Don't Blink! - Doctor Who - Blink - Series 3 - BBC

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im time traveler all i was ok stock in nineteen sixty nine west stock or space time purpose may now caught up shop the school year awful sorry the scene is that phone could possibly nineteen sixty nine thats what youre talking frasier they feel replying to me if im exactly one minute say forty years before say it thirty eight mb goodness down my neopets howls possible tell me not so fast people dont understand calling its not what think is and wasnt complicated tell me very complicated im tough and im listening and dont patronize me because people have died and not happy tell me people assume the time is strict progression of course to affect but actually from non linear not subjective viewpoint its more like big board would be able bodied telling you why me stuff yeah seen is that before you said that sentence got away for me the coalition next thing youre going say is what i can he well can only season simple no its really well he you exactly but i know everything youre going see which gives shivers how can you know what im gonna say look your left whats the main by look to your left written tons about on phone think its statement he means you what youre doing im not neopets that way ive got complete transcript whole conversation why intellistation atlas will explode ec forums i got copy finished transcripts motorcade how can have copy things transcript is still being written told time traveler go in future i cant let my head on this youre reading aloud from transcript conversation youll still have we really wobbly tiny why me never mind that you can do show our so what matters is we could communicate weve got big problems now they have taken the blue box overnight the angels have phone books angels have the phone books thats my favorite but on teacher redeeming angels mean theyre starchy things creatures from another world but they just stopped to study when you see what does that mean lonely assassin things cool the court knows where came from but was old universe or very nearly and have survived this long because most perfect defense system approval then i want to be locked they dont exist when theyre being observed moment seen by any other living creature they freeze into rock the choice factor that knowledge in sight any living thing they used to turned stone and can stand because stone can kill you why then turn your head away then you blink mk dont get sick take your eyes off thats why cover their eyes dont we can they cant risk looking child greatest asset is the greatest cooked can never be seen nd lebanese creatures universe im sorry i am very very sorry its up to you now homelessness today reeboks its my time machine there world time energy and that could stop forever but damage they can do switch off sun youve got to send it back to me how now and thats it im afraid theres no more from you transcript thats lost loved all i dont know most talking but can guess that coming the angels are coming for but this your life could depend on this double click dont even blink blink your debt fast boston you could believe dont turn your back dont look away and dont bring good luck this this