Interview: Imran Khan Pakistan's next president - Frost over the World (AlJazeeraEnglish)

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in lord the rings trilogy but first put him on com be the next prime historian president of pakistan for years is political faiths have been overshadowed by his huge quickness of but now is popular his sudden increase massively and his message to get rid of corrupt politicians corruption is self and cot minute feelings when united states is resonating with pakistan is the recent rally in hole more than hundred thousand people gathered hear him speak and form of pakistan foreign minister mahmoud qureshi has now joined his party pvr as its known for short imran khan is with me right now in round welcome thank you for the swell of support video campaign food therefore for you potty but and that focussing on corruption and that must be you must feel that everythings been worthwhile getting that message across what when david pode werent is third world because of corruption at corruption destroys governance and because dont have governments dont get any investment theres the prosperity you have poverty so f fifteen years ago when i started politics and by august on it was my body that brought corruption as as an agenda otherwise one talked about corruption because two men parties what headed by by the most corrupt politicians so they would not talk about corruption and so we brought this as national issue and it it its and so and we call ourselves movement for justice in other words through justice and rule of law you eradicate corruption and its an idea whose time has come have people just come face face with corruption in their lives or what why have they suddenly got message well first what happened was that corruption was stopping country moving ahead when i started when came to politics fifteen years ago today corruption is destroying the country for first time people feel that their survival is at stake people feel that country is failed state if we dont do something the future of children de is bleak and so i think its and specially since boss of the body became president corruption just broke all records and because of corruption unemployment duh mismanagement cronyism inflation up so theres fed that would saliva as country and thats why sully when people look drowned pauses the only party that is considered clean and so what do you do if and when you came power to what you what you do to deal with corruption mean its obvious his sometimes isnt time angelus on how do you get hold of it actually its not rocket science david any country that has doctor corruption basically you have to have an independent accountability you need to you need have independent justice system the judiciary has to be independent of the executive problem most of the developing world is that the the executive coops the judiciary it becomes part of executive so therefore the corruption in the government cannot be checked so the way you do it does have independent justice system which actually we do have and bugs but at the same time you need an independent accountability so that for instance you in england have national audit commission but thats independent of government so unfortunately in bugs that at moment all the accountability is basically part the government so that they cannot check any corruption within government so thats number one issue secondly conflict of interest will what happens is that our what additions government to government and then become meninas and become industrialists borrow money from nationalize banks had them waved off so you need have conflict of interest will and that is key factor than the independent have ability and then strength government to enforce and of course government must the minister the prime minister must hold themselves accountable in other words declared assets at moment what happens in pakistan all the political leaders have their assets lying abroad im probably the only one whos unders money abroad and all my moneys and by august on my assets and bugs and all the other leaders have conceded assets abroad i like all in third world countries suddenly find was nimble bahraich billions lying outside ben ali billions lying gaddafi billions like outside same as kiss pakistan out but doom and political leaders most of their wealth is outside nawaz sherif announces lot have huge properties abroad and theyre conceived so declaration facets and ive already started weve done that have you done that in few days ive declared my assets publicly ive gone on front media and said look these massive and if find anything thats not my name another was conceived ill give up politics so its just throwing challenge to the other politicians that should also a dictator lasance will they im afraid wont because if they declare their assets the next lesson will be where is the source of income to acuminate these assets a but it is the only way that it is the only way forward for pakistan political class has to come forward declared their assets and then lost other people pay taxes and and how you run your campaign for next election mean how would you carry this message the people actually the people you see we have a david we have a very vibrant media electronic media in fact at the reason why my body has suddenly gone up at at at and popularity which we have an added is most popular putting bugs that is because of the electronic media every evening you have it current affair programs and this gun affair programs had the highest rating i mean no soap opera can match the current affair political programs so the level of political awareness and focused on is unprecedented people you know have politically aware public very important for democracy to have a a public that understands the issues and thats thanks to the the the the independent media i am debt in terms of use and hear from him at the conflict sarah going on the constant battle going on with militants and others you said if i came to power i could end this congress in nineteen days guarantee well david its very important understand what is happening in bugs that people dont understand and that is not what is best that is what happening is that along the border with finest on it is the area called tribal areas of bugs in the tribal areas it by just done only forty laws plugs then apply that they have their own policing theres no pakistani police there theres no bugs on justice system and this area has always been independent autonomous these people have all was around left to their own laws and theyre about a million armed men and tribal areas million armed men so if people dont understand that would not understand whats how to solve the set list this ongoing war which is which endless at moment so the way i propose to win this war as when the people of the tribal areas to our site at the moment whats happening is up up bed when pakistan army went into the tribal areas and two thousand full add this started duh who doing military operations villages and did minute you operations by using helicopter gunships there were artillery that would jets being used causing massive collection damage so when that was glad to damage people rose up against the army and joined mittens we did not have any minute and thought about it bugs the it took two years of collateral damage to create the pakistani taliban so the way to solve this problem is to stop ceasefire but out of this war did the americans we cannot sustain this anymore pakistan is at forty thousand people dead so far we have equal amount handicapped one bomb attacks we have our economy has lost seventy billion dollars if we keep on going countrys imploding so we put out of this war we help the united states informing finding a peace settlement but as long so moment we put out of the war a week then lost tribal of people in the drug because there is no longer jihad you know were on fighting americas war the moment stop fighting americas war the jihad but that is what is john god is fighting a foreign occupation the moment there is no we are not just seen as collaborators in foreign occupation of honest on people of tribal areas will no longer day and a a a a will will then fly dominicans the minute insulted few thousand fifteen twenty thousand the armed men in tribal areas a one million to win war when people of drive it has to your site and leave them to fight buttons the war would be over in in thirty days maximum ninety days i mean we will the militants will disappear within ninety days if you win people over to your side its about love hearts and minds this battle can never be one to military means there is no military solution what will be the ongoing that relationship festival with united states met in minute free sense and in a human sense when united states and then well come on them if pakistan a must have the friendly relationships with everyone with the u s at moment our relationship was lopsided we are considered a hired gun a country which is being paid to fight us is war against own people and we are thats why were losing it thats why youre finding a society getting radicalized steve was was growing our society in short were losing war against militancy again against extremism against the radicalization of aside so what our relationship with us should be friends friends means that you know were not going to be be ordered to do so what want us to do friends mean that we would help them and getting out of thunderstorm and trying find peace settlement but friends and does not mean that they pay us to to fight alone people the us is use drone attacks drone attacks meaning bombing in villages killed militants it is the most insane and m water real fighting terrorism i mean its imagine if that same manhattan there was some a terrorist hold up what do you s use drones to bond and buy and brock of apartments i mean what is this way to fight terrorism all theyre doing is theyre causing hatred because this collateral damage and i can do that david whatever they say at eighty percent people who killed i innocent civilians and because this is warrior race along tribal bed every man is on when this could actually damage the women and children get killed all that one of them go and join minutemens so reduce increasing militancy every year the level of militancy is going up its insane whats going on what what would be relationship with the army and the army and pakistan has history of immense behind scenes and sometimes in front scenes parents on that something was actually live in the relationship with me then im dont whether thats active up button but what will be the role of the army in relation to a but to regime of iran first of all the army has played negative role bucks the it has stunted growth of democracy because when won democracy has floundered the army has walked into the vacuum what should have happened is that bill the democratic process should of kept going and that self cleansing process should of gunmen at some stage we would have like indian democracy mean indeval forty years did not have a real functional democracy that one party system but after forty years suddenly it kicked in and and theyve now but theyre getting fruits of democracy and by august unfortunately each time there was a the democratic a government stall the army came in and worst thing to do that it was there that blunted puppets in fact that they chose politicians who they could control so by definition politician you can control can never be leader so they did leadership pakistan does the political leadership could not come through not at moment i i might add the reason why my opponents thing that the army is helping me is because they suddenly seeing this great surgeon unpopularity and these huge rallies and why would they us thinking we going up and they think that that must the hidden and of the army behind the fact is that its because of the other parties have completely got discredited or austins diary when he became president coopted all the politicians all the political parties as things slumped all the political parties went down with the so weve being the only genuine opposition have not benefited and gone out so that what would be my relationship with the army i would want the army to remain within its constitution wrote i would want if my body comes to bar who has the responsibility must also have the party you cannot davos and responsibility with authority nor management print motor works like that so if if if if we cannot had the authority we would not take responsibility i suppose youve talked about two major parties in pakistan so quickly that it would be very difficult she would have full j a joint relationship coalition with either those two parties when that because you disapprove adams as strong absolutely out of the question mean the reason i came into politics was against these two parties using these not political parties the family mafias two parties run by families does the sherry family which runs one party this is the is that a is valuable tool family that runs other party not us is our studies go chip lesson is the son his son it is and is twenty two twenty three year old he is the chairperson of body only because happens to be son of up this father this is not democracy on other hand should reeves that the that the two brothers ran the the show for awhile now that children have come in and then our page to inhabit body this is totally against democracy our movement is exactly what happening middle east and middle east movement is for democracy people are sick of these dictators monarchs who who who you know who who who dont allow people their rights at and so its movement for rights and democracy symon boggs so that its against the on status quo in middle east its a a battle against status quo exactly the same thing is happening bugs that we represent the forces of anti status quo want democracy man thank you very much man was