French Elections: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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franz poem of the ball the lovable elephants becomes less loveable when remember that books he married his cousin thats right your childhood elephant hero was cousin fun point is next on tight wrongs holds the first round this presidential election if youre thinking well why should care about lacks the truth is it is way more important than you might realize its very important election whats going to happen in fraud charges of you chop off europe busiek overwhelmingly frances the election that matters let these french elections take place at crossroads of european history its really defining europes fate thats right the funds of europe rests hands country that looks and smiles and says i have got to get you in my mouth but it is not an exaggeration post brexit im if all fall right populism sweeping your fight the e you might happen on this election multiple candidates support french brexit on consequences of that would be steep and frankly its not bragging but french is out eu is the end of year and the end of the ozone so a lot fees we depend result french connection true this could be the most disastrous french exit in history and that is acknowledging that my french exceeds only refers to drinking any tall bottle red wine and then leaving party with hosts wife so so this is critical election or technique two critical elections the election takes place in two rounds one on april twenty third next on may the seventh first round old account tonights in second assuming nobody got more half votes in first round top two contenders will face off what ridiculous system while the fifty one individual contest low points based on outdated demographic data that could result decisive loser the popular vote count somehow wedding thats just stupid its very good ball this this election comes a time of great volatility francis suffered string of major terror attacks the unemployment rate hovering around ten percent and current president francois alone isnt even running for pretty good reason the latest opinion polls have come out sat francois lundys at an all time low mean even got close zero they get ready for it according to this poll only for percent of french people are satisfied by false lebanons presidency four percent four percent to put it perspective apparently the very lowest album school in mexico six history is fifteen percent but kevin federline playing with fire but which billboards raved in general federline annunci eggs well but even without a long running his socialist party is divided and struggling with one early contender to replace him manuel valls so widely disliked that this happened you know dont know how happened hour ago this cafe behind me cafe bihari well known strasbourg residence man approach manuel vows and through flower adam anywhere else it might be bad sign to have flower thrown at you but country where pastries have great come all rights possible but that was actually an owner so who is running for this important job what what are actually eleven candidates moment will get main ones in minute but first youre going want meet some of the outsiders other jacques show me not conspiracy theorist once said that the queen england was involved in international drug trafficking whose problem includes plan to colonize mars which explains magnificently well part of liberty to your response what kind of user or jerry brown but all commit via shoes in stall walls of some options that wallace at christmas dual so now hes guy with guns and i really do your rights he just said larry scott walker we need bear presumably meaning to aka i really think that should have been those characters knives instead on han solo this is larry and this all friends that we had barrel whatever fuck is on there is only side who as you can see is almost offensively fringe he owns went on a thirty nine day hunger strike to protest threat to jobs his constituency and these campaign ads all mesmerizing he rides on training moody black whites works on his palm dont sit around and then mows a hillside shut us hes in florida line seems like attempt win game show called so you think you can fry okay is that correct only full nine candidates with real shot at getting to the second round there was frost while feel all of former french prime minister now he was once the leading candidate but since fallen back polls thanks to penelope gates which sounds like scandal involving selling weapons grade uranium to penelope cruz but but actually involves feel allegedly putting his wife penelope and children hundreds of thousands euros public money for little or no work and accusations dont stop there there reports may have breached electoral rules after receiving donation of two suits together cost thirteen thousand euros my amp perfectly allowed to be given suit by friend its not against the law only rights but is completely normal thing for adult friends to do be both a friend about you two suits the cost about seven thousand dollars each because that is known suspicious amount to spend on gift for friend know we have these days couldnt be no way into rights so the french public toned on feel and you will never guess how they express their anger moments before he it took stage at rally youll see he was a hit face with some flower pot and can see images of that happening right there now apparently he had spare suit likely for him were proud to break through when you been essentially accused having dr for tee shirt and shorts theyre not not next up there is paul left candidate shown luke metal show who is anti eu and pro high tech campaign was injury altering the eternal question of how to be in two places at once presidential candidate usually criminal shel has embraced holograms always wear on my in the old if not then all now in paris nmsu was both very lame and very costly its like finding out your uncles detachable thumb trick cost him four hundred thousand dollars im not that brings us to the to come front runners and first lets deal with emmanuel micro polls suggest that hes favorite win presidency which actually impressive considering hes never held elected office before hes former banker who served as economic adviser to along and you falling asleep just listening to me describe him youre not alone mr micron who is neither left nor right and is generally in offensive to the entire population is not super attractive to anyone ouch he is generally inoffensive but not super attractive to anyone that makes him sound like hes guy who played main character on how i met your mother and this is true house known nine next call passe sentenced policy done these pro business pro your plan aimed at boosting frances economy but most interesting thing about him might be base emmanuel mccall was once small town boy from meal he met his future wife here at school the only twist is that she was his teacher nnamdi married to springsteen to who is twenty years older than him and as result makro a thirty nine year old man now has seven step grandchildren unknown story but man in his thirties suddenly ending up with seven step grandchildren somewhat plot direct to dvd ashton kutcher movie cold even on gnawing off like this movie is on what to by the way if youre wondering did mark wont get any baking ingredients thrown at him join campaign well what do you think gennaro women head within a so to recap studies two cups of flour and now im a no dont know if french people any closer pay president but theyre about hopefully to making decent cry that leaves us with marine le pen the pros biggest challenge and honestly she main reason you should be invested in this election blancpain nine carries a lot of baggage in front of thought was joan marie le pen who co founded her party the national front and hes a deeply unpleasant human being joan marie le pen famously dismissed nazi gas chambers as mere detail of history courts have repeatedly found him alti joining holocaust all thats just taste of your subset one jewish critic will put batch in the oven next time which kind of boil horrific anti semitism the gets most people permanently banished from society as well oscar nomination directing her actual ridge no marina penn actually kicked her fall but outs of policy and his work very hard to rehabilitate the national front reputation present a softer image and listen to one french vota it seems to have worked were going over to defend them saliva phone us and now its simple gus marina pan right if was her father and jots it would no because hes crazy old man seven back then that was skinheads thought offensive thing about pasta with marine its not like that until that americans a bit restraint yeah but elegance presentation does not negate poisonous content a klansman is still klansman even if you slap monocle on top hat on given the kind white white high on her take fact sheet i thought they were doing we wanted look and is particularly popular among young people so have i a wholly right on unemployment and responded to promises to institute programs give them jobs and college a national preference in employment making it more expensive businesses to hire non citizens but but niko slick presentation lupins message is vicious few years back she was asked about immigrants from someone who also started well it quickly deteriorate my shrieks come up today all you speak then yeah we did women as percent was accept you good to school this time insist they dont optimal thats diet pop no it could destroy quiz shows you but hip bone a girl member subtle clues that dont have pot thirty they can put that hes with farm hold on brutalizing wife and stealing your wallet again not just boilerplate racism but people are coming to take my wallpaper is something a crazy person says no one wants your wallpaper you catastrophically wing it posted i work from things like probably secular society some poems proposals would take that to the extreme should muslim people be allowed wear headscarves no more zhu opposite no im opposed wearing headscarves in public places thats not france its not just head scarves flippin says she would been young because public any conspicuous symbol of religious belief what sick personal ad be wear turbans they dont know is but not in public phone we dont we dont have lot sikhs in irans weve got some work but we dont really hear much from them or about them this which is good news easy but its such reprehensible thing to say about people you hope to govern that and never thought id say this to someone because it doesnt really make sense i hope someone steals your wallpaper i dont know what would marine put on hold whatever the results of this election the pen was already dangerously normalized and winning seats at local level and even few in legislature im one frustrating things about watching this unfold from america is this feels little like deja vu i potentially destabilizing populist campaigning on anti immigrant rhetoric who rage against elites despite having powerful father and inherited wealth even has all the expos reassured that there is no way that this could possibly happen truth is shes not going to wait because in the second round everybody will unite against that i would think that most people think it doesnt matter which political carla will vote for michael interests to block the way to money lupin she will not we will not have in front as i know that from election she is not the just my reading bad she wouldnt be like that that is kind of reckless over confidence you normally only see in period piece movie about tragedy wide that hinton bug is the safest palmer troubled marriages id like be static electricity even try to set the ship on far i tells ya willow would not be so confident especially because well turnout french presidential elections is normally around eighty percent this time poll showed around a photo of french voters might choose to abstain and if they do that in second round depends very motivated voters could put her in office and that could be bad for lot of people so please franz i would like try and convince you not to see this election out to to do that let me appeal to you in night french sense of superiority over the u s and britain which is and it pains me to admit things not entirely misplaced real french quazal all but three pillows perfection worth the american cross from which is ungodly abomination your french warnings on magnificent certainly superior to british winds which thought michael caine your nineteen in some great tennis newman from slough nothing more than acting like you better than britain and america will now is your chance to prove that because we might populist nativist choices brexit on trump and be honest its not working out so great from so far and now you have populist nativist choice of you own and just imagine how superior you can fail if you dont like same mistake that we did i dont really want convince you more but know you dont like big gordy gestures so allow me to convince you in the elegant research prefer a please please please join me franz but didn nzbdrone smokings we dont through nmo just let and see all the ten a method the number paul says sent home to that dont need from saleh heysel boondock used hello from say maam see donald man long russell glutton remake doneness missy will play know what to ask and this the old school all no and cologne deal from say whom cool book called them my goal platoons pluto could them on gold who violate nuku san sissy i bought clothes shows that i love what they have done philosophy there lluvia i wont quit or long dont tear could this evening friend said leave out there wtf tony blair mobile song lip balm a that we started walking down yeah if youre close to this law well i listen mon we