look at that insane but today is also the day of my yuchi bread pry me effort down tdm creates big scene which taking place at the eugene space la so can literally take you guys that its really impressive space this is or someone like massive screen kind like one we use for live show bon they shows all add on that for the show which incredible so have get footage that gonna hang with you guys on some questions course some of you guys walking theres about forty or fifty lucky people that gonna see the episode two days buddy i think by the time this book goes up whole episode like would be awesome but im yeah lets go explore la its about its tempat ten and my previous thoughts it too so im get picked up two oclock four hours to explore and lay before leave tomorrow morning ivillage youve been here three days its crazy but guys made it where you choose this big building here is all youtube im pretty sure this is yuji when google as well think it this is where had lunch the other day when was you spend so dont whats gonna happen when turn this corner whether thats going be people here yet or not but should pretty cool think stopped off to its about to now so let show the deep space and get that for us thats taken this incredible location so nice so here we are inside you space im gonna very own like broom which is pretty crazy nicholas little while big android pushes which critical the ibm batics but we can use this room to do loads different interviews and weve also got these really cool cookies thats been put out check this out belichick said don t m creates big scene on these cookies and definite right least one of these so lots pressed assault within the gone massive screened on that which tell you about earlier which has the big out on but whats whole episode that with about hundred fifty you guys i think im gonna do some meet greets but some games as we ready funday so one thing hes right away assault him again so just finished my phone interviews here today five now go i think another hour of like in person interviews and some more think actually that all in person is b so get meet some you guys would you assume your parents you do various publications bombing hed stay this room because guys have started appearing i can see guys down there literally down here i think to work because there is all these people down that ready to come watch my show with me dont so awesome some questions using me greets well to signings busy day but can awesome and because a day its so warm and nice outside do not outside be angry which gonna be awesome could never do that uk even summer but were you started on these cookies because theyre absolutely incredible and they taste amazing as well and you to space is ridiculous its amazing and whats really cool about this based on that is that its cool kind and wants sitting down chilling out kind like around someones house watching at the movie or something its going to be awesome and yeah thanks you do you need space la for hooking us up with space this day to celebrate dude youve been general and small specifically my brand new show by time this flow goes out the show will be out so im going to go off you put this in description below but now i need to do some interviews its more cookies bring some more tea and then well get this event in full swing its gonna cool you might enjoy show you would you but before we do solicitous of questions from some bad about a topic or book better than hearing christmas for me nobody wants hear why dont we show some these ones for so the first the man and amanda very excited june you show them your favorite pop filming the series was making abnormal very different because me and he without any humans in this because have everyone else is out so as we get the film begins talking to like that was kind of people that what that so very interesting very very filming in yeah that youre making longer would like to would love to yeah how about sealing think mean would like even the think without doubt yeah appearance is you managed to do three videos day still have whole wide awesome pigs and then think about would say live like normal life its so its crazy much i guess ron do everything i do is bush going thats all so i even my videos everyday as well thats pretty but get i like even anyone like doing a lot zero eight then i guess well this the big side would really love doing so late video music love the so know what low in whats day so busy so the so off to respond lost and grieve for like two hours and then we left went some pair in dark so it wasnt cool and then we came home on one quickly show you some stuff that i go and what giving out the then they gave out this really cool bag here you guys were you seen cookies over that im gonna go out these really cool bags to everyone thats and it and it also nabbed myself you chew pillow yeah thats what talking about eugene space la house which i think is pretty awesome signed ton of these that one that got went the event and is also as fat and stuff and he is programs from the tool and i think that somebody who stick it in here too were all day friday better a check these out so know i guess we did other day if you guys do for answer to that is if don link in description but i met you guys i needed stickers back my laptop turns out youd you had me hooked up already so this right here which just about some editing on needs some of these on and know that my own stickers but all i love this show so im gonna put on and think look pretty cool also some guys at meetup gave me stuff before my laptop since dick is which definitely in here somewhere you gave me some stickers spike decorate my lots of the thank you really appreciate that theres also this super cool assume post dante increase big scene aw man look it so cool love plugs miss them yeah dont know what im absolutely crazy called a band and first time we did mean we outside because at weather is nice we cannot you do cool stuff like that song thank everyone who came and on game and checked out the two great series yet please go check out link beans give some blow off you finish watching this block of course so whats plan that the plan is to do some editing because i would catch flight tomorrow morning i need leave hop seven and the viennese go live while in the ass so need edit that render it upload into thumb now right now before go to sleep then we catching flight from la to st louis because have show on friday moves in chicago and indianapolis as well this weekend which means were back on bus which quite pleased about dont mind bus he but as you can see my hotel room is an absolute mess so let get this video done and then appropriate you guys morning actually are checking with you operate in this area lets yelling takes them off editing done top part twelve why do do this to myself but i made even worse mess as well those need decide which is sticker is going be first one i put my laptop and need this one or the plugs or both i guess theres also another acoustic around here somewhere which was like this but big so who was kind wanted to on that by gas more the better so that can put more my laptop guess but if put this stuff away into this suitcase here which is getting very very full of only two weeks in and then im gonna hit bat and you know go sleep so im you know what guys im going to see you guys morning for an early plane to san luis and then hopefully have day off think have day off well im gonna need make videos anyway we dont have show with show the day off to this weekends gonna tough guy guys morning guys wearing hat that wear hat now often plus note for the worst sleep ive ever had i dont know why but i just couldnt sleep it was terrible so ive had like two hours sleep not about to go down lobby to catch taxi to get flight to san luis today but the good thing is that had my bad nights sleep last night because i have nothing to do today so im gonna make today my sleeping day think thats good plan and so on right lets catch flight move packed up and ready to go lets do this much on this made it this that lewis yet theyre running two hours sleep i said that will on plane but im know what youre saying very hard to eyes throughout this but this out look this view that is insane so identify can point to it but right here that famous sent louis arch and hopefully we get see before we go tomorrow bomb sinless is not nice like really nice unlike all the cities compared to uk cities are just so so weak gregory fun to explore is you meet so many new people like driver that if you get some apple to hear was super awesome at im just excited to have little bit of chill time to rest today because only about six pm would you really get might do some added saying that ring gem them get some food and then i need sleep but to catch up on sleep for we spend three more nights on the bus and i guess you do some shows as well im sillery unexciting looks like beautiful day look that amazing because while we were in and they apparently rain for four days straight and when we came here it its weather like this so im happy but we are spending all day inside venue i guess im speaking that i need get that pretty quickly well kind dont you know said yes there is that for couple hours last night i slept for thirteen hours musta been tied it and also the new you chew great show went live today which is also mean going check that out im so so excited and guys seem looking into which is great because it took lot of time create and im really proud it so im thank guys the hey enough of that im more of show because im gonna go over to venue because as the tree nothing it to each near hand no places to eat some gonna go over that and drop my stuff off which is down here you drop stuff off on bus because we spending next three nights on bus which im kind looking forward to its kind fun last time day this pack and then ask you guys bit well bar back on bar and just about show you guys wassoulou looks likes if thats hit bus by myself one my favorite ones is gonna have look see what show you guys what do is look at minute looks like well looks like we brought weather with us which is awesome below so sunny outside really nice to perfect time for me to be on bus and in venue for that long but im think this people arriving some nothing about him plus im afraid but this venue for today its huge ugly get on camera properly absolutely massive try show guys actual venue get inside well but yeah thats it now look back bus just finished them angry which was awesome but said would show you venue with empty and this one looks insane his screen up here to check this out cycle reds angled like most really awesome venues as we failed in about think stop putting up like ten minutes so i better get my butt bus i get ready for show but this is awesome venue bozo i one amazing gift me great check this out this picture i mean its me as park how crazy is that so aid you and i think thats name age youre right thank you so much this incredible posao thank guys you have given some stickers my laptop already brady appreciate i havent size taken yet we can do that this flog ago some similar we stop pokemon and superheroes to thank you guys like every just finished show will thats good is gonna great but the move so moved on day i think think weve moved out twenty four hours ahead is are we going boss and then that you arrived venue got straight in meeting great two shows and little bit eating inbetween maybe love is sleeping as well so im right now we just finished our second show of day so its time get back bus and go from chicago where we heading into next indianapolis were going indianapolis so is good think five hours in bus but theres lot people near bus im gonna show you how crazy this is going get because it looks like most people that have awaited made us and so yeah its gonna get crazy purity is due this because those people bus good news nda does this blog mess sorry sort now i am in baltimore which is crazy because yes those indianapolis can ted are driving bus yesterday that guys can hear i am full of flu cold something this make my sinuses disco learned via im both more today on jacobs view attorney these crazy huge buildings look this then of course beautiful american rhodes hit sierra had like worst night sleep bus last night and then i go here at like eleven am i just slept until seven pm so what do is go get some food with on tall guys pick is how many in today at which is bad very bad nepalese gonna why need add a video tomorrow and thems gonna go back to sleep try get rid of this whatever is before shows on thursday because i want like this do shop its not nice be sort look so crazy we is this week but i kind remember what in this i mean like you choose space stuff going in this blog which is crazy because that seems like ages ago via lets go explore both want a bit more mid both moved next three days as well which is cool so im hoping get rid of this cold flu thing ive got to go explore which pretty cool so on lets go but matt love cheesecake factory it as can hear voice still bit destroyed bob change apartment today instead exploring baltimore we got opportunity go to washington dc to only thirty minutes away on train so im today were gonna explode washington its going awesome lifestyle there go guys you made it to washington it is an amazingly beautiful day im behind us is white house but when know that though that back of the white house its pretty awesome impulses that you got get closer than thought kids plays glorious day and today we do lot sightseeing because do not show him in like week so but because the show will busy all day with quotes come like chill out in amazing amazing weather and see really go places like this check out so cool look these buildings died so beautiful and should as well as one goes all the way down he i think both my buildings check this is the washington monument and especially day like today six even more impressive just look how big is its insane but if look this way at white house is just behind these trees here the other side watched as back front im not really sure whats crazy and think were going go over to here which think museum as well that building is insanely cool too its like put three buildings upside down on top of each other majority because of they do some museums do order no more touristy stuff and im trying most up today because its beautiful day and this makes it does get later day would on some museum and stuff but still amazing or different one just here is gonna made bit of instagram outside there and washington dc if a grown into full city so we could use more sightseeing we get on beyond current chew over him like underground train and on seasonal stuff what kind this way in house hill dusk so can get some critical because monument its up some other stuff too so just wait till dusk its made dusk we made to the building that we didnt visit idea whats as well we well yeah over near the washington monument right here has see its very very popular because looks so will someone is now up like this i think were going make our way over it soon monument on the hunt sure get trained back soon about co dependency there are so many people ticket look up beautiful alex can understand why under so were gonna do next dont like twenty thousand steps going crazy today bombing has been awesome day lets what is most likely believe that you can see right middle so im theres lincoln street middle his moral its incredible so does moon roof with reflection water this so no i told you was busy but there is labeling pretty much yes talk to so want to tell you even now looked terrible know day this has been the most incredible day at washington is blurry that we go thats bad as the one were home my through is feeling okay i guess could be worse but today was awesome apps you love today im gonna go out about because kind of helped kick this cold flu thing little bit more plot so hopefully by tomorrow i can do shows like sore throat but when had like migraine and stuff but think it definitely think about tomorrow wanna do is one could uploading this blog so tomorrow im going to quickly do a stick up day on lot talks into my first few stickers on that and then when we go through the tool and see how many stickers i get by the end was gonna cool so i am though to see you guys morning it is about what is it its twenty to midnight so many trying get an early if not i i guess idea ill see you guys morning who born baltimore nows good sleep my voice doing okay mean i felt really rough last night every time swallowed really nuts with his razor blades my throat which kind worrying because i have at show tomorrow which is gonna rough but is not evenings hopefully i can get enough medicine may need able to get through that we should good bottom before and this blog that editing it right now and gonna go up late hopefully within the hour but first you something very important weeds out some stick is to the outside of this lets go find some because think ones gonna choose all pocono ones done tdm and think stint louis one is well just now because cant find other ones deathly my bike both need plan them so the stick is dont go over stick it by thing this one should go right in middle he that we go doesnt even matter if its not straight for now that we go the first stick up is my own one ticket and these ones actually pretty big east to poke one once why my only choose one of them but which wan have really big guy thing of decided gonna put charmander right here but stick down so with two hands and then ill show what ive done that go this ticket collection has slowly begun so this one up off the bottom here and this isnt really what call for the top here so im plan some more think school is gonna have to wait for little bit but yeah once guess mostly because complained even more now daphne get pretty much all these on as well especially parks on post on that archie should go to squeeze these just arent taught should go here or should i go on his head im gonna pia yeah yes there we go charmander impulse nice so there were lots space left go so i did some most tickets but i this is probably longest blog ever dont even know what im going cool down put the court this blog to math speak is of its just like so choppy and crazy over past week but on let wanna see some more these blogs by giving big pot thumbs up more funds up it gets more likely i will be to do more these weak roundups good is are quite like them and hope you guys like him too but im id get rid this throat thing for us to it viet thing guys so much what you do want see more please do it but thumbs up joining us some tickets shows ive been talking about doing these blogs thank create here okoye screen somewhere that appear somewhere but im keeping screen or inscription below and can taken straight to the ticket website and thats the easiest way to get them and only way to get them to give also live nation only to place you get them from all directions of it getting so much what guys oc very soon i love you will and goodbye