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well there you are too late to run now boy i hope youre ready because we common for yet set the table kid because were comin for dinner i got three things to teach your kid how lose how cry and how die were coming to attack soon so get out all your white flags here we come kid trying not wake yourself okay what part of di did you not understand oh youre gonna get it now kid youre ready yeah because here comes tactic you may have learned in school you ready go back to school its time for me to teach you thing two about the back my hand you shoot run when you had chance now gonna teach you the meaning of respect so about your funeral yeah open casket were closed im gonna march into your base and plant my foot in your plot general here we come punk step aside get stepped on you call yourself general i call you pain the butt thats what i call yeah this is your idea of strategy of tactics tank blob is the best you can come up with prophetic just prophetic yeah susie ive read sun suit to greater enemy retreat smaller enemy attack is that all you got for me so wheres your army boy or did just want bare knuckle it because ill slap you down with my bare hands if you want you want piece that boy you got me out of bed process i gotta take you over my knee right now i got more medals than youve got teeth boy which will be say and much after i get done knock an amount for ya ha ha ha ha excuse me are you put in all of your defenses at the front of your base what you dont think we can go around that well do yeah boy you think im playing with you you better think again yeah better check your flanks there partner i think some my troops just snuck into your base do you think this is game will do yeah wait dont answer that kid let ask question who taught you military tactics ha because you should go slap him square mouth tell you i got me the whole united states military behind me son and we just decided that we dont like you is this tactic of you were supposed be some kind of joke im not aware of so youre not a real general are you here like the surgeon general something like that right does mommy know youre out by yourself you can you can tell me were just generals here do your men know that youre incompetent did you know you just lost tech building sport just blew up your barracks skippy what you gonna do about it there goes your war factories yeah bad yet bowl a i dont know why you bothered build that airfield if you arent going protect it who put these based defenses town like this they cant defend anything like that i should let you build another command center just so could knock down again i feel like im kicking over sand castles how many your buildings you gonna let me destroy their sport i let you have that tech building skippy i dont need it to be you kid that barracks was not military target you do that again and this is going get ugly you better stand down son im not going stand for you blowing up my war factories you here do you know how much those jets cost could offend the whole world with what you just destroyed crack my defenses hana will go on should be just enough time overrun your base thats enough building son why dont try attacking my forces now my command center you think im just gonna sit here and take that you had best leave my pilots alone boy claims are one thing but you let my pilots returned safe you hear your s sneaky little because science yet but i think thats enough of my vehicles destroyed dont you lets get armor and air support out there our clients getting torn apart let that oil derrick go boy this worried about price gas you know think you know how use that artillery platform son that oil refinery is not a viable target sign and it dont belong to you so work comedy get it back well well well you managed get to my side map didnt think you had in yeah you are planning to attack or are you just gonna stand there all day youll get out my base if you know whats good for you boy enemies in our perimeter all forces repel the invaders those eight your supplies support best step off now before you get hurt flanking attack dont make me laugh boy trying to attack from my back door good luck with that you coming to attack me boy well its nice to see a handsome gods get away from my tech buildings if you know whats good for you my forces have your base insight kid what you gonna do now here comes the hammer punk and you dont wanna be the nail knock knock were comin in things are about get real bad for you support dont say didnt warn yeah so heres where youre hiding your resources nine if i take few your flanks wide open sport maybe will come in your back door what you think about that look out were comin through the front door well well well what we have here well would you look at this what is your plan do without power cant wait to see this strategy you better pay your power bill or were gonna have postpone this fight youre out of resources boy you dont start dance if you cant pay the bill are looks like were gonna have to do some deficit spending built yourself us god storm there you cant hit the side barn with sky dont you know that bring out your nuke sarah if washington and tied my hands id show you some new sectarian how do you get particle cannon signed not suppose to be top secret so many based defenses i can just smell the fear coming off you boy all look at this here comes the tag blob not gonna work against me son thats lot of expensive planes youre put in the air kid sure you want spend that money hope all those grunts know what your getting them into thats lot of building son you know that buildings cant fight for your right bring the scattered spunk ill show you the storm youre going regret new can meet kid i dont take too kindly to that using particle beam a you better put me away with that because youre not gonna like my counter attack only coward fights from inside buildings you know that right welcome colonel burton sorry had get tied up in this thing no hard feelings black lotus eight your salvation boy she eight going get anywhere near my base sharman tells just another sniper punk ive got dozens of snipers yeah yeah build your airfield get some birds in the air might be only shot at stopping me only one war factory its going take at least half dozen to stop me kid is that barracks little close the front lines kid hard sleep with bullets in your barracks you know dont just sell one building boy sell them all and hope that i dont come for you anyway dont get cocky boy this aint over yet you may think you have the upper hand but ive got few tricks left in me youll see that ive dug myself out worse holes in this punk you aint gonna win that easily yes think youre beaten me because you best think again so i guess its over nice work kid i guess took me down peg two can you feel my sis startin close around your neck punk dont take losing to me so hard everyone loses to me kid yeah just give me sec to get some tanks together at all in this little skirmish why dont you just give up now she had role boy i beat you like an old drama who gave you command because ive got some words for them dont click that button unless youre serious boy you want tangle with me i think you better think again kid dont bring that attitude in here unless you can back it up plonk show me what you got maybe you could make few extra bucks polishing my boots because that you sure eight notes general good work general i salute you i ate gonna give no speeches so lets just get this on i