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its been week last week asked you to distract me love does yeah im miss striking im scared thats a joke by the way im not actually scared this is from the fake shaking casts in reality im confident in myself and my own abilities that anything that will be set in this test track its going to be load garbage now course guys are just idiots i ask to do distracting the i get this you life you lose pd pie original cut great ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha what else did got you to border ha ha when in a way its an urban dictionary now a rare species of wham and that usually need more attention slash respect than other women also some of them are an idiot its math related to science are an idiot okay good job but yeah ill take that you know hes handsome man hes beautiful man a his torso may be abnormally small but god damn ill take it alright tell me get to the god damn deaths track stop distracting me i have guy here to distract okay begun okay doing that doing all the read off phone thing what im going what what fact that thanked hope you your fucking ugly how dare you you know what dont even care no you have administrator this is kind kinky and funky semi fancy is its pretty it its facing it is god damn tasty i put vanilla disappeared or he he this dolan dark made one day all guide lets see what this meme meme account did what area monday my jeff thought is that what youre gonna make desk track on me thats your next next job is to submit your desk track on me this i know you better not yeah price goddesses deputy prime beat his ass so hard that hell piss black no man i do only just begun dont worry this video is not attend one beauty also nasty looks little bit i wish the titanic if you would not be nice okay are you doing here in corner video in your little square got that goes another one no originality you stillness from rice looking my favorite team he writes bit about is whether you theres the fat one drafting again how many fractions now seven eight nine this whole trend is really fucking lame why did i write now im literally just the same if you are you too but please stop rapping whats the point youve only got nine year olds clapping sure street and that was not that is the meaning of death on me you yes on whole shoddy even to like mainstream artists are are buying into this now like katy perry and tastes way are just making these bad songs theyre just bad make decent song ways we gonna make it just right maysville decent song like this song is lyrical genius this song is mon start of our modern time dole and darker mall like dolan much malls are because its good its really good but just look like im in prison doesnt let keep my jacket least thank you fall even five years are so sweet what beautiful picture thats when i actually looked attractive thank very much its amazing fan i cannot get dust tracks though no no no no no it hard get by with you through violence disguised human night time for you try kill you did what he was trying help you find girl you and committed suicide so then we told girl that you pay your whats it acknowledged that doing this esther so called system mister mister much channels existed just missed bicycling baby titles but with nothing inside because i just dont know how fix it but my mom behind but maybe youre being too hard on that kay now means days has been through lot recent days something on maybe we should start stop to breathe and lay off of them should say the bay him off like disney hey you suck what you do the reason that your route top back that hot air rises they wont depicts back stock some sort point was wind here your main difference means that dont need man just looking out trash your beard as fashion i cannot see okay now you stepped over line you this you can call my peer trash when youre looking like ginger reject okay what the fuck is that put put mom next each other okay i am sorry you just lose any legitimized your entire distract okay i was on board for minute but god damn you just trust yourself you ruined yourself im sorry to say it paris fashion i cannot see why anyone likes one here bash fight nazi retarded frosty handbook brought get ahead myself tegn yourself away repeated by does child ation he probably hears make videos for money and dont know hes just so stupid and so can you his beard this connect lot better actually now that see it it does have this problem here that doesnt go on the site weiss the beard thing the only thing that bothers me that was good that was really good well done stage well done leads it better than most these plans distracts marinol can i have going on desk right test track on me next job submit track bring it on son ex i dont smell like fish by the way thats thats not accurate i guy have come clean here its j k call me because i do think forty by one really dont enjoy breaking up the did so wallstreet journal take no then the barber napster nnamdi ten spinning the voice i know its its almost like jokes made to be like that well thats really fucking weird you say you and this trend now added to betty fat women caps on your worst nightmare remote battery pack when senior houthi you know nobody and for the long haul one on duty should fit thatd be that freddy bear with him also let me make it stop way better than you would be ideal army ready for the masses master with the words up teaching classes the best run the plant use like fish event that bats chorus you so okay so wait so you your did you do wraps right and you completely stole the flow of eminem good good job good job thats really impressive im really impressed by your rap skills im sure i keep i keep doing that im sure you will local big places back about what you said about smelling like are chris yeah but also im what your goals but also fun im about due monday what did they dont play all students not restored threat thomas newman going bonkers notable yeah but but all they sent the same not a original well i know them all not walk through racial epithet maybe three journals attempt to shut down to doctor could maybe that didnt get that ensemble tells us to do you didnt stop revive peace in indonesia economics technology advantage big yeah maybe if we talk about race what wife go out with me now the spider came up with parts of brooklyn because before going to a much closer to war thou will be regular social injustice gloria i want you back home to wipe off all the goddamn stuff because youre not what you do pronounce it wrong im nitpicking love people i heard that now you dont no you dont how dare you say that likes to go by it think they get me if i thought that it yes well done thats awesome all right into dust fifteen so thats why both look at and not tell me that can see that from your pimply ass face bring it right back she know hes got that eminem poster wd pike you probably heard if see to gag because million but really everybody abigail time so here we go thats lot it know were going just get whatever need add anything to what has become gold mine all daily video how he would know what we go stealing joking that i cover everything up video be given not you lost your show and moved out club the studio ever since that your kind but i think was pro thats just really get propublicas track if would like if it so you even though your channel kindly still manage to get me placed on i dont know why i really wanted york ten social it makes me want cry i mean good flug this guy had good fun i got egg for fifteen year old thats pretty good alright whatever gap south grand they didn want is im still host your late teens and today on the road for for appeal zero that naman sure good for you zero with it is question where did the original content if you run out of ideas wife three years ago you know you gonna make to try from the now you all over the news and diane you are announcing whats she ten minutes of the addicts right right know once just think yeah mean and time zone whiskey no one wants it anyway we will find well to none of your videos on call friend i use makes you cool yeah if youre stuck no well cant think and when i great that means deadly who in their right mind would think old means are still fun j kptv fly on on the house and well that lot this really get chose no stay jokes draw your the white know this is that yeah thanks for youre taught that your go bottom jake college but but cat and get wet low youve got you but post more but im just not sure what void with case so im about new gift kobe die dont go and its ball that was been schedule im about burst into that george start at the bottom but it has been brought brought you bobby prohibit decision last lap soaps but why have they gone most accident from disney com databases didn that brought but not because of race as well could you wanted exposure and stop not twenty seven years so the most immature child ive ever always use jokes about how we got privilege to be here when that growth so i spit different which appreciate that make my point card or anything but you know site for real really appreciate guys making these i i love watching the stuff really fun im glad have army of people that can just make original content for me well i just react to it i know thats like meme but at same time its pretty cold what should we do for next week whats next week challenge how make something physical not just painting or a drawing some something like that make something out real world out there and take pictures of it and send it to me and will judge it from scale from one to ten most likely you will not get paid but i will accept any talent show the impact of squad fame in world could be video it could be picture could be anything you like baby but thats it for me for now leave like if you enjoyed watching squad family