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what this reception specially monday really amazing thank you very much thank you all for being here i really have always had great respect for party and these great people amazing people theyre people that love country people that love work people that really want see the right thing done and i have to tell you i wouldnt say the tea parties always treated properly by the media so you great people mean here you are today on day i would loved been here yesterday but i couldnt and look at this just an incredible inspirational but with that said our country is headed totally in wrong direction we have youll shocked hear this who is doing an absolutely terrible job or is totally incompetent which could be been using word strong word use that word get yourself trouble because people sudden watching television so people saying incompetent and they picked it up me so i mean either that or got totally other agenda which could also be okay and know that could very well in any event washington is broken its totally broken and our country truly is in serious serious trouble politicians i say this couple politicians there back and like very much but politicians are all talk and theres no action and ive been watching this ive been dealing with many years and built great company tremendous company and deal with politicians and to large extent there for themselves enough for anything else there their self preservation and thats way goes but nothing gets done and even republican politicians republican im conservative republican im very conservative many ways but even republican politicians whether its senators congressmen it just doesnt happen what have they done as example stop obamacare obamacare disaster going to be worse its right seeing real effect mean now plan your doctors thats common places time but you have real problem coming up because twenty sixteen it really kicks in and its be massively i have so many friends telling me massively expensive companies that closing companies said another take care of things i have so many people that tell me they cant get their coverage that deductibles high like would that unless have catastrophic event and which case maybe doesnt even matter anything and what do and they are forced away from doctors and they are forced away from what they had had good plans and im not saying the other was the end because we lot better and mean you opened up the state you opened it up to really do job you could have much better coverage for less money and would cost country less everybody would benefit and then do want because insurance companies making fortune and frankly the making that make total fortune off obamacare people dont realize youre getting hurt and really getting hurt not only economically which is big league youre getting hurt because its no good plan is no good so thats kick in but where were the republicans in fighting it talking talking talking theyre always talking they dont do any remember obamacare was big lie and that came out with this whack job from harvard where he said everybody stupid you know he turned out be the stupid go cant imagine hes get much work but turned out to be big lie and president said all sorts of things said it strongly twenty eight different times about things that youre getting and said why didnt somebody bring lawsuit for fraud you know in business if you lie sued sued for fraud problems go defend yourself nobody brought the they talk all talk and you look at another thing on obamacare the website whoever heard of five billion dollar website top doesnt work but these minor they spend five billion dollars and course people that did website were very closely related and had relationship with the obama family okay and i think its incredible that they get away with it i think its absolutely incredible then you tonight and soon propose new taxes were already most heavily taxed nation in world far close well tonight understand going proposing tax so get ready folks because start paying and then you have ghazi where the people now benghazi could mistake couldve been gross incompetence again could been it could been something that was more sinister than that but i hear so much about benghazi benghazi benghazi nothing happened nothing ever happens they talk and while republican im sort of in certain way more disappointed with republicans that they dont get it have the irs with emails missing i know from being sued and from suing big big business that happens both ways cant get rid the emails cant get rid i would love to see because this woman had some okay she had and its very serious thing its very serious problem but talk and i see the screaming and the ranting and raving and then it ends and next nothing it never happens now you have the beauty with president obama his executive order on immigration everybody the country and remember this conservative people republicans room but those people always voting democratic ive watched some people talking about how theyll convince them become great conservatively not happening you have do whats right mean its not just question of the vote are voting for any your people anyway but its not just that but we cant afford it were country twenty trillion soon be twenty trillion in debt and theyre pouring over the lines mean theyre pouring happen come from europe cant get if you happen come from asia and number one your class harvard cant get you cant get you go to wharton school finance which best business school you can go and be great genius and then they throw you out country for years stay there and you do in your number one in your class and youre really smart youll this country you want great job wanna play people they say get out here its unbelievable so they go back to china and go back to south korea back to other places and our brains theyre really good why are keeping that why keeping people that really adds something as opposed people flow across i saw something news other night where i saw the other night guard standing hundreds of people probably thousands but hundreds people just walking right through right country and some these people speak language we dont even have anybody that speaks language never knew that be spanish its not spanish its language its nobody speaks thats why isis very funny or president would say interesting the only one says and i think he says because everyone elses and people dont like it when though does refer to certain situation but says him and think does wants to torment you eventually thatll end have it executive order on immigration which was incredible was incredible and good news is with executive orders is that can immediately and executive order one means do many executive orders see i thought maybe republicans had their victory recently thought maybe hed be little bit more like well lets get together suppose supposed get together work things out right studies like forget it im signing executive orders and win court but take five years time everyones forget know time you allow millions people countrys gonna be very hard to get even on humanitarian basis fairness okay have millions people coming in and some judge is gonna have to sit there and five years from now and say because court system is wreck and takes law should take two days take years so some judge is sit there federal judge and say everybody has to leave country who who wants that judge in fairness to the judge just signing these orders also for sign others or things about and its really amazing that our and that our republican people doing more about because they should be the job look economy is not good they talk about jobs part reason some companies doing well because doing well in other countries but you look at real job numbers probably have employment of twenty percent could even twenty one twenty two percent thats real number the number five point six and anything fives is total misrepresent total joke and not only that how about the under employed meaning went to a great college and theyre selling something that supposed okay or theyre jobs that they really are way way way over qualified job but not even adding that if you look for job and you give up looking job considered employed essentially so have the numbers numbers totally phony because country not doing well china is eating our lunch i tell you the new one is mexico what theyre doing is incredible and of mexico one hardest countries in entire world to become citizen is mexico its almost impossible and yet people flowing through mexico and theyre saying go ahead keep going keep going right up game and saying stupid people running united states theyre doing everybody then that distributing people all over country and states and towns and do and theyre not trained to do it nobody knows nobodys ever seen anything like this ever in history united states but if you want in mexico no chance no chance so its very very serious and we better start getting tough really we country spend two two trillion and guess you all remember when say keep oil not that was iraq because frankly i think that messed up that what doing always build our schools lets build roads filled our go to these other places i go saudi arabia do travel all over world and i go these places you china theyre building bridge every corner bridge building bridges theyre building things that you wouldnt have highways that carved in gold they have most beautiful infrastructure going up with our money by the way look talk about apple apple apple based here but all the work all product comes out china and other places but most part so they say its american company but benefits are really for others benefits arent for us and should do is make it so apple others work here and so i said keep oil people said oh what terrible thing say wasnt that nasty of him actually had this i had some people that love me for stood up started applauding screaming i your said i am actually had but said keep the oil and and whos got the oil now isis and their funding their whole campaign with oil that said we should and other one is iran because iran for many many many years years back and forth that go ten feet and then they do something drop bombs wrong they do all sorts things they like equal well iraqis obliterated so basically taking over iraq the stuff that isis hasnt taken so not only the money but thousands of lives and wounded warriors that see all of great people theyre walking down street and what they get for their pain and suffering and its just incompetent politicians again and again i know more about politicians probably than anybody this room we have plenty people that know about politicians but what we get for all of our pain for us suffering we get an infrastructure that eighty five percent collapsing you saw the report there was report that came out two weeks infrastructure this country where bridges very soon some bridges shut down but more than sixty percent bridges are like going to be unsafe soon unsafe car of and yet we spent trillions and trillions of dollars now south have many friends in south korea they dont even understand we protect them guess what just what thousands of televisions for building them doing thousands and thousands theyll come from south korea what do you think pay us for protection so think we get anything for all those televisions i dont think try buying american made almost impossible love to do it but its almost nothing we protect and then they us economically try figure out what doing why we doing this and with so many other things china of course being worst abusers no question china has been a all star abuser united states and do it through manipulation of their currency and makes impossible for this country compete because their heads are much smarter than our head so they do things that we cant do they do things that we wouldnt think of doing and i actually you know i people say dislike john dislike so many friends china i have one man hes very very successful businessmen paid fortune actually for apartments about anybody gives lot money that but he said to me we cant believe what get away with and hes sophisticated guy and he doesnt make speeches about what said not but he said in china we cannot believe how stupid the american politicians we not believe what away with we have built china profits off your back have theyve rebuilt china again you never see anything like whats going on china say that about many countries and what was last time you heard report about united states like something positive like we made great deal against mexico we made great deal against colombia or here we dont make good make all will like this stupid bully that gets beat up school all the time bully that gets and it you just dont about those things mean what was seriously you heard anything as if nothing positive brazil as smart numbers they do us economically its just unbelievable advantages they have and how we help and how we encourage them and nobody understands why why would that happen but we encourage them to do so somebody has to be put in office that really knows what theyre doing and much time because were going so far over ledge eventually fall we are really get twenty trillion dollars a magic numbers twenty four trillion far away but thats magic number thats number where it becomes almost inescapable but when you get to numbers like that word trillion all watching the stuff pretty closely world very political people and youve never heard word trillion ten years ago was like word that would be vocabulary trillion was like foreign word now its commonplace our deficits are so many different things going on years weve had these massive deficits and number gets bigger of we have little reprise now and people and actually one thing say about obama im not big fan but hes luckiest president and hes been luckiest guy he was running for the senate and was losing by fortune and guy was running against ended up being whats wife beater something so he wins that hes running for presidency he wins should okay back abraham lincoln won and you think he ran against mitt and no way could and mitchell okay job he couldnt finish i couldnt finish lot things happy into that because just before talk about some potential candidates because our country we really we really need somebody good so weve got stop some of the massive problem islamic terrorism is going to be worse and worse and president obama doesnt use word islamic he doesnt want use the word and whatever is terrorism but islamic terrorism gotta be stopped probably twelve years ago said terrorism someday is big problem and one person predict i will predict that lot this youve all been watching talk about china for years was right i was right on russia and get along with russia we have have miss universe pageants i they were moscow last year get along great with along with people that necessarily your friends and do very well and out ahead out ahead but the level of hatred the world has for us and we give him nothing but we give everything we have anything to give and they hate us but more than hate dont respect and leader so its really tough now common core is bad common okay its got be local second amendment is good right its good you see all the stuff i mean one thing know the bad guys guns thats one thing know maybe if you could guarantee start thinking about bad guys have guns and how people can say so much about guns and what the the people that are really the trouble with weapons self defense can have no nothing because guarantee you have anybody gives it up on the bad side so you have to start thinking terms of second amendment and you have to cherish the second amendment have to so want back second to the election so we have very importantly many different things can so many things can happen for positive romney lost it was election that should won hes got same problems hes always had forty seven percent stupid statement is problem or not we bring that up again because made number years ago because nice nice forty seven percent problem is problem rami cares back wanted him to win i was hoping hed win something happened in the like deal maker cant make deal something happened him in the end and nobody knows what it is and thing that i think because i gave lot money give time worked hard help them williams primaries in general election there so have fine lot other things to do fairness should have because florida love florida do great places but helped them lot with six different states anyone everyone them and you know he made statement at the end or his people did dont statement to make himself feel better or what but said he never really wanted win presidency anyway and was so angry at that statement thats a statement sometimes deal maker will make say that makes feel better about not getting the deal but here you have you remember that does anybody remember that was part of what he said sometimes you make yourself feel better when you say that know well like me wanted anyway feel cant say that when youre running for president and because too many people are hurt too many people have worked too hard theyve worked too hard and they put up too much not money they put up too much of their blood sweat and tears and you just cant say so he had his chance in my opinion that chance is better one another word i believe that its tougher next election republican presidential candidate i actually think that the next election tougher republicans on presidential base and lot reasons for that and hillary its probably going be hillary but and think she can absolutely be beaten but i think that theres a very its very tough election compared failed president and i regret that didnt was leading in every poll was doing great and and everything was doing great and ultimately decided was doing things all over world did have contractual relationship when apprentice and is big massive show on television but but i felt maybe romney could carry the ball back but we have to win this next election you have to win it justin thing like executive orders wipe them day somebody said what would be the first executive order joe question what would be the first executive order or think that you would and said id look executive orders but first thing probably would be end obamacare and something better dont want just end it create something i i would do a tremendous im thing i really good builder i build under budget and ahead i would build one great walls of all time theres nobody there be getting through there wont be there wont be like i saw last week television believe what people just walk into this country and saying which state maybe go florida little and GUARD just standing there with their guns and just saying go ahead wont happen believe its not happen but we talk about bush so bush mean the expression and started everyone saying it guess people forget one bad thing about doing things like do is you start something then everyone picks up where all started but i did say the last thing we need is another bush okay now romney choked and didnt good job last month cant give another chance youre great athlete there some athletes that joke tom brady doesnt choke okay but their athletes chill most of them joke we cant take another chance on with bush hes weak immigration he wants common core and his brother gave us obama okay and this bush from everything ive heard pushed very hard that roberts became the justice supreme court so he wanted roberts and roberts do he essentially gave obamacare second line justices and court i hear one even speak not believe that did even speak weve got some problems country and we can straighten its country with great great potential its gotta be done quickly you cannot go through another four years or eight years what weve been going through because not same place and i am actually very good at solving and im very good at management and im very good at lot and will tell you i have great compassion for people mean its very important we have to make this country rich again now that sounds its terrible statement no its not if we want keep social security is do i watch these people the republicans saying lets cut social security lets cut medicare lets cut i dont want cut we have much potential this country for making so much i want make this country rich again dont have to cut social security have cut medicare and medicaid and you can do that believe you can do that interesting poll it was taken tea party was two three years ago and was and is people that again love country believe cutting where they can cut but eighty three percent of tea party said leave my social security alone im sorry and thats wanted i wanna make country rich again more importantly i want make our country great again and maybe they go somewhat handed so i am taking very very very serious because ive been watching whats been happening and its no good and ive been watching that whos looking at running and no good dont mean this people i mean its not work and it certainly will not take this country to the next level and id like to see this country go many levels up and tell you what in this room we all expect same thing we have potentially unbelievable place its been wounded really really badly but we can make this country great again and have so with that thank you we got thank you with thatll take few questions i understand so go ahead please great honor questions yes sir carlo gambino this is carlo gambino late great carlo gambino thats very good because carlo gambino said lets good good good lets have another ahead were honestly its funny to be joking but were serious problem okay mean so dont dont consider that very good question go ahead you have to make again so many things you can do to create wealth country doing business one of things do is take the jobs away from china china has made a fortune on us and still have other and look i know people in new york i know people in wall street that are so good and so tough and so smart china wouldnt have chance i want them to negotiate with us against just fine make bad deals have those people we have diplomats we have people that only the first thing about never made deal our president never made deal before except his house thats all questions okay he ever made deal and ill say this ill say this i am giving it serious consideration but its very hard for man whos done many whole life is deal everything every day every hour its like deals deals deals and im really good at it and built tremendous net worth and id be willing to give all that and and do this and and the same thing country but its very hard for that type of person to run youve done so much and in doing it youve beaten people sometimes you beaten to pulp and they dont like you as opposed person that hasnt done a damn thing and they run and say but thats not cut thats not person we need this country so there lot things said number one would make great deals with other countries wouldnt be sucking our blood and we could have so much wealth this country again used have that we dont have anymore were very where debtor nation right now we are debtor nation yes go ahead think hillary can be i actually think ill know hillary very well and very well and think hillary can absolutely think hillary first of all it may not be could somebody think me i just by showing how great country could be and hillarys hillary stuck very bad position because shes got to justify what obamas done to certain extent and think ultimately thats going to be very tough position will say this hillary being woman have women that been less of woman its very tough im not saying its be easy im saying i could i can tell you this the people that im watching you interview dont have chance good one want good one yeah hes got same ones certainly cut that at least way down mean that could be little coordination fairness because i am totally against common but you could cut that way way way down i think environmental protection agency is disaster maybe more than and as builder i see things coming out shower heads the water people stand shower four times as long okay the sinks water cant come out so they have running through because cant still fill up same pots and pans at water doesnt come out i can go step further the toilets disaster has anyone bought new toilet recently so that twenty times because they dont work but environmental protection agency in this country and in particular federal level are total and total joke and that would be one that would dead cut and would also do big number education do one more ahead yes maam everyone surprise surprised tall am so i im six three they i photograph short by the way tonight tonight the apprentice joan rivers makes her final thing we love im telling shes great and shes tonight such its yes maam go ahead by creating incentive and by having leadership by having people with business act human and business minds you can do it we can become great again this country can become great again right now going off cliff and its going very very tough should take one go ahead one more question go ahead well i never seen anybody make so many bad deals as obama with some of these public private with the with the solar energy where theyre all going down tubes and then friends of mine from wall street buying plants like two cents dollar thing is ridiculous that should stay out to large extent that should stay at ladies i just wanna thank we have great country we can really turn around you gotta pick right person and ill tell you twenty sixteen is the most important year the most important action youre see ever made thank very much thank you thank you they