Donald Trump: The Full 'With All Due Respect' Interview

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with well havent seen it yet because ive been office all day but ive been hearing about it and its just horrible its almost first was literally on live television im running against political people that do lives ive never done this dont do this i would say anywhere from ten to twenty percent maybe twenty one percent never like saying it if i have deal thats be done literally deal and by the way this is double in my ear that this because its about five sounds i hear have deal thats going be done and its ready be signed and fifty lets say maybe twenty five or thirty percent like to see them not have to do it think theres so much waste in this so much actually scandalous waste washington that shouldnt have to do people that knew cut and make deals with others you look at whats going on deficits with all these countries that were actually rebuilding were rebuilding the world were rebuilding china you look at whats happening there short term and maybe its going happen i would not be very easy one to do it however say that its worth the fight because honestly theres so much back in washington that you had right people in you could cut it and have just love wouldnt miss thing do lot of you lot cutting well this and and the answer is yes the carried interest is really a tremendous burden country i have friends that make and enemies mostly enemies frankly otherwise maybe wouldnt be saying this but am saying it good country and none them support me and dont want support although could get rid and speaking that hillary clinton has many hedge fund people supporting her so the end i would say that the hedge fund people make lot money very little tax im about middle class i want middle class thriving again losing our middle class would change it i would simplify it i would would take carried interest out and would let people that making hundreds millions of dollars year pays because right now theyre paying very little tax think outrageous i want lower taxes middle class i lower taxes for people that making lot of money that need incentives im okay with you know ready willing you see my statements mean do very well dont mind paying some tax the middle class is getting clobbered this country know the middle class built this country not hedge fund guys but i know people in hedge funds they pay almost nothing and its ridiculous okay know the answer first who knows why dont need his endorsement certainly wouldnt want his endorsement dont need anybodys not looking sure i would do that if made feel better would certainly repeat dont know anything about him somebody told yesterday whoever he is he did endorse me and actually dont think was endorsement he said was absolutely the best of all candidates have read story lot people like me poll that just came out in new hampshire where im very high number thirty five percent the people like across board evangelicals like me the democrats like liberals like me conservatives like me everybody likes hope this not i hope theres not havent read story havent seen its way it is mean wouldnt speak to him at all about it other than that they are who they are and want them to be happy and will love them but cherish i i thought actually governor answer was very good one he hes gone to gay weddings ive done to gay weddings ive been gay weddings i have against from standpoint bible from standpoint of my teachings as growing up and going to sunday school and going to church and ive been opposed to it and well just see how it all how comes out but you know if was ever that position i just have to explain it wouldnt want get into because to me thats very personal you talk about bible is very personal side want into no bible means lot to me but dont want get into specifics incredible whole bible is incredible i joked very much so they always up the art my second favorite book of all time but i just think bible is just something very special have not have not certainly piece of world history and things happening but its its not something that have lot interest would like to find out whats happening why theres such hatred why this mean you look at whats going on world and its wonderful say hey lets not look at sweden look at norway lets not look at different places but you look at whats happening with koran its a pretty scary thing dont i dont know exactly what meant define it think you have more than handful moderate muslims would you certainly have problem with muslims and i think he probably misspoke as bush would say because every time makes mistake goes says that misspoke i think scott probably miss correct statement because you do have much more than handful but same time we problems we all agree i mean there certain problems believe acted alone yes i believe not from guy i think probably acted alone i in my opinion acted i really have a lot respect like clarence thomas lot and i will go with clarence thomas think hes really been very decisions are terms of in terms really of conservative decisions is probably about best there is supreme court certainly one them so just clarence thomas dont know met clarence thomas number occasions i thought he was terrific i think his terrific person as so what know mean youre asking question like that sort crazy question supreme court and i think his decisions have been terrific decisions from my way thinking i like i actually like ross perot thought he was great and then think little bit off deep end unfortunately but i thought he was good will say this had he not existed you dont talking about bill clinton i dont know think probably voted for bush actually i respected perot think perot really hit something had he not gone out and come back in and know lot of crazy things happened i think probably would number that was substantially better and is do remember about voted for in this case i voted for bush bush yeah hoping good job okay dont like what did with war think iraq i i became more more conservative you certainly more conservative wasnt than gore but bush was somebody that was very disappointed in as you know two thousand and three and two thousand four said iraq is mistake im person believes strongly military i would have very very powerful strong military that nobodys mess with us believe me but to do iraq was a terrible mistake in my opinion we got out was another mistake also we the oil but these are things say and some people agree some people agree strongly and some people dont agree all but i was very disappointed with him but voted for him its little more dynamic cant force that was little bit forced but how you gonna pay for with spending hundred thirty billion dollars right now on illegal immigration we spending fortune not only the crime all problems that is being caused but with spending minimum of hundred and thirty billion dollars you pay for because were not spending that kind money thats one way pay for no not at all mean its one things its not politician havent been politicians he hes person and guess trying very hard because use term low energy low energy person by nature and thats okay theres nothing wrong with that know some wonderful low energy people some nicest people know but that doesnt mean that good at negotiating with china bringing back our jobs bringing back our money japan everybody else you look iran deal dont gonna make much better deal than barack obama i probably tend doubt it dont know mean see way down polls im little bit surprised ive been hitting him because assume he probably would be seems to be like establishment guy the last thing we need is another bush feel strongly about that happy with last one that can tell you a read my lips wasnt happy with that either was big was problem read my lips that was was father who was lovely man knew was lovely man but last thing we need is another bush i i would say that maybe if you wouldve asked that question two three weeks ago maybe last meeting i woulda said maybe he would be the most likely one group of them really the group that seems to be forming but so far theyre way behind dont think so other things to do are think much more well i read new york times editorial today mean he took the hispanics and all sudden change hispanics and mexicans with the asians and now the asian community is serious theyre really angry adam ive seen this protests going on about what said so he thought hed get out of that by talking about asians and that was terrible another was nobodys complained about when use complain about because they dont expect he would be using that he actually signed memo saying do not use anchor babies you know that right he signed memo saying dont use anchor babies dont use the phrase its not appropriate and uses it now he uses it because im using it and think has the one eye maybe wants to keep up with im not sure why maybe he shouldnt be i am talk about running mates right now like do one thing good want keep looking good im not talking about running know i would have had had just roberts not come out with that horrible decision on obamacare which was a disaster he should ended obamacare i really like his gate i really liked his thought process liked his background but he is a he is not all another no i would say very smart great levels of intelligence great temperament temperament is very important even have good temperament some people say tough but actually have very good temperament or you wouldnt be in places like this mention names think its inappropriate mention names it certainly at this stage where know so early sisters have sister whos on court appeals and shes fantastic i think she would phenomenal think shed be one best but frankly i think she is will rule that out but do have sister is very smart and very good person john i just and said such big problem corporate inversion where we have two half trillion dollars sitting outside and now whats happening is companies are leaving this country used be you new york for florida you leave new jersey for texas something it used be state to state now its country for country we have companies with thousands and thousands of jobs are leaving this country try to go out get come in tax much lower rate and let money come in its two half trillion dollars we think even know what it is could more than that and this is money that can be spent in this country they can get and know part politics and so crazy is that democrats and republicans for two years ive been hearing about this they always agree and still gotten done companies leaving this country in order to go outside and get their money so theyre taking money and theyre going to the money and were losing thousands and thousands of jobs and its getting worse there so many big companies looking at going outside get that money right now less because product against is when they devalue their currency and ive been this been big thing for me long only that japan japan is doing big devaluation so its impossible for companies to compete the other thing is if you look at as example china for one second look sell cars millions and millions of cars to this country look at the imbalance between we give them and what they give us tax free here its very hard get in when we sell them beef they dont even want it they seems longer but its gone fast nevertheless happy think low light was when attack was attacked for the words illegal immigration and its turned out maybe also the highlight because now people saying was right horrible story with kate and so many people kate from san francisco so many people were were so badly hurt mean whats happened is incredible was maybe highlight that too you have criminals come look just the other day in california man come over illegal immigrant sixty raped her children sodomized her torture mean you have that too mean we could babies say doesnt exist tremendous crime coming and think ive done great service frankly hope have shaded