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ottawa imagine if will the reality in which population was so mediocre produce more bad films than good reality too ghastly to imagine will open your eyes because theyre in that world that was real one you inhabit and thats one year and full day this one reminds me reminds me of so we meet again mmhm and i shouldnt let that on while was gone right is nothing wool thank god the crowds this halloween were gonna do something real scary gonna watch howling to your sister is werewolf know about me whatever you did to me its normal this film is also known by its original name howling to starbucks where will bitch which bobby noticed its got pre good ring to dont why they changed this film almost as if divinely appeared on our planet year nineteen eighty five starring legendary actor christopher lee may he rest peace toys for worldwide success acclaim or was why lee was portrayed number of memorable roles such as saddam on white and rhymes with full boot count do kun from worst star wars movie there were also some roles may have preferred states speed on sealed away deep mausoleum be forgotten by man lost to time but alas we have the internet and they put permit and everything on there so its pretty hard hide stuff morning yeah wear helmet this was gonna rough the inhabitants the earth inmate drunk with her blood hey there mister leak i call you chris did you know youre being filmed there is that got be this movie latest intel you as movie and she held full really lookouts theres skeleton buying you a and there is housing too his sisters aware will have field mob maybe how in few minutes over here film starts off funeral of woman who was recently killed guy the altar goes on about how everything sucks for a few minutes really get everyone into spirit things the death of anyone is sad occasion even hitler nothing can say or do bring karen back shortly thereafter director points camera microphone wrong direction christopher lee another mans whisper to each other about dead sisters distance what i mean i am catching quote get the hell out here so christopher lees character named stefan is paranormal investigator who tells brother of woman who died that he needs to give him call his earliest convenience stefan crossed co meanwhile as the bonds attack good down as towns ball cant help but become horny and bother mere sight lets yes normal cross go how do know may need ive seen you on television what do you know about death of karen white i know that he is well okay in that case you got that right mr cosco whenever my no need explain further gotcha shes aware what god saga jenny what say said you sister is werewolf how bull shit hello into was filmed front live studio audience really that set up bullshit dont no further comment wait what where are we now would jump cut that was not you gotta be kidding me boy has still got his old age i got got get gotta give props words do so then all sudden focus switches to some characters its only couple of australians got concussions drinks for me lot suits said that better myself so said that better myself after this exchange the local thuggery right off into apocalyptic wasteland out to warehouse to get jiggy with it but little do they know in reality shes having really bad cramping legs were gonna play home we like to play to look only the yeah rough play to that looks like dont even have correct amount brain cells process the pain in time real forgot whatever joking as i had planned that lets move on everyone you made teaching mags annie get your resume nasty way these mad think this cant real right this movie is not comedy and get timing is impeccable great john came he would have been in all he could see this today damn i you im not gots the boy oh yeah thats threatening alright eighty come just couple whats happening couple guys around were not the strange going on yeah so of course this woman was actually wearable and she was lowering these people to earlier get eaten all whatever the fuck they are the two from funeral earlier decide go stefans house here about after all meanwhile in this scene sexual predator watches exposition from distance there couple things know about you system yeah tell me more backstory baby i dont go back sheriffs office montana well this isnt even good exposition cant jack big old dick after this npoess no how bout why did bring mess from zero to ten put that thing away there when bombs start knocking off chickens star not so they meet with pawn his mansion full of weird shit saddam i trust would like to see my robust collection of deformed but oboe heads dont have much time so will get point meet this type bullets killed your sister impossible how could simple bullet killer perfectly healthy woman notice anything about them their silver and would that means this over talk about it just white means your sister as well got that doesnt know sure you sure about that means that your sister was working on story about one such group tell me my sister arranged her own murder yes okay this is videotape akon and whites lost news broadcast no god next move but still me so recycled and this is right one tape that stefan shows them depicts this mans sister being murdered live on broadcast as she turns into werewolf ign then i recognize those pros phone also explains that where wolves have leader named starbucks and that it is his mission in life destroy her once and for all still but must destroyed i think this point a chris really just kinda stressed improv is lines released you know realize magnitude his regret on screen either way is beautiful people loose is reversed talking this this bull i resent such words take the go be with thank you fans going the cemetery night set traps by how much that glue from early west great my nose think that my brain d got about what now to me speak through moves high what hed drive stake through aware wolves heart unless talking about flaming ya think might mixing of vampires werewolves talking about stick yeah mean gotta give it years is pretty weird not really normal thing go around dont to listen lets meet maybe its best that far so ben storms up determined kill stefan before can desecrate his sister and christopher lee stands on freeway overpass los angeles for some fucking reason yeah npa great playwright not the dead body conclusion of this event and in jenny now see that tail where wolves is all true so shoot bullets nearby janitor with facial deformities for fun poor guy he was and where will for just for big oak cliff face feeling bad the wretched soul the kindly drape minute net for warmth and force him to reveal location starbucks queen wearables before kindly stabbing heart with blade again for warmth guy was called come on were gonna do me even madder well i dont know i was thinking hidden up night club again wanna make sure that what happened my sister never happens anybody else again when do we leave where we have to go find stir off course bells go then i should known that dog comes dont mean south jersey drugs were great yeah okay once again the vampire one not little fun okay pointing out so yes off they go to transylvania to fight though where wolfs boy get arts i have wonder if these weird dracula references have something do with fact that christopher lee used play dracula back fifties i bet they were very proudly snuck this in just got it right past masses and then they have ceremony for grandma i am granny save some that dont who the rest of us were runnin out again new ghostbusters movie didnt do that well dan nana looking much younger what kind juice cleanse was it again you you good with that take you one you know maybe try that line read one more time maybe even planned is is just shipbuilder beside road eastern europe really happened this only you really got hit by trying say our i hello okay you just gonna go bureau that here walk away lady still down still about one down over here oh god thats not medicine would help everybody go area not yeah im not really sure following you on this one and after you stab that lady who got hit by car in heart im thinking maybe you dont have the best judgments stefan please stefan way gone why you leaving the phone were you going to get back here climb every year im going to the village i wish you well shortly after going to local pool house to get my tape licked so now we arrive next sitting film what is supposedly small eastern european town in transylvania allow me to put lady and gentleman room six six six this hotel is quicken has six floors i know funny isnt it with with that okay good good good good dont get it about eleven about all its about shortly thereafter jenny brings out some vampire garlic to piss me off even further as she wont stop talking like baby seriously everyone this movie talks like actual baby asking whether mamas i my staff dont what hell do it here think director felt similarly home fucking christ that escalated vast hoping i know i know how you feel phone got cut please stop arent just make it stop what is his godfather three you trying dethrone king and queen outward make out scene no no is that midget beckoning you know shit about go down midget beckons these have small site simba most is a drug dont s wife and jesus last year he was crucified by where wolfs im being at this point behaves ortona tourists and we keep touch constantine luka set up puppet boudin square and you indicate me through them all through father flow is that like all that though because call your cell phone so that night jenny decides to take bath and unwind from all this chaos ono creeping dolly shot that can only mean one thing all my god where then this comes back my god its its just not right anything felt on set us look this guy look him if he was really into that secretly pretending wasnt he looks pretty into that tony benign and jen from a computer at this point film things just get more more eighties is im goes on im fact not entirely sure didnt just accidentally slip in some b roll from madonna concert after jenny is captured against their own will and ben descends on service castle things begin to escalate wasnt your ears thoroughbreds we wonder about centric penis knife when i think that all whats wrong i know thats right yeah when i cant and now when ndou what my god damn hells half movie right following a little girl now we wait yeah thats no one thinks circumstances usually we to murder still gonna follow down alley little acting go alright lets do it to ask question couldnt i have been gandalf thank for your input thats all needed youre right no no actually dont think ever going unseat that we just leave picasso tonight these are our weapons consecrated oil wax from sacred kind data fords from titanium at childless which held sacred blood of christ well you got that and this is just fucking gun yeah thats probably best choice also can talk about how just you nobody bothered ask how got holy grail hes got that says that also that means jesus proved real was gonna was on by this so as we reach the climax upon finally confronts stir about the hadnt well we meet again all of us how i do love that stuff go that know what use showing that guy space was object now dragons coming out it hopefully christmas episode isnt this weird so the curse is reversed surveys killed and ben and jenny get out unscathed to live happily ever after or do they wouldnt show it costume can can chime jenny for last time told is all way they dress up as think dont forget your your sweet good evening put her neighbors sign your child just knocked on our door i thought that have fluid style to company a little later house i house how think compared that i would prefer my neighbor was werewolf well by way sister still trapped crypt screaming screaming forevers werewolf because no one later arrest just not id point that out okay now heres credit sequence and i dont know if can accurately impart how ridiculous this is so over credits use the song from beginning and i have not edited this at all this is how is to the beat of music they loop this woman sybil danning ripping your shirt off in scene from earlier seventeen times took big of that music harlan low yeah there is god after all what can really say hello summers use one share your art with worlds wanna share some ladies tits yard seventeen times row with world scary shit ive seen all year happy halloween everyone and thank you for watching czars can break this hello who where this movie halloween this episode jontron was made possible people at audible dot com if dont know about audible dot com they are the premier provide books in audio products can listen youre unable to peter take them go on your phone tablet and if you allies link audible dot com slash john trying get free audio book and free thirty day trial any good keep the audiobook even if cant following the above over here recommend use shining a ring by stephen king narrated by campbell scott can be good one you should go and get that by everyone nt