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i it but three two one oh no way were gonna lose this how your way no way they deliver that payload didnt i just pushed planeload how hot and it up all mean the groove now yeah back mix just chillin chillin so much to me too much time and all chillin chillin chillin chillin tell to tell them just to chit to churchill twin bumps to to to chill hockey you hear me now i checked it any juror head truck user it wont keep head up most press the attack all tomorrow we need get control point who come around lets bring together clothing question party right defend objective defending mando give up yeah dont give up we can still win this time enemy turret destroyed lot of waiting around get out there know everyone stopped by low who everything moves so fast bill like im standing still away a fallback feel that healing be a focus is no problem teleporter lets take yeah you bet who get high i do all the attack or if came over give yourself to the river good as new overheads up they got teleporter ideal up doing bull hello hello all you they come and go eight im with you i listen up thinks were on same wavelength how you like that woo almost had struggle repeat where cant even take you seriously right now that could this with my eyes closed well could do this all day home mail feel great i got that teleporter thats islam down so i guess they didnt have enough a man i hear you well nobody saw that male hope you do what want on that you know i just destroyed that teleporter well i like the sound of that i need healing hey need shields a on shield omit how learn let go next time im feeling do how men are feeling im im im realism good vibrations all gone it well im just gonna take violin but ten twenty i dont you come but im not hearing noise alum on defense among my way im on the attack upon payload and moving among object you got it yeah im ready omalley rocked his objective up too young die well we go me m is this thing on was so close to dying in there always off hook just in started on may just how i like i keep up with this alright lets attack the objective almost like you yeah okay lets do yeah drug me i listed moment mister patched up if you want a lifted them offer objective is get you healed up yeah thats hot not meant to be going good lets move it people yeah lets pick it up your list push you forward illicit appear yeah lets all we can do less up the tempo level i would get this team were gonna do great okay look heads up their back for more looks like we got an audience fucillo coming at you bears so not cool yeah bad feeling booms are max speed boost bodil medic moved the big no move together over with by low my lucky day oh my ultimate is right nice word away well god is gonna stop me well nothings gonna stop me now that was the sound this site down thats more like it well it goes to all mad away almond love to be all about love and then all over yeah okay well my way body on the objective moving okay love moving they shot this party yeah mellow stuck with did road or priority target over here well up the volume raising volume why not we need find some new tunes i serve yeah look just like check yet sniper keep moving post someone call doctor if someone did payload moving again im sorry had give the hook hold special delivery on way whose booth step to this stopped by law they take cover i stated from top im taking objective you know you want some whove taken the objective tomorrow okay smith many right that was close yeah now thats more like it oh thats what im talking about and beat goes on already taken the objective lets not come back oldest well well well this gonna make feel better all this is my jam oldest payloads puppet are this way ike sovereign own cool oh oh oh down to decelerate time change up did xander you love all turned it all started out my head phones i watch out for that jury may watch back watches step close watch yourself and we got this its little longer hey we got big get up the track yeah we got pull together we have man to the exits hey we need healer we need take a redefined teleporter and we need get payload moving pick up pace now when music gets you feel no pain well not this way all why you so angry when the house and hang it yeah that was the drop well you know you know this form of you know youve been practicing you believe that i dont even know what to tell you how you feel that you got be down you gotta believe hey you gotta take care yourself you have trouble keeping up whod you hear that you know me ready roll all i do remember that too me neither lose your old movies