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well get that in bit but first to my exclusive guest tonight imran khan who blames americas deadly drone attacks the rising extremism and pakistanis tribal as areas recent u s study say constantly hovering drones terrorizing population that and alarming number of civilians being killed just this week imran khan leading unprecedented march to those tribal areas along with contingent of to its even though his massive convoy was turned back before could actually reach was nearest on khan says that his success was in putting secretive u s program firmly on public agenda he joined me earlier from islamabad imran khan thank joining me more pleasure and what what was the point of the rally to the tribal areas too was nearest on you took huge number people massive convoy but they didnt get to where you trying to go a well the rally teams its purpose where basically was to it is awareness and by august don was there already is awareness and blogspot but outside by august on good does droning the drones that counterproductive you dont give you certain way to peace theres ten years of eleven years of water in blind spot on eight years and by august on what have we achieved its time give peace tolerance how do you plan to do this because you know the drones adair with you agree with them not basically because pakistani military and state have not been able to tackle these militants chris said it everyone sick of the militants everyone and pakistan and i know of course the u s that died war we sick of militants and this more now the issue is how do we resolve it hollowed what the solution is this more of the same i i mean if it eleven years in plot spawn award hasnt brought peace or be in order anywhere near it is pakistani military actions orbit doing is up hundred and forty thousand pakistani soldiers are stuck tribal areas that are is this are we going have more of the same i can guarantee you that for ten years this can go on and put it the u s it might be loss of money and bugs done youre going under this countrys sinking under this error in ron obviously in united states as well there are increasing questions about drone strikes now interestingly the population approves of these drone strikes by majority bought their new studies coming out questioning their efficacy and also questioning how many civilians being are being killed at the same time in pakistan itself let me read you this portion of editorial that was recently written in pakistani edition of herald tribune quote drone attacks began and continue because of the ideology of murder and not the other way around pandering to the militants and being an apologist insures that both suicide fanatics and drone attacks continue perhaps up to point of no return hes basically criticizing you in saying that youre being apologist for taliban and militant excesses and u pandering to them without solution as how actually stop this this militants kristin i am the only bugs bunny politician who has been trod tribal areas everywhere within this fighting going on which is in seven agencies im the only politician whos been there who knows the people whos written book a trawler beaucoup zedd history from day one ive been trying make them understand that this there is no military solution youre not going win war by sending troops and drones im not going win this war the only way to win this war is win the hearts and minds of people in tribal areas ive been saying this for ages because i am anti war id been caught book audubon i mean the census argument that because dont agree with military operations somehow you above board militants is more ironic these people dont what theyre talking about none of these people were writing know anything about tribal area if they had known anything about the tribal areas they would know that british was stuck there for eighteen years the dim but then when for eighteen years they had limited operations right up till nineteen forty seven when we got independence though british soldiers dying that so enron when you describe to me precisely then your strategy so winning them over in other words hearts and minds winning them in way that is not military way will irk christiane but hope when we went to this rally on los border town of was it responded scored don we were given i cannot tell you the reception we were given and people know and dont up basically internally displaced from from waziristan because this that that almost eighty percent of south waziristan of people have left because theyve been sandwiched between militants and the army so that so most people have left the area so i got this we got the reception and i hope wish youd seen those shots then we would have seen by the people off was response they got give us this huge reception with last time someone had come to engage them and im telling you this is the key to peace when the people over to our side so i what would do is first what i would call for ceasefire and i just thought i would say the army stops all operations and affect i would ask the u s not do any drone attacks because that counterproductive because what happens is i just don on me it seems like poor average robert u s so the militants target by august on army and theres an unending book a tin violence going on so would have ceasefire i would ask the us drone to drone attacks we would attack terrorism but always we will guarantee that there is no denizen tom bug study site and then once once theres its not perceived as bugs that as hired gun of the u s bugs sometimes not unless any on of u s we would make it all wont we will then gradually would draw me and we would tell the tribal people going to call area believe league there will they would be able control the tribal area and im not sure of months the war would over put bugs and they would be responsible for not allowing people go on other side well a lot only solution could stand there is no other solution i i i i hear you i hear passion and of course were watching this minute tree solution go on and on without and so we know that this is a big problem but youve been quoted as saying that you would try negotiate with taliban you would try do exactly what youre doing you said could do it within ninety days but taliban said that thats just primo vision bed that then you dont what youre talking about there is a link i know the song what is the taliban i mean well what taliban theres chinese proverb know your enemy one day but since i had my body by the is by far the most popular body in prague sons tribal area with taliban operate so how would deal with that i first of all because know not the ideological taliban you know when say they want impose the system of law sharia or that will thrive thats i can tell you that theyre not more than two to five percent of the war fighters theyre not more than zero five percent the mutt but the majority are i did that people who are reacting progress on army perceived as must three army and causing collateral damage either theyve gone that site all they have orders this area has always existed foreigners to load their history prom lobbied the british the russians there but all business foreigners eventually of course peace lies with u s liminal honest on but in meanwhile i would isolate better and hard core ideological taliban from people who are reacting you know what i did pashtun nationalism because the person bush boone solidarity all who are there because of collateral damage and then pittmans have joined them and then the orange hub the organizations are made in the eighties to fight russians of which were under i establishment who have reported against us army and also because punjabi got bond i would try isolate them i would win people tribal areas because thats does the ones who provide foot soldiers and once i win them over i would win war thats the only way believe me there is no other way in what order this presupposes that you become the next leader the next prime minister kini that seems be what youre aiming for and you know ive told lot about this in pause and how you would not want to to necessarily anti government because you believe government is corrupt and system is corrupt what is going to change what is going to make you make whatever deals and strategies to win and if necessary make coalition to be prime minister do you think now is time kristin on up and i and hope come color the selection of my body it that can solve will sweep elections we on membership has cost ten million its unheard off membership ten million the entire young do you export and pakistan is but that can solve my body death fourteen million new voters who going vote for first time ever dont vote bank about eighty five million so fourteen million young people or wanting change up its the only party that is out government all the major parties im government the more months the elections that election but campaign starts they consult with sweep august on my body is sweet but just done because people wanted change they have seen all the bodies over and over again the partys attitude with corruption have failed to provide governance maximum unemployment inflation all listeners so people people more for jade and jane does the body of my body which is the young this party and i think and election we would win election and i would sweep elections but we do not want come coalition because coalition means that will have compromise and and compromise with status quo we didnt anticipate scope body we cannot bring change by compromising with one parties which is part of status quo and paula so were gonna fight alone if we if we get clear majority we went there song government otherwise would sit opposition you must watching the u s elections who would you like to see win president obama reelected all mitt romney become president well either of them who stops this war i warned an anti war president id we prayed i prayed for obama because i wanted obama to stop this insanity gore water off terror because terrorism is not you dont fight with bombs and plans terrorism as you winning hearts and minds of people it was i want to have president the u s that tries win and hearts and minds muslim world thats all you in the this insane war would billions and billions and trillions of dollars being spent what result has is what produced i mean over trillion i dont how many trillion dollar spent million people killed what is the result of the small i dont even know i dont even know what victory is so i want to we would want president and and washington you know who was anti war who tries to yeah give peace chance iran contra you very much for joining me and wind imran khan envisions pakistan without drones and terrorists eve ensler the activist all that is fighting for world made safer for women everywhere and should join us when we return but before we go to break this just take lost look upon face belongs to serbs are courageous fourteen year old girl for for the rights to go to today a gunman sold her out and she she was airlifted to hospital where shes critical taliban claims responsibility for the attack and imran khan which already and offered to pay her medical bills you can find link tomatoes online diary among poor dot com will right out