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leann leann he personalities maybe maybe thats what it is maybe thats what have maybe have sixteen personalities well i think because we we are doing the sixteen personalities test i was like hey i have no idea what kind personality do have them should you want have fun one to have nice line mean everybody saying different shit so i mean lets see for myself that its not as if are added to it and lets find out what kind of person i am alright youll find difficult to introduce yourself other people strongly agree yeah i mean unless they come up to me i will not go up to somebody and choose myself i i can not so you get so lost your thoughts that you ignore forget your surroundings i i dont think so no its not like will go somewhere and get like still lost my thoughts that like nana and that was really happen me and usually aware my surroundings its writers once your emails as soon as possible and cannot stand messy in hell yeah agree i have to read everything i cant have unread messages my inbox finding easy to stay relaxed and focused even though there is some pressure yeah for the most part unless somebody is like in my face i agree times under i will not go off to somebody and talk to them because i am i did do that somebody has got to meet and talk to me i cannot go up people talk to them is just one those like shite things that never really grew out of like im not as shy as they used be a city the quiet kid eyes never talk anybody go to anybody and just keep myself unless somebody started talking me but even that was really shy but i got better look saudi does come up to is stalking me i will talk them but i will never go up to somebody as are talking and shy with somebody like introduces us you know you rarely do something out of sheer curiosity no i i always do stuff out of sheer curiosity so im gonna strongly disagree like if think something smells really bad ill pick up and smell it mean just see if it smells really you feel superior to people i hit a situations or people attack me try pick fights with me online for attention whatever i just wont respond as like im the bigger person i dont even feel like i dont feel like im bigger prisoners just like youre not worth my time but does that mean im his p area to live in the sense that somebody wants start shit with me and i dont give men i am the bigger person so im gonna leave it neutral being organized is more important to you than being adaptable no i am more adaptable than organized im kind pretty arent organized my on organization is organized because something is all neat and clean usually dont where should it but my shifts all messy and im use to the stuff being messy like i know where stuff is you how that makes any sense you are usually highly motivated and energetic im motivated but im not energetic i wish i was i really wish was but feel like theres something wrong with me where im not only at night right now this is like most energetic i ever will be midnight when im hyped up on coffee n ive had my nap before this most energetic i really wish was energetic during day i i i dont know crippling depression winning debate matters less you then making sat e this depends wouldnt go some people i i wont try to upset them anything like all all make sure not to upset them if im like arguing with somebody for example my sister i rather just admit im wrong something and make sure she doesnt get upset but if im arguing the sausage long gonna go neutral day of this video was a little too personal maybe should take this quiz and private you often feel as if you have to justify yourself to other people this is very subjective va you to wear a lot people will say something about me and just believe it and i do have the need to like prove myself there are times where i i really dont give fuck especially real life but to two degree i i agree i do have to i i like proving other people your home and work environments are quite tidy well my home is my work environment so yeah theyre theyre pretty tidy friends and you tour right now knock it off slowly agree because got lot clutter images ask if there is a little mad you do not mind being the center of attention or high i really i really dont like me i like being on side i got so many hosts gigs billy tv shows to rachels everything was i saw a few out there because want to be co host dont be the host the center of attention does everything that like focus is on that i turned out so many stuff like that because i i dont want meet some attention i dont like being center attention like being off to the side and not being main focus you consider yourself more practical than creatives now the im more creative than practical so im gonna have to middle disagree not strong disagree not alike disagree and middle disagree people i can rarely upset you i disagree people people upset me some people depends you ever like you to comment sorry that shabbily my most time that it pisses me off where the looks that though i dont mutual actually your travel plans are usually well thought out all well thats strong disagree now because at most most organized ill be as will look up restaurants and want you act and then go to those restaurants when i travel thats thats extent to it otherwise i troubles where i just end sleeping the whole time its often difficult you relate other peoples feelings would say disagree i i usually can relate other peoples feelings because ive been so much situations shit your mood can change very quickly he yeah because what second all the sumac want kill somebody and i i hate them so much like ill get real matt and then literally like minute two later after ellis but my hot spot yeah i relax and calm down so yeah my mood just does she really quickly and discussion should should be more important than other peoples sensitivities no because people some people sensitive and i feel like sometimes people sensitivity is there more important the troops animal thats just me im im very neutral towards us because really depends on what it is you rarely worry about how your affections can affect other people strongly disagree if i do something like think about how it affects other people your work style is closer to rid of energy spikes that tumor thought all held yap hell yeah only yeah i will have ton of energy report dont know why i have this thing where can only record video that night and its gotten much worse especially since have like set up upstairs where i have good lighting during the night time so during the night time got i i make no sense when thought im sorry and stupid you are often envious of others now actually im gonna im gonna put as the slight disagree lcv will exceed were happy have like family and how your great life on instagram but its like you dont know their real life how really is you see the pictures of like best times best moments you only see the best parts you dont anything bad but mean you can you can see that show and be like hey thats pretty awesome i i kinda want that an interesting book or video game is often better than social event how yeah maybe social events where he going out and lee talking people im much rather stay home click on or russia thing being able to develop plan and two is most important part every project now i kinda just do things i just jump all over place and things on our own id i dont stick to plan you rarely get carried away by fantasies and ideas i know this is so fucked up and this one was long time ago when i used be real is to have like these fantasies of merely beating the shit out the early killing government i know this is like so fucked up im being hundred percent on as the resident out and and those just like feel so good i dont think about it images gets gets me going rouge thought the video now that im not like that anymore but its just long time ago when i i use be filled with hate you often find yourself lost in thought when youre walking sure unkind now usually on my phone if somebody does not respond email quickly start worrying if you suck the chrome yeah always heard people dont apply me because feel like it with big stick better awkward in dont know as parent you rather see your child grow up kinder than smart i disagree because they can be both i wouldnt want them grow up kind and dom because another people take advantage of them that would just upset me so i i would want my kid grow smart you do not let other people influence your actions the thing is what i do something ill get lot peoples opinion but usually rd have made up my mind and dont really let them influence me as just i want hear their opinion i dont know thats really influencing but to most part disagree i i dont want people influenced me its just i do what i wanna do your dreams and focus on real world and its events now my dreams are very fake and weird and weird there were only half way through im gonna try breeze through this does not take much time start getting involved in social activities that your new workplace disagree because i find it very hard to like make friends real life you are more of natural improvisor than careful planner your emotions control you more than you control them kind of yeah you enjoy going to social events them all dressed up or roleplay activities hell yeah you often spend time exploring unrealistic and impractical yet intriguing ideas nah i i have no i have very practical ideas so would say no you would rather improvise than spend time coming up with detailed plan hell yeah i loved to improvise its funny because as im doing this almost all my answers early the opposite lets also you choose because he always like whats come up with like it and detailed plan he has unrealistic intriguing idea because every funny to see has personality on this you are relatively reserved and quiet person yes unless get know me unless i know you and could trust you that im like really loud and moaning and fun if you had business you would find very difficult fire loyal but under performing employees this really depends because of their not doing their job but theyre loyal as then they like me yeah i guess i would find it difficult but not like super difficult mean probably would let them go if they were just like slacking off on job you often contemplate their reasons for human eggs now logic is usually more important than heart when comes making important decisions and not her real easy i dont know yes i gather subjected make logical decisions so i i kind of unusual towards us it said try not answer anything neutral by me some of them going neutral keeping your options open is more important than having to a to do list know i kinda like having your to do lists because if my options open dont gain anything done if your friend is not about something you are more likely to offer emotional support then suggest ways deal with problem my friends usually have problems that i dont know how to deal with so i i do you usually offer emotional support more than ways to deal with problem who rarely feel insecure disagree i am hella and secure you have no difficulties coming up with personal time table and sticking to it against stick to schedule ever being right is more important than being cooperative when comes teamwork and can do some this just because have so much cameras dying you think that everybodys views should be respected regardless of whether theyre supported by facts or not im gonna disagree you feel more energetic after spending time with group of people yeah maybe the parents you frequently misplaced things all the time you see yourself as very emotionally stable im gonna disagree your mind is always buzzing with unexplored ideas and plans a greek high notes you would not call yourself dreamer not im im not dreamer lets its usually find it difficult relax on talking front many people yeah i im usually really anxious when more than one person is talking me at once generally speaking your ally mar on your experience and your imagination yes you worry too much about what other people think a now if the real is full you stay closer the walls awaiting the center yeah a like at party ill be like off all the way the back in corner with sausage you have tendency to procrastinate until there is not enough time you everything or my god every day you feel very anxious in stressful situations not relational handle myself pretty well you believe its more rewarding to be liked by others in to be powerful the gas you have always been interested in unconventional an ambiguous things and books arts and movies yes you often take initiative in social situations nope how i got my way my results my personality type is virtual so if thats kind of coffee break or coffee machine extroverted eighteen percent introverted i am eighty two present introverted camera lights on using my work and virtuosos los to explore their hands on their touching and examining world around cool rationalism and spirited curiosity well my god that is me every time i like going stores so much just looking and like touching things like i like i like looking at things with its weird people this personality type are natural makers moving from project project often mechanics and engineers my parents both mechanics and engineers virtuosos find no greater joy than getting their hands dirty by pulling things apart and putting them back together i look like things apart by only putting them back together just little bit better than they were before they enjoy having other people take interest their projects and sometimes dont mind them getting into their space that means you too this idea would you guys watch my videos i like them of course thats condition that those people dont fear with virtue symbols and freedom and theyll need be opened up to rituals also returning the interesting they only make up about five percent population virtuoso women are specially rare and typical gender roles that society ten to expect can be poor fit though often be seen as tom boys from young age okay this is actually kind of creepy because it knows everything about me a lot of the seems true friendly about very private calm but suddenly spontaneous stream only curious but unable stay focused on formal studies okay this all seems pretty accurate to a degree i guess i definitely recommend taking this personality test you going know what kind personality you are called below and let have to this path and let know kind personality you have and if you have same one as me i do a lot of guys enjoyed this video if you did sent out like that that i love guys so much in such bad guy