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don hand drawn cartoons be scary yes probably or just about find out this game is good bendy im eating greasy and you got them all asking you to play this like crazy for so long and finally i managed download it and get ready to play now i know nothing about this game under the aughts knowledge very cool and its chapter based game so this could become relic was there in but well up other noon thats my job to one and see whats going to happen did it seems like lifetime seem to button cartoons together thirty years really slips away doesnt it back in town come visit the old workshop theres something need show you your best power joey through telling through that sounds like pretty intense name right lets continue im so this guy is the guy that ive seen and in screen shots and stuff but apart from that i know nothing job watch moving usually im here steve can find yeah thats also stick those subtitles on pseudo is saying boom right okay so new objective find the ink machine you wasd them after theyve seen how cool this looks its super awesome right its kind like a key air under like evil disney i guess it doesnt to me but minute but still kinda spooky and i guess this is hello well i seen you before what you doing that anything you just got job in this giant good about it always there as well so i think this guy they invited me joey drew he i mean he wants me to see all stuff but im not sure what happened to him and then theres this guy everywhere its really spooky do make shadow i dont im vampire or do even exist thats all ha ha this is airy zero eight everywhere its good its got like mickey mouse all this day i guess but we go through doors and stop or just need find the ink machine icon seem to run hello desk so much to yeah okay so this guy used work the animation company thats cool did you leave to go and work on finding nemo it is that what happens is that what happens ha goes away where already learning little bit more about this story out that story came and thats go this way there anything that draws icon like interact with anything not yet anyway so were just gonna cut out dreams come true dont like drippy ink on floor and ceiling thats little strange is the machine up status that might what it means is old like animation things hell object to records this is go out you determine i go i not think i was there minute ago well i already done lag de is does light coming out from these doors dont what that means is people and its all way that await existing machine i think this is the machine as well you whats here i thought you were out to you should know the ink machine either use ink to make drawings okay let thats find out so our objective is lets return on the machine so must not indirectly something surely could that simply just being on button no is that way too simple that turn on machine body need your help need up the ink that was made to create you is it on the machine isnt on so how do this hot but think hes gonna tell me but ive always bottom here no okay right hes finally its on that bad boy on lets go this way theres light this way another animation desk your curry peabody really creepy delusion of living by joey drew so joey juror is guy who invited us via im guessing you like our boss at some point as well which pretty cool or is it cool which really planted the animation sure ive been contact one dont see why we need this dorothy dressy audience that much also get big joey had each woman donate something my workstation well it looked pedestal break room to help you god go i think hes lost his mind that had eighteen threats rejects i tell you what what qualities pipe i out year okay so he used make the employees put what that because no possessions and like breakroom so that they can please the gods the gods of automation i dont know it doesnt sound like people really like that the ink machine not much body because they could just use like pencils and stuff i guess im doing it is because currently i litri come pick up anything lets see whats down at all hello what you doing can pick you up i convict of your just falling from sky how does something that big full from something that small opal whats this well you look like reviewed from dacula joey what oh oh oh wait wa i that looks like goofy with no chest thats creepy was making like real life income much onyx he might have been bendy in sheep songs all this is bendy all man what was he doing whos laughing now not me thats pretty gross the sixty sa lot about me i am sorry about your loss of chest but im know what i already know at sig await any i have been here yet so what say are finally get okay so fix the anguishing click objects to collect them okay cole what need that this is main power and its as low pressure so must need await way way or okay so need find these items put on pedestal this ways talk about early okay i get it now finally we need called which think were found screwdriver a book it said the bad music notes on piece of well like and eight think well lets see what we come fines by thinking over call gays yeah ha ha put this here warrants that scared the life out me jeez do are you anyway because youre not bendy i thought would then be not that scared me is this the cog that we needs thats look no its not say i think was big cog in that right see either gambetti glove and you you you stay where you are because i dont like you what book is book and a that we go can we pick up more than one thing week and nice okay you gonna called we got book think also need span an ink well and some other things im old wait there was desk one point lets see if can find that desk where we used work maybe there was inkwell that okay we have been in this room yet so lets see if we can find anything we needs any ink wells any other thing in persia flow also thats gonna tell us if the ink is actually fly which obviously its not because its broke can jump as well realized okay goods but theres nothing theres nothing he are nothing i need anyway maybe need street lights up yeah that that is deafening upping and yeah okay im heading towards the light suwat said he got me dreams come true have already done that thats nice all wake up less but im not nice okay thats three out of six were at you making good progress just need an ink well actually we can either go back or we could just carry on and trying guess what we need know we need to iden inkwell by carmen what the others well thats kind annoying i think my desk is nearby though oh wait narrative is the ink well its got a scholar and crossbones on it of course as well this is no just know so have more things we just need couple more bids on those noises dont like them noise and the noises of guarded people was without bins way his my desk my desk anything you know its got lee a truly nothing also and so now dont know im looking for something to go back see what need wait way way way money this we do music of course loony one thing we need is really annoying i carmen what it is right here is their rooms all we dont need put them ourselves okay sweet dog called spina book record inc well and had the bad its its heady about okay right need go and search for tiny bag guys i will will try my best find its quickly as possible daddy that they make guys like you in stats no you get out of that cuddly to fat teddy teddy where are you i just need take you to await ritual space its okay be fine teddy theyll be okay dobby scads even though im getting creasing the step hope there dan is an a its like win its kind of its way i was gonna say bendy but that guy is band is all should be switched around here somewhere then against all i know that is thats near the thats in projector room that thats the flow bun okay thats gonna find out right now i will draw on this place so many times i still dont know where right way is that remember guys dream come true dreams come true every aisle i swear you on that before right flurry route all nine whitewater things happening why you on the screen what is your name tell me your name tell me right now little devil dalian of so bendy im pretty sure band is the other guy i now dont feel hundred saying confident is flow by and bam our year what do now what i do now tell me speak speak me noise is noise is thats where the pipe pressure is happening i guess is get back to that ink machine i dont know what else to do yes go and wishing that go pop back and now its on this on whats my objective restore inc prussia but i i pressed the button theres not another swig too right or is that restore ink precious so don the flow but in but that said up yeah we guys so we need to pull this lever and a caution nice its not a real dog mom help instead its really really dark now why would think in leave i get dhaka also is it doing something to this hey ben they pay bendy hows guy man you dont look too well buddy you dont look great until my objective is still to restore inc pressure saw lets try going back machine out we want i well my goodness what is that what is the all i get is okay okay about the floors going to black that scared me so bad about about about how do i get out where is the exit it somewhere on guy you get out all gm stock on dads im so dead help help help now well this is good that creates lie to us all that scared me so bad all my goodness what wrong with these guys i met in room and into law its like what i do now you gonna stab again dont do it then to hello hello im attacks but thanks claire unknown palm handy its sunny will smack its not but no eyes that got what have got ball and guy was scaring us we just chop them base now be amazing what do now just like chopping firewood maybe have no idea why this is go i like this game lot but it all no you kidding me you kidding me is if this title to help we back on titles out again await the screen does shakes gennaros all i get is well so thats the end the job is as mentioned beginning this is chapter one shop two is very very close be pretty sure any i really enjoyed that thank guys suggesting that game to me very scary its like its good atmosphere and then just got lot done gets you the jumps gas so im not irony joy thats if you did so would like see me play chopped it see what it comes out be safe think by thumbs up dobby greatly appreciated out its bit by bit easy money leading this of guiding to join same today and they put any gameplay videos often that you want stick around whats more videos by me wanting check out this video right here think might enjoy it guess wed vice very creepy go go quick before takes you