Degrassi: The Next Generation | S1E12 | Wannabe

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sorry im late no problem the interview isnt over yet hazel youre saying well for school sanctions club so now its just question getting enough people to sign up but they were of course okay what would you say to student to thanks cheerleading is sexist id say get over it welcome to new millennium totally mean cheerleading is such positive thing its great exercise build leadership skills is better than washington the and at this school spirit and thank you and good luck can i help you and id like to try okay whats needed cd sign right here i here is my well i can you pray cheerleader tense like like traveling back in time cheerleading is so light shell any she is more popular than at so a lot things that just sex cimarron happy be sexist if arafat smith guys appealing takes place in the sky hope not anyway i was just thinking she might be fine many youre not thinking of you really want become some pompon something robot surprise and tell the truth i dont think press should have this quiet period okay forgetting youre right can we talk about something else i cant take anymore and if anything anymore thats what the florida could love factor for what exactly you two doing yeah dont know why dont trust dont need electricity pressroom achieving over the face clubs testified over look you really need in little rock by two oclock liberty vans once right here caseloads air i okay we like japan from guys whats going on its contest get one kid with the speeds and moment the ace clubs you win million bucks guardia the ace spades in his inner top secret hiding place yes yes very top secret button with some the other half the deadlines three days youve been doing this how long two months so vice find dictionary and look up the static we just have you can but there some try again liberty wakes every lets make deal say certainly everything exciting right mona georg right see that awesome paramount and come on meaning you want on spirits but cant shot suddenly using yeah but her landing convinced me that if ask me better watch it many making hes so jealous please each his own are you gonna like you like your colors like saddam era come on in and then there is the coolest kids in school locker room and they live great set thats pretty mean india half the beans era right no one in school except needs pointing at backside cheerleading amy because no one else feels same way you do most people realize said shes confined well maybe if my future box the schools attention blacks you say youre gonna read another article for the great fine no its not that big deal great can we just talk about something else for awhile please you have nothing without me and you have nothing without us fifty fifty thats our final offer make that forty five forty five who percent thats right einstein ntas ten percent from a what for for protection action from whom the people who know about this me j t liberty and you okay jc over there is spades tomorrow hold onto the ace of clubs in meantime for protection then go cash in one million smack leann take out something wrong xml shes taking this whole cheerleading as sexism thing too far really how far she did say she might write something for grapevine you know mean needs hes our sometimes girls one hand wow vmas i have say two minutes from id seen eight and though it had no joseph here try nine i thought it was pretty odorants major pointed last sand factor i guess we should be raiding boys critical and would say its access just like cheerleading because its her which searches not reading article all right without it coming over tonight to study and last but im not feeling too well still twenty four hour flu well if you feel better thanks right was just wondering make sure not really going write article for great i told i was and why im trying to protect world from cheerleading as did hear peach shell be leaving san now come back dont bother mmhm guys she heard you nt i hope yeah through this new move congressman sex the not borrow but lets not get crazy here the site im sure many keep your battery i know about background after the advice and what can help you i know this is totally last minute have article here for great fine im im just about publish it please just read for singer how can we advance as women if some of us insist on wearing short skirts and dancing like ten bucks well thats harsh really i think was strong enough i could make harsher no no this is good you do know that many signed up for spirit squad isnt it weird that youre attacking it know whats we dismantle shes totally becoming this phony person on what are those who arent they the most beautiful boots youve ever seen they are or something mmhm last handstands flawless i work from home save the world unix brittleness plastic can you be test you make pun animal should you be problem trees guys come on many rafts in that house commuted near the spirit squads only spirit is the spirit of sexism look at your little friend wrote nice and so im bit about you i cant believe wrote that article and youve got scaly reading canceling how long have we been friends since kindergarten and now you think can drop like hot potato just because whos eighth grader is finally talking to you its not like that i would become cheerleader thats all please so wrong by become friends with page process you honestly think pete is your friend such large believe that for one someone cool likes me shes just using you manny now youre just sarah s shall protect just wanted difference between you and paige nt just fine so going sometimes someone scrape mmhm i shall kun vhf fun together just dont have time three which sat night your mmhm please i can afford dealers really take it what doing was cheap but pretty much electronic system you might want stop doing that for awhile what mmhm ndou have the other camp dont know you lost face of space just this place what how could you misplace our chance you know it box my mom went on one cleaning binge just cant remember where moved to she i my two favorite people anything wrong okay our last unit was online portfolios today and then introduce you to photoshop c begin learn how to stand and edit images digitally meeting these programs can do you can now change hair color eye color whatever you want power take slow first because dont want guys get too caught up with that playing around with the technology member pick up new edition of progress great part washington on goalie in chicken stir fry should stay just stand looking skin advertorial changes and this article just horrible i mean its really gonna hurt acts email me he did excellent normally i wouldnt put stockings anything grade seven no fats but we need twelve people from squad and we only have eight this article might convince people not join and then no spirits glad mean you do want scare scott a chorus then through that so hard cant be happening cathy hadn gigi wants us remember having are you my mother i knew that i have it right now and lost so soon jt you find that camp or i will see spending should be at work he has his priorities and his priority right now hurting nbae told him dice how making how explain sorry i dont speak door jt youre gonna find that if have the stuff you near locker twelve thats thirty a simple rich mmhm you moron theyre both clubs hes spades tops so similar ndma steak looking up with bunch boozer grade sevens i think like shorter skirts better oscar in blue oh yeah thats it yeah thing that looks way better you guys know anything about this if you would something like that economy by ppp stick out of every copy the great fine well i have nothing to do with that north accusing your page even if was him as particular spirits one was attacked not to tell you that vandalism can result suspension its pretty serious mister simpson i have a bottle if anyone to tell you this mister simpson it should be as head of the spirit squad but we saw hazel hung around player year acting suspicious more incidents like this school my question having extracurricular activities all including spirit squad got it so two more people sign up really on way i think she might faxed happy so willow had up somebody in new york to spill your guts simply looking out for you most dont came not from striking me into your dirty work my dirty work through their teeth type of twenty newspapers one more like pop released thats well tell mister simpson killed shot page you would like thank goodness he can ever be here by me lets go find out mainly what is your damaged you page better watch your men like to spread lies about me defaced my locker just try it asked why i attitudes louis why may sit down sure its i want to apologize i should supported your cheerleading not attacked you while just bunch of stupid fact this little girls pants around meanwhile i was wrong and admitting it its just i one still have fun and and page to clinch semi i became so complicated sorry sorted into dale but spirit squad amy in that he didnt want me anymore and after what said to wear any youre good he does mean not down shes not gonna cut from squad the sites we sat it wasnt easy you there for now i decided that myself