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look buddy im engineer that means us solve problems not problems like what is beauty because that would fall within purview your conundrums of philosophy i saw practical problems for instance how am gonna stop soon big mean mother hubbard from tearing me structurally superfluous newbie high and the answer use gun and if that dont work use more got like this heavy caliber tripod mount little number designed by me built by me and you best hope not point it yeah your doctor called it doc charging dock surprise seven matt teleporter spies sabon mud dispenser spires seven must century era tena does spencer this beds going up century going up build century teleporter coming right up teleporter going up we got it this ones ours now this here points ours now yeah that was easy and its nothing work no thing that just aint right now ive seen everything there are dispenser down center down teleporter down fire fire fire fire burnup yeah cowboy up move now do yeah job well done i wasnt even close that there was fine piece work cream gravy yeah yeah i know i do may bar is its spy span around here is spot creeping around here thats gods spy that soldiers aspire that have is spy that pyros spy that demos spy thats about as one them that medics spy that engineers spy thats not resist by that spying on our side i wish you all could see how bad im kicking your tail drunk on the battlefield aint no way to be saga dominated eye patch that catch your eyes on the hand is quicker than the eye god yeah hole you dissing do iraq dominated hard hat real texan would dodge that you can always tell texan but cant tell much you done in kurd my wrath son im wolverine mean you son bitch if youre done it it aint bragging your own hard hat no cattle you should honor brought more guns and never mind bullocks how much all these coffins cost india ive seen better sides of beef been run over by combine yall come back now nice try slim got you chuck wagon gotcha pork drippings dominated cohen takes they are all just got branded and another thing your ugly dumber than dirt aint you look dumb as box of rocks yall come back now more where that came from dominated fat man you are whole herd ugly gotcha frat boy doctor i am better man does they didnt teach it to dock in doctor school keep coming at me doctor then see are gonna rustle up some scenes next time tend your own natan saw bones so youre turning tail to an american man you must be doctor because you just saw the extent my patients im killer man doc that is gods honest truth slab wont this no matter how dark so we got next time boy sorry man dominated smoky gotcha mumbles sorry put out your campfire boy you look my tongue tied son you should know played with fire boy then your mama teacher not to play with matches yall might be flame retardant but sure aint bullet proof yall gotta run lot faster than that yeah too fast me and my machines now i are you bought this year is just going keep happening and happening dominated string bean you all just got dominated city ball i one sam hill you think and string bean shoot sonya all slow as molasses dominated little feller just dead little jackrabbit quick as heck of major her not quick enough not fast enough not my name site gotcha stretch you ought stand back little more like for me my machines looks like that there just werent place you ought be standin dominated campground you should ought stay baggage your little campsite nobody likes squatter ideas road you out on rail down under law now you dont look like happy camper down under more like six feet down under yall take that rocket boy that there is just sad display boy dont test my mettle son dominated youd damn yankee yeah all just got drafted into my war thats what it feels like when eagles cry soldier boy next time if you live might see it comin theres also what happens when you find man not just stop trying mess with my contraptions elaine get any harder for me to kill you you know we ought hide next time back in france dominated you turn coke dominated you sneak this gung startin to smile slid around back to hell coward thats what my dad taught me to do to pack stammers euro long waves in france boy dont go madeline in my business you are coward in scoundrel del had more gadgets killin you would need so many for haydn i just beat on your sneaky ass like mule bowl i did go in move out go go go that there is gold plated kill guests are got midas touch elise you aint worthless anymore erected a statue of moron not job partner good work nice job now by him back yeah left to the left and right go right to right arab pelt me i need some doggone help help make up to this point this point gun tablet self get over here need help companies point we got whole this point need help defended this point poll this point and common good common in common unicorn erecting dispenser dominated by unicor you are prosthetics on you just got dominated pink pony style dominated by man pink wig that is some shame right there i feel like brand new unicorn doc that is you know corn justice son you ladies should on broad some unicorns with you know corn up voice you pick out unicorn boys i am a pink pony draw blue come on fellas good night irene that that that that that that clinton okay yeah yeah yeah yeah well he he sometimes you just need little less gun and that cute little gun how love that little guy yeah matic men follow me doc over here saw bones on me doc lets do this texas style you and me partner you and me hoss gotta move that gear up everybody read a you already bomb box down bombs clear calm but got bone another brawl that bombards get me that bombards get meaner boys scouts gone supplies gone however is goner soldiers gone medics garner demos goner borrows donor snipers go there angies gonna do that with this club whos getting up bar is what about money where that money who look all that money come on boys lets get them upgrade stations where guess thatll do yeah i feel fit as fiddle mighty robot big damn robot big robots got bomb voice networks day sabana robot ones sap robot im riding a pony up boys sandra bullock star center buster down sniper guess is up to million whole time thanks dropping bomb should not tank i will send every damn juanita back dont robot hal when you will meet your maker telling to build you soon gots next time yeah we did bar as well i reckon thats that robot a been built cant get shot damn robots went and got me mad call there pill boys weve been man up big damn hurry well i have some still boys that common we need dispenser around here we need center around here we need talib barn around here somebody wanna wrestle above teleport around here dar dammit dammit fellas dammit dammit dammit dammit la hail call the dag nab it damn damn dag nab it yeah did not get not got it halibut seahawk mister not shot now schuiten tex nope mass heck no longer all who i also yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah dont that beat all thatll cut you back down to size youre getting too big for your britches century route up ahead century right up there heavy load coming through item away i dont know a gauntlet packing up mood now im moving this that was getting heavy that there wasnt getting any lighter who pushed dead bad boys baros push push repulsion that dead man r m job move no no what do home cinema bigots casts that the bridges down boys get while getting was good good so what should our borders the bridges down go go go lets get that that man over and lets get this buzzer but no whole bars push that demo maam st damn hal lets get this damn old man hail got through to scrape reduce pakhtun diablo loose size mellotron moro barbro cobalt blue barbarian vizio improve them full rein oaks didnt vote come oculus arm loose treat proteome items solaris it somewhere instead barium do you use been ripped loose marquess element terrorists we we look at that another satisfied customer gutless yellow douglas try our uddi many can be i built that take like man shorty thats what it was made for i told you dont touch that darn thing how that plan turn out for you dummy thats what you get nice going partner thanks mister plant yourself that darn point mister plant yourself on point mister im gonna beat you like rented mule boy you ladies here donna brought some men folk we and im gonna tear you down im done playing games with you boy you are about have real bad day coming here sissy start brian ball i get along their little doggies im gonna lay you out why dont you all get along for one you gets her son im gonna blow that dumb look right off your stupid face but black youre alright doc preciado doc much obliged partner thanks for the ride partner listening in on autopilot son thats from yours truly son tagged yeah got you yeah back yes alright