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welcome back to sixty minutes there was lot like about imran khan when he played cricket he was fiery fast bowler and of course inspirational captain for his beloved pakistan he was busy high off field to very handsome hit with ladies in twenty years since his retirement from international sport imrans popularity has sold but hes become what said he never would politician is now in line become pakistans next prime minister and its country that could will do with his help we will just got hope that terrorists or his political opponents dont kill him first yeah its incredible story thousands pakistanis are waiting for the hero iran like if you go right get it runs fly them whips them into frenzy on ground motorcade is more wherever he moved the fanatical messes for this is just extraordinary imran khan is in that poll will drive somewhere conduct massive people we you know imran khan is most of would even bolton when he was making rounds stayed they know you and your politics leader of stones opposite i hope hell be their next prime minister he would you know when was playing cricket the word groves crowds no because politics is way beyond anything id ever experienced you run know its interesting is when sixty minutes interviewed you some twenty years ago he said then i know im not meant to be in politics what changed i began to realize after awhile that if someone like me who is blessed with everything who has everything doesnt need anything and us so much love from these people should i just spend rest my life living off quicker than having very easy life or should i try and make difference but theres every chance making difference will kill him so theyre on reef well pakistan has long been one most dangerous countries planet and its next door to another afghanistan this no shortage of threats sniper moves with biggest risks to iran actually comes from within corridors of power three show political assassinations are endemic in pakistan is your life threatened here by doing what do whether the interior ministry brought out statement that was the top to doggetts prime minister and i with toe to hidden targets you laughed about that well the point is i mean you know a we have this somehow we have this a false sense of security that we live forever everyone has to die its non moving full whenever youre with them run he surprised talk but thats the brutal reality of pakistan politics its huge revolution irans main rival is the prime minister now bush brief you only just won the election two years ago imran khan says the vote was rigged and is now challenging do think can run this country that you can become prime minister i think im more grip than everyone else in this country whose whove been prime minister should if gun and prime minister this is the third time and east im becomes him and his family get rich the country gets poorer strong hold of irans parties in pakistans perilous north uist and today hes campaigning in shop which for past decade has been frontline in war on terror nmsiis or even simple school because it is dangerous especially when the charismatically cool iran arrives and all attempts security give way to types good see you gonna follow you few months ago just up the road one hundred thirty guide young school students was slaughtered by the taliban so todays visit to the school goes is imrans bullet proof rebuke to terrorists all this is important though isnt because you have forces in this area that the dont want see girls educated yeah thats right but thats it the few its late but this wore on dinner which you which is just because more fanaticism you know here but as rule people warned that turned into goes to be educated in past five years they have been two hundred suicide bombings pakistan the attacks mostly carried out by the pakistani taliban to close a dilemma victim ron because dye operating areas he now controls politically this is what they did to per show mosque earlier this and same terrorists who shot but failed kill out spoken schoolgirl malala yousafzai iran doesnt condone the violence but does deal with them debtors zone became trait when our government decided joined american water off of worrell into your critics have called taliban con do you believe that you should be negotiating with taliban try and fix problem there was only one way to deal with this and that was political solution got so much have mike polis everywhere imran khan doesnt flinch criticism and doesnt stop counting for books in one day with we toured police training center took radio talk beckles need chicago killed for press conferences live national tv this hospital will love beautiful this holds province as well as lot stock and showed us the new cancer hospital hes building dedicated to his mother and despite this being male dominated ultra conservative corner of pakistan iran doesnt forget the other fifty percent his electric showing off these women training to be commandos its sure fire way to secure the female bucked do think your husband think iran can be prime minister this country i think that if life was where seven pockets on if there was a baby if there was justice he would been promised very long time ago one thing well iran has already won otha is his new wife brought home com freezing fog popular tv presenter here in pakistan and in u because you she married superstar imran six months ago you will coming into publishing p that is very powerful this youre buying into marriage that these going frost you straight into spotlight here and thought about that and nice responded when he came out with his sudden proposal nice why would want to do that do realize who you are i i was bit concerned about the freedom the my hard earned freedom and whether i want compromise it so the numbers you mean with all wonderful charisma that was a charming romantic proposal let well thats not going to that but it was really quick decision had he gone down on his knee or done something so you know very typically charming romantic ive probably it wouldnt responded very positively it was eleven lucy the australian my i have i have i dont know i know you do want strain my my judgment of austrian mint men is clouded by my students with australian cricketers so this did not particular monday the the research dont like to him not man to could you so thats thats it thats a pretty pretty comforting to hear that but but yes by preferred direct approach because i felt that know that monies that is what is australian and australian approaches right across my desire go im thinking and hes done lets do it heads well even as divorced mother of three rihanna im represents the changing face of women in pakistan shes quickly settled into the role as potential first lady pcs evan youre sold him and have been addicted this and with his help is proving is politically savvy as her husbands the best advice amounts given me is is that you know when in cricket we say its at some point well play left well let whether left so i didnt know that you dont have to play a ripple of but they can grounds his secure hilltop mansion the sixty two year old knows he has major political challenges ahead courting military then michael brake political leaders pakistan and winning mass support that means pakistans poorest when we got this is slum in capital islamabad half of all pakistanis live below the poverty line when were on board these people of water pumped as election suica they cheated him like him run down not it stopped working two years ago and hasnt been fixed did you vote for him run com yes lost i am working on my own but you know youve taught us not a didnt anything for you known some of pakistans poorest end up becoming refugees hitting now wife if he would prime minister cotton hed have food words with now prime minister over controversial but turned back because in australia so much land i mean they are well off people these desperate people if want go to their lands remember these desperate people also give it end up having the greatest drive to contribute to society because they have nothing and want make something so theres a certain philosophy of the immigrant where works much harder than the hood the much more laid back golf people comfortable with their life do believe thats in and inhumane policy to have moment i do feel is for you in who made although its not foreign policy is your bronze focus right now right now and as sun sets this time for one last breath the end claustrophobic few days bowed his play beta doesnt also rocket it so we take off no lots avoid become what its saying lights come on and none its another thing when youre sitting next to calm confident cats imran khan still determined to smash opponents is worth dying to make change yes the question is yes mean youre going die anyway one things for certain children die sooner or later im sixty two you do not let the fear of death come in way of what believe is your mission in life up next some anime see this all the doctor on very personal mission know what its like to be of parent with child with problem donating his own time stop to wriggle there goes to broken heart i never get tired saying that thats next on sixty minutes oscar and grammy winner jedi homer los dot this country i think want only nine hes in whole what if you buy cup one day to find you a set ally liberty gun what would she do what would you be imagine the moment you realize youve won twenty thousand dollars every month twenty years and organizing possibilities why baby on way you have to keep talking about feelings you have me you will you have breast cancer you have excellent results you have to stop smoking youve lost great man we have quite the journey animus its good cheap piece with royal australian college of general because the good she never critics are calling train wreck lewis we relatable to sleep realistic no pretty i yeah is through nikon we again and do it we falling times 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