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and besides that we are going to bring buffalo back were gonna bring new york back and were going bring the united states of america back soon on way up i always do this ive been out is syracuse all over the state and we love this state and we love new york values that we agree we love new york guy but i always tell my people give me some current information on the economy of buffalo dont get scared and dont feel guilty because its not your fault its politicians representing all of us that have no clue that totally incompetent and these people that represent those at the highest level including president of united states id look at whats happened here listen to do not get discouraged im telling you would bring it back fast you watch what up were not making bad trade deals will get and all that nonsense and were going bring jobs back to the united states and that includes buffalo that includes barbara so look these right out of the book buffalos been hammered by our trade policies view cities in america have taken harder hit we know that i know that i live like im here all the time have great friends including rex here and michelle according to the united states bureau of labor statistics buffalo has lost nearly half of its manufacturing jobs since nineteen ninety think of it three main reasons nafta asian currency manipulation product dumping shined his entrance into the world trade organization nearly forty percent im not gonna stop because dont want depress maple nearly forty percent of buffalos lost jobs have occurred since two thousand and one dont worry new york state has lost three out of four of its manufacturing jobs since the sixties three out four so folks look heres whats happening were making horrible deals we have people that dont know what theyre doing companies moving to mexico and everyplace else we have nafta which was by the way day clinton deal you know bill clinton was married to crook get hillary clinton know that right you know that and that is a total disaster nafta has been a disaster now we have new one coming up transpacific partnership its going to make nafta look like peanuts we are going to cut it out were going to stop it itll be detrimental is held the people up here at all of the people in the united states and by the way ted cruz lie and ted cruz why did that one of great liars of all time glided down how you doing with job were doing great were winning winning winning and then you see how gilliam on states and im up to million votes or more than that two million votes how we do do job well were doing great that would do now tomorrow i have to tell you thats big day because tomorrow were gonna show ted cruz who hates new york hate snow york when you look at that debate and you see the way he talked about us and new york values heres man that turned down sandy money for this stay add plenty of other good money we had lots of things coming into new york and he voted against no new yorker can vote for ted cruz i know new yorker can vote for gay sick when he was one that approved nafta he voted in favor of nafta which has been disaster to use state and for this country a total disaster so with all that being said tomorrow get out and vote weve got vote weve got vote and know cruises way way down in polls and okay sick is not even sort of showing up i think hes hes one for thirty two what is the governor that state out of spent another two days think would beat them and that state we were close and cruises just catastrophe he didnt even get fifty percent his own state he was way below fifty percent and doesnt represent what we need and he doesnt represent us or trade and the other things that we need to make america great had to make buffalo great again okay doesnt now ive been having like did just that but ive never done thing like this said im running bit politician for nine months can you believe this although its been interesting but know what seriously it takes guts run for office like this you know i never did before weve had debates every online polls and i won every single debate which is always nice and ive been on center stage weve been number one virtually since the time i announce because people know that not only we gonna get great crowds like is this is crazy you know when they said were going take the arena up in buffalo they said no dont do that its massive arena look at this place this take look at this unbelievable i believe but people know and ive been saying it for years that we are being ripped off worldwide by virtually every single country that we do business with every single country no matter what you could look at everyone you could call out name every single country that we do business with we end up with the short end of the stick and its gonna end here its going back and were bringing our jobs back here you know its really nice i tell you what want do as long as youre shouting and love to hear it nothing nicer than you sa i think what i want do is want talk just for second i wrote this out and is very close to my heart because i was down there and i watch our police and our fireman down and seven eleven down world trade center right after came down and i saw the greatest people ive ever seen in action i saw the bravest people ive ever seen including the construction workers including every person down there thats what new york values about and so wrote out little something and id like to talk about then new york values that we all know so well the values that make us love state despite its problems we love this state we know its going come back if im president its going come back so fast you wont even believe it you watch now new york has been a symbol of american strength to the world now where we see the values see the values with our new york police and fire fighters they dont get enough credit hes great great people great americans we see it with new york transit workers you so what they went through what you saw the strength and the dedication see it with families they go your parks central park olivia park your parks and buffalos your park your parks not only in buffalo but syracuse at i was to every play rochester albany we had twenty thousand people in albany an arena like this you see it all over you see tremendous tremendous spirit you see then restaurant workers in delis and factory workers in upstate new york the ones that left but were gonna bury up dont worry all our see it really in the whole fabric of community and what our new york values honestly and straight talk lot times people say all you tell it to straight mr trump dont i think thats what we like dont you think you see it in our work ethic we work hard we worked hard and were proud you see it in our family values and our families you see it in the energy to get things done you hear about it all the time the energy in new york and the energy in new york state where builders we make things we have courage and we do great great jobs for our community we have great community service and thats way you say it now new york values were on display for all to see the aftermath of nine eleven a strike at the heart of our city and our nation and in fact even world this was the worst hit that our country has ever taken worst of pearl harbor because when they attacked pearl harbor at least it was military this was civilians these were great people everybody in this room practically knew somebody that died or somebody that was horribly injured during that terrible day but this was attack on civilians and this was the worst attack in the history of our country and when you think of what weve done since then and how weve reacted thats new york values folks thats new york values and youre right we are going build that wall it we are going home police were going build wall theyre going build wall in mexico is going pay for the wallet you know and i know and they know in our darkest moments as city we showed the world the very best of america the firefighters and first responders and police officers at the port authority workers all of them who ran up those stairs knowing that the end could be very near they knew what they felt that building they knew bad things were going happen and they read up those stairs and nobody came back thats new york values folks thats new york value father mychal judge great guide the chaplain of new york city fire department who died providing comfort and bread to the wounded in fall in on nine eleven a good friend of many people in this room he really display new york values and he knew what was coming very very soon father judge the people in the towers who helped rescue each other and those that paris knowing that if they left earlier they could have gotten out they didnt want do it they stayed they helped out people goes new york values the restaurants and local businesses kept their shops open to help the first responders and help people in need those are first ill tell you what those are really the people when you think in terms of new york values the bravery and you never hear about somebody who left who is running the opposite direction these people going through tara and you know what happened everyone to help clear the rubble and i was there and i watched and i helped little bit but want tell you those people were amazing clearing the rubble trying to find additional lives you didnt know what was going come down on all of us and they handled it every small act of kindness every great act of courage those are new york values okay so when guy like lie and ted cruz talks about talks about new york values folks those the values that we want talk about now let me just tell you couple of things and why tomorrows onboard because the system is rigged its not bad for guy like me who is not taking any money from the special ed drugs im self funding my campaign i came up here i pay for to come up here its really system just like so much else in government is rigged but ive never seen anything like it when you have colorado or wyoming in the case of colorado they were supposed vote they said there were no judges made but that was i announced in june people saw that i was going do great in colorado and all of sudden in august they changes system they took the vote away from people of colorado they didnt give the vote to the people of wyoming now i get it done really well because im very good at dealing with bosses but you know youve had it say forget it and take them out to hotels the delegates it take month played you could do whatever you want do you know what i said no way because were gonna get there we dont need it we gonna get there its rigged and its a corrupt system but we gonna get there and i believe were going do it much more easily than people think and were gonna do it on the first ballot were gonna get to that big twelve thirty seven and when we do were going to get a little bit of race you know they all say average strong against clinton thats got be the greatest voter turnout in the history of our country and think thats still and that by the way is good thing good for us too by the way the more people come the better but great thing because you know historically our country has done very very poorly in voter turn out lot people dont vote now the republicans have increased almost seventy percent from what was four years ago when mitt romney choked at loss select he lost an election that should have been one that was an election that was just waiting to be one and they lost it they blow it same group same people theyre happy as long as they keep their jobs as long as they get their consulting money same group same everything were gonna change it because were going win and we get big get hillary so badly that your head will spin so let me just tell you were going along and we just get had great poll from fox had some great posts on everything but against hillary what it is so great but you have understand folks we havent even started with cricket hillary yet we have not started day we have only about two months ago did say something and she went like that and then bernie got credit for doing well since then i dont know these laws i did think of it im no fan of bernie believe me but every no no no thats okay i am no fan burning his ideas very bad at such and such but every week you say bernie one birdie one birdie one birdie when was every time and then you hear about crooked system she got could get hillary where the system you hear about the system and they say and pundits say well bernie has no chance what is the average as you went because the system rigged but were gonna on rig the system and that when clean up the system okay were gonna it up in the case of the democrats they have super delegates in our case is worse because its more sinister its harder to see but its actually more devious at its worse and know what we have millions of people that came out to vote for trump but theyre not really voted for me that voting for what we want we you know what we want we want great we want great trade we want a strong military we want take care of our vets we want big and stop playing games we want repeal and replace obamacare we want protect our great second amendment so board we wanna and comment gore and did and debt and to bring education locally dub buffalo at all let the local communities we will it will be so much better and we want have strong strong borders where people can come in but they have to come live legally legally they gunmen legally and we will build that wall we will build now when im on stage with these guys dont forget we started off was seventy eight people and know i get kick they sent donald trump didnt it fifty percent of dili was sixty people over here how did you get all these people up there then youd lose to you about two they get it down to twelve they get it down to ten they get it down to seven i mean give me a break donald trump didnt it ive got fourteen people up that suppose that that but i would far more states than anybody else not even close not even close and and as we all know but its never covered millions votes more and is going be addressing to see what happens because id say that were going hit twelve thirty seven i believe because new york is looking great but got go and vote and pennsylvania and rhode island at every state were looking at marilyn we are looking so good an indie out is going to be great i think in the ad that were gonna get out to california me we have lot of stops and im going work so hard and you know my family said dan what you doing this say because obviously we can do something thats so special were gonna turn this country around were gonna make greatest trade deals ever made were going become so strong so powerful so rich and youre gonna be so proud of our country again were not going be the dummies anymore so when im on the stage one of the debates one of my folks come up first of all they all said remember you cant build wall china built wall thirteen thousand miles long and two thousand years ago two thousand years ago the great wall of china great wall of trump like us either why what spirit the people of buffalo have right and you know i i have to tell you see all those cameras going on every night they put us on live live live didnt cover anyone else like they like it live dont know dont like have it not so large so we could really talk folks but these are the most are out telling you these are well its lie and ted maybe its pretty by the way wouldnt be adjusting if ted cruz came in third tomorrow wont that be right honestly i never thought i was going see him as one of the last three people i never thought is going happen i never thought was gonna happen i could name the other ones but dont want do it i thought that be other people you know before we have final victory i didnt expect to see i honestly i did expect see either of these two but thats okay thats okay so during one of the debates debates over i had talked about mexicos going pay for the wall i had talked about wall and couple of the participants came up to be they said hon held you know youre not going build wall said why not you cant build wall really why not tell me why we cant have they said i dont know you know how easy that is beautiful precast concrete going up ill tell you one thing if anybody gets to the top of the wall its gonna be long way down its going be very school going real wall but they said you cant really build wall and said about great wall of china which is very serious well by the way i tell them about great wall china as it looked over there youre talking about twelve thirteen thousand miles over here you talk about really thousand miles is two thousand but it goes up lot of natural barriers etcetera we have thousand miles basic eleven be able build so easy so easy when i can build six thousand units middle manhattan on hudson river i can guarantee you i can guarantee you this is biker with all the stuff i put up with all the environmental permits i had get for so many different jobs all over the world all over the world one oceans scotland dont notions when they said you would never be able get the approvals i got the approvals in new york in manhattan it watching jim in california no matter where on pacific ocean with all of what ive done look i borrowed a million dollars and i turned it in relatively short period of time into more than ten billion dollars okay folks thats the number now one of the most iconic company some great assets anywhere world all papers filed i had file the papers couple friends mine know many great businessman supported me and by the way we gonna use these people to negotiate with china japan and mexico these are the best negotiators in world we have political hacks right now so its company with some greatest assets most iconic assets in world very little debt tremendous cash flow all the papers filed the press was devastated they went to see that were going crazy is like a a feeding frenzy they were gonna do number and then they said and really built great company private data nodes first time ive ever done filing and know what happens im not saying that if a braggadocio as matter im saying this this is the kind of thinking at at least for of time till we straighten things out big league that our country needs so you know im conservative but all sub these conservatives you have all these people i had so many ads i had fifty five dot i didnt believe this saw on television i had food you can never believe hundred percent so maybe there will fifty listen this thought was impossible but know is i hell of lot you heard the story during gulf started route up national adam scott is winning and they said and now for commercial and ive been watching for week all of these guys please please dont that dont let there be negative truck bed before we present him with trophy so its is great shot they say and well be right back trumpet so bad and i need the most negative as untruthful most of its untruth not all that but you pretty much done and id say turn the televisions off theyre all over the green zone alarm get the television sauce anyway i wasnt but let me just tell you fifty five thousand edge fifty five thousand but thats impossible and fifty five thousand like close to hundred million in negative ads then you listen said nobody ever had within it nobody talks about said does well against hillary as soon as they run the first ad thats the end him as soon as they run some negative ads on cruise and boy would he be easy thats the end of him id think of it fifty five thousand ads and were doing well fifty five thousand lives and were going win new york state which no other and im talking about in the general election which no other candidate even has chance we get win michigan were gonna win pennsylvania were gonna win states that are not blood and were gonna win florida big league you know what they did in florida folks you know what they did in florida so florida was rigged also florida was rig that the governor of florida jeb bush the ex governor pretty popular nice guy that was nice guy before when was competing got like that wasnt as good amazing the way that up and marco rubio one of them was going win florida and so what they did is they made this stay at the last moment winner take all ninety nine delegates right winner take all and then had problem because poll came out said trump is gonna kill everybodys at forty eight and these guys werent like seventeen and twelve they say wait minute this is disaster what we do so they looked upon changing i didnt change at lot judge but this was a winner this was a winner take all state that i was supposed to be taken advantage of okay theres only one problem i wanted by twenty points we won it in landslide had we got ninety nine dollars okay so just remember and so works both ways but just remember folks were gonna win and were gonna win on first and could be we have go longer but dont think so because im seeing numbers that pretty very compelling but will tell you this we are going to win had once we win our countrys going become so strong and so powerful again and youre going be so proud your president but dont care about that but youre gonna be so proud of your country once again so there is no place that is better or more fun or safer or safer remember that there is no place thats better more fun or safer than they up rally no so were losing lot business lets talk business because you guys being decimated im telling you our military im good just let me handle it were gonna make it so strong so powerful nobodys ever messing with us with taking care of our vets all of that but lets talk jobs because in buffalo we have to talk jobs it indiana in pennsylvania was just in pittsburgh we had an unbelievable crowd they need jobs our jobs big take away theyre going to mexico you so what happened with carrier carrier air conditioner right so they get announce now nabiscos mexico ford massive to add billion dollar plant mexico many of the countries is becoming a many chaytor for ripping off united states and im not angry at mexico or the leaders of mexico im angry at the leaders of the united states for being so stupid to allow this to happen so the other day and this could be a good substitute many many names but will use this one carrier conditions i bought many many over the years i will buy him anymore not by carrying book so they announce their lego fourteen and was done with cell phone one folks downstairs those getting fired thick covering this of mid level guy and he was nasty said essentially you youre all going fired when moving to mexico wonderful theyve been there for thirty years in many cases and now theyve got not gonna happen with me so what happens is this they moved mexico they think theyre gonna make air conditioners and theyre going sell back to united states with no tax with no consequences with no problem its not gonna happen folks its not gonna happen they want go there thats great but there is going to be consequence and ive told this before but its so obvious and its so you know there only so many say but ive told before and again could apply to hundreds of different companies say my wife you know i want make to school just a no no you must act more presidential dont want really act more presidential until we win do we agree folks you know be little bit less you know more presidential easier than working working working like i do because more presidential means looking a little bit my daughter ivanka came up to last debate now dead youve won every debate we love vaka right would love melodic we love them all i have good kids but my daughter about his use of the dead be presidential them watch this very presidential ive said wait minute ive won every debate if they hit me i got it back they said no no you dont i said yes i do anyway i was very presidential that debate and worked out really well and know what were were doing great but heres story im gonna say my family im sorry this is too easy i want call kary can imagine president united states calling for head air conditioning company i but they had ever their conditioning company that didnt do right by us okay and while i could give it to somebody its just too quick too easy and love this stuff its like very natural at it of really really good at it so heres the conversation and remember is are there any one of these people dead k sick theyre all controlled by the lobbyist theyre all controlled by special interests these are not stupid people hillary controlled by special interests when their special interest calls when their lobbyist calls when they donors call and they have stake deal theyre not going do whats right for you i did take any money have turned out if i would have accepted money jeb bush had biggest fund think was hundred forty eight million can you believe it a hundred forty eight million dollars you might as well throw right out window what just waste and you see what you by the way see what their consultants right they can retire the made millions and millions of dollars and they lost but heres the story i will call or i will speak to our i have somebody call maybe but want do myself i will call head this is present in other states want speak to the head of carrying ill get him on the phone a say listen congratulations on your move to mexico i hope you have many of good health and happiness a great great productivity but is story heres a story every single air conditioning in order that you may i do want send across are now very very powerful border where by the way the border patrol sixteen thousand five hundred people endorse me last week and theyd never done that before and wheres sheriff joe arpaio and great guy day last month from arizona and theres nobody better or tougher or fairer at the border that he is so im saying every year to did you make and you send across that border youre gonna pay a thirty five percent tax on that you and as sure as youre standing or sitting the everybody standing know also you could sit down but stan matters more respect ill tell you whats going happen i will get call the next day from everybody you know the lobbyists they never gave me money special interests that know these people im not doing anything work at for you folks up for you i dont need this im working were gonna make america great again thats what i want do what kind of legacy is that the coolers legacy thats almost as good as owning the buffalo bills our troubles so heres what happens also if get them get them then the head of terrys gonna call i said mister president would you change your mind said absolutely not a hundred percent ill be ready to hang up and say mister president sure were not going to move would not gonna leave united states all percent a hundred percent now ive been watching corporate inversion and ive been watching whats going on with these companies leaving the united states the politicians dont even know whats happening its happening far faster than anybody can even discuss they ought do headline batters because is nothing worse not many things worse i will tell you that but weve got stop it now the way you stop it ive been watching now for four years politicians negotiating with each other did not business people and theyre essentially theyre all bought their bought and paid for by special interests that want see these things happen so whats going to happen is they will never ever come to the conclusion and how simple conclusion now one and carrier and bridge got nabisco is moving out of chicago and theyre moving where to mexico no more oreos no mori so heres story theres story a hundred percent if wed negotiate tough number one we have to work with our companies to keep but where they are most importantly we have keep them in the united states most important is going to move the buffalo right get to move but but we are going to have and we going to attract so much business we right now have trade deficit with mexico of fifty eight billion dollars year all of the drugs that more across the border add poison argues that were gonna stop when we let our great border patrol people go work and when we build wall we gotta stop the drugs from coming to buffalo and coming to our country and destroying our you so conservatives they would say like jeb bush used get up he is not a its relative cares i am conservative but im free trader but you can only be free trader remember those if you have really smart people representing your address and we dont there either not smart or essentially that paid off with campaign contributions and either one of those situations is not acceptable okay its not acceptable so we are going to have the toughest the smartest the sharpest business people in world negotiating on trade is let me tell you the dishonest press worlds most dishonest people they cover it wrong all the time it was asking me about nato what you think about nato either was asked on c n n by wolf blitzer and said heres story number one nato is obsolete number to the countries in nato are not paying their fair share did not carrying the baggage did not and were protecting these and they take advantage those and who can blame them for doing so so said you always have to be prepared walk who will never have walk they have to pay up folks they owe us tremendous amounts of money many of these countries are very rich countries i want them to pay up and wanted to pay up all of the delinquency all of the stuff in arrears they always the money we protected them did take advantage of us because they have no respect for our leaders they will have respect for us were gonna be very soon twenty one trillion dollars they will have great respect for us we will have better we will have a better relationship than our president obama has right now and theyll be even now we as you know protect japan we protect germany we protect south korea we protect saudi arabia and know lot what with the steel c steals terrible these so monster monster companies and countries these the biggest companies and biggest countries terms of economics why we doing this in south korea and have buildings in south korea i have great respect for south korea and japan and germany and saudi arabia but were protecting them it got pay yes folks theyve gotta pay we cant do this decision from years ago they have to take care of us we have to straighten out our country they have to take care of and i want keep doing it and i want keep i want keep doing it i want keep going but you know what at some point theyre laughing goes i have friends in saudi arabia i have friends in germany i have friends in japan i have many friends in south korea every time you order television set stamp song algae you order from south korea there unbelievably successful countries they got help us out they got help us out theyre gonna pay if we didnt take care of saudi arabia as an example they wouldnt be there for six months and nobody has more money and nobody before the ill give example before the went down saudi arabia was make did one billion dollars a day a billion dollars day were losing a fortune every single month we lose fortune they gotta pay up folks they gotta pay up and we want get along with everybody okay they got payoff so so were going have something thats very special im going against bosses you know i used be big contribute i used be i guess one bosses in certain way i was member of the establishment nobody knows the game better than i do believe me i know the game so well i can go lobbyists and they have crews stamped their far head it says cruise i can handle anything and you give these guys millions of dollars and they go and they produce vote and vote very well could be bad for the country but its good for the company or the country that theyre representing cant do that anymore folks because you know when you see some of these horrible deals have friend whos very smart guy and said to me i cant believe that they approve this deal certainty doesnt matter certain deal cant believe add a certain senator was in charge of it i cant believe hes as stupid as a shot to put all its not so be smart what happened is he was contacted by special interests by lobbyists and was told that do this they gave millions of dollars was told do it and its very adverse to the country extremely adverse to the country but you know what its damn good for him because theyll be around years and years and years essentially taking care of him so my friends i never thought of that way it must be because there is no way deal like this could be managed so thats story with me folks those days but not going happen not that is start heres this so so it so and we got out and by the way were gonna have better relationships with all of these ripoff countries you look at china theyre building military fortresses in this china sea you look at what all of these countries doing and how they take advantage of us we are going have tough smart trade deals really smart trade deals you know if you wanna deal at china they send their stuff to ours no tax no nothing if you want do business in china its virtually impossible number one get your product did and if you do they tax you so what we doing this is not free trade this is stupid stupid stupid drain as not gonna happen so heres story tomorrow is a big big day because thing i like most of our i mean i hope it turns out this way but we have these massive balls i dont like best for one reason people may say oh lets stay home we have a movement going on like they say they have never seen this country time magazine covers many times all of newspapers and as much as the media treats me unfairly they do admit theres probably never been anything like this we had thirty five thousand people in mobile alabama we filled up maverick stadium in dallas we fill up everything so heres story you gonna leave here and gonna say that was great evening more importantly tomorrow you gonna go and vote and gonna make sure all your friends im gonna go and and youre gonna remember and you gotta remember you are going to remember this evening and youre gonna remember more importantly tomorrow and vote and youre gonna look back in four years and twelve years and twenty five years are you going say thats the greatest single vote ive ever cast because from that point on as soon as we beat hillary clinton we are going to start as country winning again we get win on trade were gonna win with isis were gonna knock the hell out of them were gonna rebuild our military we are going to win with our military were gonna make our military so strong so powerful youre gonna be proud again the vets have given me such support militarys given me such support whats happening to our military is a disgrace so were gonna win what our military you would never gonna have use it probably because nobodys gonna mess were gonna take care of our vets were gonna win on the borders we gonna win with health care we gonna win with common core ending and bring it back local were gonna take care of our second amendment if we had on the other side of the room did los angeles with bullets flying the other way or if it the toughest gun laws in world if it powers they had guns with bullets firing the other way you would know that a hundred and thirty people absolutely decimated and killed and hundreds of people in the hospital it would have been whole different story so were gonna take care of our second amendment youre gonna look back and youre gonna see were gonna start winning winning winning at this is the last big speech make it in new york so i can say it the way we want say were gonna win at every element of what were doing we gonna win with the military we gonna win with everything we gonna win so much youre gonna get tired of winning youre gonna be safe from buffalo please please mr we dont want any more business were doing too much business will make it too much money no matter what you do we dont want win anymore im going say sorry keep winning were gonna win win win but were gonna make it away bars out there thank you buffalo thank you thank you buffalo we love you pope flew thank you