Taylor Swift: I Fall In and Out of Love Easily

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yeah both yeah im really young thats kind of trademark characteristic of my age group really yeah thats growing up anything about about any of it know its like think more that think know then something comes along to just like show me that love is one love is great unknown like and thats why i write songs about it id say that i say that i am sort hopeless romantic its like i dont know its like dont know what want end result to be dont know when wanna end up like settling down something like that i dont know any those things but do know that like the idea of romance is kind of what what makes me get out bed morning i write songs at any hour day sometimes accident happen like write song just pops into your mind during co writing session thats happened with my single never ever getting back together just happened think its really really bold thing to say over over again chorus know its like and also kinda makes break up sound like party know so many different ways break up can sound but one ways is like yes celebration were done it sounds great love london and like never actually i haydens neighbor in nashville and so hang out and like first time hung she came like just need know character is not based on you all just need know like cool awesome like nice meet you and and watched show thought she was so good because shes like like kind of like vindictive and cute same time like you love her and youre also scared her shes so good sweet disposition love actually love actually theres this movie called um about last night that more and rob lowe like back eighties like get back break up the end get back together really good together like that idea dont know think maybe i like my own hardest thing is that like know you cant make mistake do one thing without getting turned into million other things twenty two so thats kind the age that most people are finding themselves figuring things out and learning lessons hard way but cant really learn lessons the hard way because if make mistake its like news cycle next six months tailor made mistake so guess kind live fear that and thats like kind of live judged by like court public opinion which kind tough thing about it but perks out weigh the bad things best thing is is knowing that song people hear it used get really scared when write song twelve thirteen like im really proud this im afraid no one will ever hear it now knowing that if write song i know that someday people hear it yeah