Prime Minister Trudeau makes an announcement at the Waterloo Perimeter Institute

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good morning everyone moment de thank so much artist for that kind introduction was a great spend time together earlier this week at masaki celebrations ottawa and its even better be here with you in your hometown waterloo thank you very much for us for the wonderful welcome its really pleasure be here today and to see so many dear friends thank you marriage of our ski for welcoming us here today thank you very much all of you for gathering here i really want to acknowledge that students harry here from university waterloo thanks to all of you for coming out perimeter today as well thank you for being here i was last here kitchener waterloo back january for the opening of googles new canadian headquarters said time that the government needs to bet on canada to invest in canada well im happy to say that last month we introduced budget that does just that but navies to sound on closer to you know the us youll really corporate policies athamas youll put cnn libya j whove heard of what that across economic and told him in classrooms economic because it is the duty can that yeah he called green is on water lou im especially happy to be here today alongside neil and mike and other members of their team to announce a fifty million dollar federal investment in water lose per marriage this investment part last months budget will be delivered over five years starting next year because every federal dollar will be matched two dollars from the inside other partners that means potential total investment least one hundred and fifty million dollars to have its in water lose innovate and innovation this investment will help drive the important work being done here the institute and will securely place canada among four for kind of cutting edge research that we see and that quite frankly the world needs that work research includes core work into theoretical physics innovative training programs and outreach programs designed get students teachers and all canadians excited about science see dont have to be geek like me to appreciate how important this work is although have tell you when we get the media questions later im really hoping people ask me how quantum computing works because our high ma i was set excited deep my knowledge of that this morning without work of theoretical physics like ones who researching teaching and training here at perimeter institute we wouldnt have many of things that improve our daily lives things like solar cells computers wireless technologies and diagnostic imaging that chefs present moral cool funny demand connect us monday she physically past security leg had p quantic i mean undertook kokopelli children you that he knew men that have built new who give up more technologic investment were announcing today will strengthen perimeter institutes position as world leading research center and help advance canadas role as leader in global scientific community during campaign we promise canadians that if elected our government would value science would treat scientists with respect would invest in innovation to grow our economy im proud to be here today to deliver on that promise im proud be able to exchange with some most brilliant minds world im incredibly overwhelmed that just got to see stephen hawking give me welcome to this extraordinary institute its stream only important to underline just how essential the work being done here is not just canada but for the entire world and now im happy to introduce dear friend who has been given task of being our minister for science at time when the government is committed to evidence based policy to science how to allowing scientists and researchers to do their work hot and whos doing extraordinary job but making up for lost time out with her leadership my friend your signal merci beaucoup monsieur the premium minis two ministers neil for members of parliament distinguished get friends perimeter prime minister it is so shin honor to work with you to be inspired by your passion for science technology and innovation and to be part of government that values science wanna particularly saying thank you for always taking time to encourage young canadians and to our young women here today know if anything is possible take time to dream your greatest dream and will be here to support you prime minister thank you for taking the time to be here for this important celebration remember in shoot all of you perimeter mike sincere can chile sin this is your day it is an absolute pleasure spend time with you again cannot tell you how much enjoyed visit last bravo as who dr tareq said to lee see on tv remark kyle and seek vote track and stick to you are no win internationally for your exceptional research you have attracted worlds leading researchers and you can tribute enormously to our understanding of the universe to our understanding a physics id like to finish by thinking my colleagues minister chaker for the work you do to support small biz them business and tourism canada and to you and your colleagues who represent cambridge guelph kitchener and waterloo until all our distinguished guests thank you for the work to do finally once again congratulations to perimeter and thank you for hosting us today so after having spent morning asking quite chins of all the brilliant except people around here media arts and me quit please tell me from radio is as to our every our innovate leaders here what they are wanting is in two and and understand that beer has recently announced desire to do more frequent grain transportation between windsor live in quebec city runs through our region going cost about four billion dollars theyre saying when want know first off it money is coming from you how much are you going to in project know a number years ago when i first came to a community here waterloo sat around table fat innovators leading come big ones like google and ran into small ones little start ups that were going and i said okay so tell me what federal government can do so was expecting well better access middle and better are indie credits and maybe some help with immigration to bring the great talent that we want bring in to work weekly and yes those did come number one thing i was hearing was of we need better trans along corridor to to toronto and back for the king w region and not with think heard loud and clear and thats part of why in our budget and we put forward twenty billion dollars over next five years platform we but for twenty billion dollars over the next ten years into public transit in for and conversations ive had with your manners the conversations ive had with province have all been about how were going to make sure that we have the kind of trance world class track predation infrastructure that is going to provide the necessary in easy access along k w to try corridor that we need know that via can certainly be part solution so will a more frequent go trains so well better highway connections the fact is its not up to the federal government tell that k w toronto how what solution is right for all of you federal government and said this from very beginning will be part a partner had to the region partner had to canadians who have plans grow the economy and respond their challenges so i am i am sitting down with nine iron minister of infrastructure sitting down with a municipal leaders provincial leaders figure out exactly what is the best way to respond to the needs of this region not just for the benefit people who live here but for the benefits the entire canadian economy because what you do here matters as much as just about anything else that happens anywhere canada and we will be that part if you have told get quick follow up questions so that we are at perimeter institute its place that looks into future however in canada all we hear about is more frequent astor trains we never hear about high speed trains and so what wondering is in all of this infrastructure money that youre putting forward is any that going go towards trains that actually you know bring us into the future make us compatible to other western countries thats what a time traveling trains im sure im sure is something that mike is tells just around corner fact is we have broad range solutions being proposed we are looking at what we can do right now were looking at what well tell were going need years and indeed kates and i know the mines in cat are weighing in grow our communities in ways that both virtual and very very kind work site i did about car forward very much what is working on your reality all set reporter with one major record esther theres filaments your water go by name overlander years old not see world war more than two years failing to do so and im told this morning by mister landers lawyers at the price that get it wants to court ads for determined stuff wonder if you can lay out thinking has to and this is after federal court repeal restored mr overlanders should few days ago and may hurt for some jewish groups about that and wrote letter mister mccallum minister someone if can explain your governments decision or thinking upon taking his case to supreme court which hasnt done before and then a general sense why it your government would continue pursue this case that successive governments have pursued for more than twenty years without ever getting results they desire i think im looking comment on honesty case particularly one that sarah engaged before courts and and possibly supreme court but certainly question citizenship is one that has come up not many times in discussions it was actually feature of the previous election campaign there was a suggestion that a citizenship good then perhaps i should be revoked conditional on on on a bad behavior and we stood very strongly against that because you canadians shouldnt feel that some people citizenship can taken away while others dont have the the danger of being at deported or sent away remove their citizenship just because that day and their ancestors were born here in canadian territory but there is one condition in which citizenship can be revoked and that is when was acquired based on fraud misinformation and and not not representing clearly who won whats and that is core of a this case im sure as as so many other cases that similar pa and thats why we take the question citizenship very very seriously canadians are rightly proud and not just our citizenship but of are the values that articulated by that citizenship pa and we have to make sure that were doing everything to defend principles and values that that it mean to canadian morning sir was in awe could be explained quantum computing that wouldnt do you expect that canadas isolation again again and are we not doing anything the interim while we prepare okay very simply normal computers work by dont interrupt me when you walk out here you will know more nelson you know far less most of normal computers work going through wire one or is your mary says quantum to allow for is more complex information be encoded into single bit regular computer bit is either one or zero on or off quantum state much more because as we know both particle and wave same times and uncertainty around quantum allows us to encode more information into much smaller computer so thats whats exciting about quantum computing and i dont get going on this will be here all day trust me but on on the saw mission obviously canada me to commit world we going continue be a strong part coalition for the needs that there right now more human tarian support more refuge port on that radiance of but also means more about military so military super we feel we can actually more train more people on ground think local iraqi forces city and strain needed pushed by against isel and to degrade and defeat dot where canada has developed tremendous amount expertise over the past ten years killer afghanistan training local troops and that is something that we are very much engaged in right now we are increasing our our are contingent of trainers and were increasing our intelligence gathering efforts as well ha who we are being strong and active partner that quite frankly canadians are ex active us and that our global partners canada see i could follow daniel cessation is in not have any estimates often pay how much costs and i even go about trying to implement some we go on upon costing we were just we are busy at digesting had the impact the implications of this landmark obviously historic important decision but how we go about it is very simple we understand that what this country needs is true partnership with and it with indigenous peoples for too long how we have a functioned in a in colonial ways not not based on respect on partnership on truly working together had to be stewards of this extraordinary land and to build for stronger future and what daniels decision really underlines is they need for federal engagement responsibility high in a collaborative respectful partnership way now which why weve worked so hard on of renewing their relationship with indigenous peoples highlighting a a new relationship based on respect collaboration cooperation at same time as weve made historic investments in in indigenous communities eight point four billion dollars over the next five years on everything from a infrastructure to well water to higher education to economic opportunities ha and theres much more to do which certainly the daniels case underlines but the path forward from here on is together not part q good morning carly thomas from cbc news i just this morning the supreme court ruled that against again against mandatory minimum sentencing im wondering what concrete steps gonna take to undo the current conservative agenda on this i it just just heard about the us supreme court ruling so obviously willa take time to to study it but as in all things this government respects the supreme court rulings the issue of mandatory minimums of one and one actually highlighted in of mandate letter i gave to the justice minister which was made openly available at time and then is still online somewhere im sure where i asked her specifically to look into question mandatory minimums and ensure that they are both keeping with our desire to keep canadian safe i make sure that we are respecting peoples rights hot and in general a moving forward way that respects the extraordinary judiciary that we have here canada there are situations where mandatory minimums are relevant mid liberal party of past in government type brought in mandatory minimums around things he is serious crimes like murder but same time there is general sense reinforced by the supreme court decision today that mandatory minimums brought in by the previous government in number cases went too far so this is what we are reflecting on ive asked minister justice to do that and we will have more to say coming days and weeks thank answer french as well please that is still open you mouth on chin hehe key new up there could do if dont dont super sucker gene you know that at moment up pulling his dish sis yeah yeah lead among the dont get the keepin mad dont geld the comely fill sean c soul kinda had new gal the personal security sizzled are kind of expected you why the kind idea see home febreze pool has picked the eh that like did do youll know juche systematically kill key even demo vita to see past lead this is know we dont do that because plan means i know of love book chris idea silly pin me not donnie and only spend thats near her cut mean yes two of us potion that never via while issues coquette that idea to you see last question good morning prime minister franklin ctv who have there is report that the rcmp is using an encryption key every blackberry messaging is that your understanding and are you calling youre seeing is only doing so under court orders i this is an issue that that obviously is of concern to many people one week think about the community were in right now and the innovative advances in computing technology in christian and in in telecommunications here in waterloo through raymond and elsewhere this is an issue of concern people i got elected on commitment to bring in proper oversight of our national security agencies and police agencies the cat that canada is the only one of our five eyes purity allies doesnt have a oversight by parliamentarians of the actions taken by police and and us security agencies pa and thats something were moving forward just so that we can reassure people that we are both keeping them safe and protecting our rights and freedoms to the right balance and in the right way yes who do not think you