SMURFS: THE LOST VILLAGE All Trailer + Movie Clips (2017)

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lets all go have some fun yeah they werent learning ono if parents very i dont do well in darkness i have enough trouble daylight gennari home mortgages why really free i just hang tight close the im not sure how long this will take or how long will be down here so everybody whatever you do dont eat all your rag smart village anymore he split no hes black owners right our my holy grail go and live my rainbow most potent magical ingredient in world slide imagine how i in hundred of them come by plan is simple find smoke that late capture all this maps bring them their magic and finally is that magic to become most powerful wizard in with tired of living in mushrooms sometimes i just tumblers click of an over protective papa forbidden forest is forbidden your ground im summer be bossy maybe its time to try something new thought that would work but if this means the lost villages that alleged affair really are others first out there we need find them were in this together and by together i mean mean you and those guys but mostly minha why dont be weird on april seventh right into a secret world filled with unimaginable dont work out my eyeballs dont all youre rested were not smart village anymore you ever seen something so beautiful we dont count rare new life form they need warn you about guard girls you know somers ny business thats what i call pocket idea book wheres the lost village im leader of this leader this who whatever you say what mouthful yup but well have to go through it didnt for now the for is that every day next we for me ill be like grab our world will be all like you know all your trash listeners five motor rations or go dont know the whole story would be yeah i wouldnt want have he joining club we should pair for whatever we find i the lost village really men who says being blue is bad thing hey and demi lovato and im so excited to announce that i will be voicing smurfette and new fully computer animated smurf smith now check out whos playing the evil garden either rain wilson here and i am very proud announce that two thousand seventeen theres going be brand new gargan now moving no mercy way what now no no no no no my agent told me was garden gnome darkening to dozens rain amanda for thinkin ive always dreamed having ninety nine kids from having them listen to me so very happy to be voicing papa smurf in gets murphy today is global smart today so hope have very summer heat and want wish everyone very happy global smurfit day okay fine smurfs movie for now we own place the magic mushroom nose tight white pants and all the different attitudes rd parties frenemies worry wart sometimes just feel blue cravings she dillers nosy so whats going on over there and theres one thing they have in one through their own dos now for one finger push up one too except for one i knew but what if there were more to the story two days ago saw someone looked like its impossible theres no really are first out there leann this means the lost villages that alleged and mystery smurf whats going on in here nonna nosey well nora a all thats not even convince nda wont do well in darkness i have enough trouble daylight i would think was village is going be this hard you dont all your ration my village anymore nnsl also smoke beverage its time to take road ill be like rabbi afferent mobile like nnamdi night leann called bush we have before do do coming well my we mean you no harm were looking for the lost what im really three we will not ask why you ask directions well i didnt mean where are we yeah yeah i have no idea where we are move is law village learning what impact that if our you know who our you said that all i wanted to touch it guys who are they wned