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you hear what im saying yeah what im saying i dont move where you are hero ammo bag down were gonna make it stay where you are just few minutes left now keep going up put your fucking hands up look you get yourself killed stay down down on your knees any second appears like computer anymore can write you hear the thermal lance sounds right stock you hear that you saw was jammed stay down fill up your ammo guys dont think for second cant see you drool place wonder if its software thermal drill and up to snuff its time fix that song again sounds like computers all fouled up only couple minutes left now computers out of order again machine name working again well here we go again saw stock now motherfucker tasered taking care of dont you get up computers be banned never good youre not knowing hes one of the songs must be jammed you do what say dont make me say again i said yeah ill own stayed around and fuck hed stay there uncommon for yeah someone go take look drill ha so many got take look at that song im not gonna say again stay away you are gonna fucking flood now put your console on dont test my patience i dont move i think that got out fucking ground uncommon for yeah any second now and put your cuffs on batch you guys moving your asses grass wait but doesnt quite work in plural sounds like we need some tech help this is that put your hands in the air down on the ground where they inside lets get fixed up everybody down hands in the air state out people down all of you know because youre self wonder whether its hardware or software failures one thirty two minutes were easy targets here yeah yeah duck keep drill you piece shit all help you up you hang in there handcuff yourself medic bag here anyone need patching up down here on ground i told you get down on ground over the fire sit down all of you get down ground stay low down on ground dont move we gotta get out stood him up tasers history just couple more seconds slayer were you are and who i can see that one coming any second now uncommon for ya computers be paying dan as among flock got on the ground jumped down we got get out nobody move medic bag come get patched up we got fix computer again bottom up theres medic bag over here greasy targets this place is no good thanks buddy that there is the sound of stock thermal lance you heard what just said be right there down on your knees bulldozer down move taser down the second drop your weapon down on ground sounds like we need some tech help shields history get down the ground put your clothes on pretty sure that noise means of thermal lance stopped only couple minutes left now i dont fucking move time go cant say i know whats wrong with computer but we got restart down here if you like talking on you feel like hes changed few words my john right here this way im up to here with these people stand out already any moment now on the ground all of you and me second hurry hurry down on your knees got chopped bulldozer taking care of handcuff yourself down on ground people now think of yourself dot job come fill up i love fucking way and stay put everybody stay down throw up and running medic bag right here distros fucking worthless stay around yeah what im saying bulldozer eliminated hands up fucking stay down thanks my friend jock job tom and total drill and up to snuff the saws stuck again theyre all over the place were close okay i dont see how sure are you are with this barrel in your mouth shield eliminated put up inside people stood him up curry okay almost there almost there got medic bag over here got ammo bag over here down the right there come get some ammo not this way thanks put your hand cuffs on medical bag right here you hang in there dont you worry fix you right up were easy targets this place is no good appears thermal lances melted i hear it slowdown drop it on the ground you piece of shit be right there you move you die okay ive had about enough for you already slowdown for fucks sake you wanna live until tomorrow then stay still wants more time fetch the driller kick i told you dont do anything straight ahead pathway were half way thirty seconds hey you you want find out what cool piece steel feels like between your teeth let go just couple more seconds stay down stop talkin okay slick leaders gone this means i get to tell you what to do another technical problem with computer if i hear cell phone reagan was then vibrate and you guys are in deep shit this is the wrong way alright im here help ill help ya you listening uncommon for ya everybody stay down careful i dropped memo back over here too right appears the thermal is broken again saws jammed again you make your move i dare ya yet not far down i sat down on the ground and stay there can say i know whats wrong computer but we got restart time restart another saw drop the gun get in thermal drill just isnt sounding good the saws squeak him again on the ground everybody get down ground shell taking care of drop it stella funky way hang in there how the fuck you are fire stay still either way were you fucking hero you move as much muscle and your ass is grass sounds like computers all fouled up yeah thats overhead thermal lance alright you do what i fuckin say appears like computer anymore can right here we go again the lansing workin stay away i said get down on ground all thanks lot my friend alright entry point synchronize on my mark mark it down on ground ive just about had with this mother fucker up no movement no masses appears thermal drill is out of order again everybody down steady now hold it theres ammo bag over here time to go extra ammo up for grabs but youre fuckin nerds up medical bag come get patched up stay where you are you got someone say yeah i didnt think so we got get that thermal drill working again keep still or tie you up like fucking mommy treat that phone squared away make no mistake about it we call shots around here i dont want mess so dont move dont even breed yeah im serious hold your breath make no mistake we are in charge dont fucking jello up yeah well im fuckin say everybody stay down hats on the son bitch figure families dont try anything stupid and stay around get around you making move i got bully here with your name on it nobody moves drill place well most done still got few more minutes to go there im coming alright i dont risk your life dont try and be a hero stay still and stay alive down on ground get on your knees get down all of you feel real mistake to try me darren now heard love yourself i catch you in corner of my eye no handcuff yourself ill there flash but dont you get up this is the place up the stairs street on any second now any moment now dropped medic bag over here youre not fooling me youre up to something rap way now lets get you back up and running come replenish your health stayed out people drop it or ill shoot read my lips do not move were easy targets here neil bulldozer eliminated just few minutes left now down stairs taser down this place is flooded with clocks it down on ground everybody tough yourself keep your heads down stay alone bulldozer down over there true mounted cops this place is filled with them get down ground all of you on the fucking ground you son bitch keep your head down left on your knees no talking no mumbling no breathing no thinkin he was up to me you just cease to exist come on one minute dont you fucking got up we should half way through by now that cell phone got their hands off get down on your knees right walk you know stayed out everybody everybody down lets fix you up up up youre all gonna get through this just dont fucking provoke me now cause yourself can run faster stay where you are you hang in there my friend only seconds away you do what i tell you clunker down down no sudden movements you people keep staring at ground low groan pulled out youre pushing it there they still get down everybody id stay there on the ground off thanks lot they give your loved ones dont try and be a hero ill tell you what youre gonna do you gonna lie down and got shot up stay low hang in there its not quiet enough its not quite enough around here over there thanks my friend another technical problem with computer this way well im not sure what