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its me worry and tara came today i decided to do an ex marine down because have to win really long time source guys on tour and facebook ads will put chains and carry it around school whats your favorite snack i do also my favorite snacks i whats being thanks early and late vienna sausage jeans she story thing would be general michael me counsel clutching asking in like that jazz said where going on your tour minutes way lots playing this heres list all places im going this year so far someone tickets soaring out really fast when saw get yours payroll lives said can you say i slipped the shul i shouldering soaring in this sentence children through six times by prime both schools eyes look shoot this scene i slit the numbness linda scene thats it as linda she knows she has lied in saying this that its going to shit in this plan to change yeah but itll all next are you bringing things no longer as they know keening ive lots friends of other races i speak all the different languages i can speak american canadian australian mexican so no course how goodly does your breaths now it can you wrap well you didnt know about well then im gonna be can show us your best dance moves i alarming murphy into so much and or my murphy and so much that that is team up with state corny so can meet one my top murphy in france so you guys can remember back video rental clerks printout we had contest where you guys would send subscribe quick meant to kings and well pick demeanor and them surprise our winners and met them in los angeles it was really fun we played games we talked we heard we laughed at it really really good time with them nt you had really fun jane how beautiful she realistically steve kerr feeney planter and one day and njoya hang clean want see whole video of surprising fans and can watch that video legal gonna such and sings pick mean fans and on campaigns makers from have you ever scare late they charge was coming off well get this will be but that jungle this is good one house show i cant remember dont care with miracles i could probably deal who some americans care dont just give up close all fine im going again because im online doing stop pulling little one them all what did you want sleep better do interpret chain of automotive paint would you rather know annulata alone close enough whats favorite you tube performer stuff myself what favorite thing to do when youre born car whom liked peak well there go thats quenching family answer of you i still think you for watching this video will try give thumbs up and make sure check out that video idea was great quake and ill sing lines full applause videos on mondays and thursdays any better source described from our entire fritz pick i wish we still going affect them i wish my carabus full of milk down which measurements was my only goal dumbing things