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yeah dont i get off ground hey you set your pants what the fock stay they rough you up our get down well dont know speak to week lets get out here not down on the ground when you still sub that is very very bad sniper down hey over there guys extra ammo here many back here yes the first aid kit fuck it all better get me free come out already up stairs extra im over here camera i dont study book out there doctor shed dom sniper follow me on it hello hello okay this shitty russia radios noah fucking junk come on do you think back stay right this way my eyes but got up but the floor shell do bond several times yet i dont dare we sure fucked up this place in good way down they messed you up bit lookout treasure get all the ground got eight they don dont show guts or you weird show guts her up guys dont dont kill him yet now okay okay does care food here if kicking and screaming time i played the first aid kit here lets do what came for laughter you guys suck like they don and we became great friends well lets do this and thats do it well hey color its taser come with me get down on ground ids bars like yeah im losing blood to the mother fucker just wipe the blood off cooker too right moved to tell you step by now diaper bush youre just told them that up yeah right away following me though i think dream job drew job guys i was calling my mom so this was my phone see they may get we ought have a close look at the floor closer than that youre gonna cheat and potatoes man without potatoes okay time to really fuck this up straight ahead computer this step on all your favorite dont you get out i fucking kill you yassin diaper down it could have gone faster down get back up and fight culture i thought it had something to it wasnt you follow me now culture down get off your ass weak spot that is sealed hey faster faster come with me whos done croquet too whos done it down im im glad comment below shell kill the mess you are bad issue something wrong with computer so better faster goodbye cuffs who knew some of most body double dues call bubba signatures fucking dark do not make me interesting you should gaon wont ouch shield down yeah funky croaker but still yeah suit monday color you smuggle model of sporty double dish on on ground coker i did order the mobile zach talks dust i put down the taser somebody a i did had to eat this camera got it we got away i we got some shoe with us through our get melted the stuffs okay proved to breathing lets bite more than we can chew their dreams shot defense first aid kit get band aid here frosh week at third theyre fucking shield i cannot believe you remove it ouch crazy but dont matter your bed get comfortable lp sh n which maybe our current world trying to control how its done run cooler if shield your computer is stuck move big guy coming back yeah yeah dont do we best youll steam rolled like fucking sarma and off of the sneaking shaped dont move coming stay down flashback snipers there faster faster on me now we are on roll motherfuckers there killed this year yeah well were gonna shoot yet but will get off computer fucking up sorry man rowbottom step up backing that sharon hey got us pay will got soon ned go fucking crazy though both because theyve tackled be eyeball who who lacks gory deceit get up and tell you like lame don t houston we kissed us we too can names by our bonsall flocking flyer that says what song well k control nothing to worry about here does lot talk that sorry controller isaiah i fell asleep on the bottom wants done thats trucker you did fucking dream follow smart money stay down smart but im still alive you smoked im still down you still alive order round ratcheted up takes to right do what gotta do but do it fast apologies control nothing to report color tough yourself fuck dead was rush did fuck thought there go down big discuss this is the place taser faster faster sorry control and i think batteries are dying careful yeah we got shoe deal distilled look out one more second a flock breed that we pay week hello is it me you looking for or i bet discuss bit hey hes done get it done did computer broke down says chains the duties people dont fucking move lex native these yeah starter up takeover yet bear must be who was very smart little garden through that work we all find here control ha you dont guy around i got a bombs away got done soon yeah they got out the computer needs check up cuff yourself go up ill be there downstairs i think down tell us the computer process is messed up gonna get down their ratings near my crotch my boner pressed button not me help me i thought saw a burger but it was just burger dispelling confused me medic bag dropped got it all up cover dynasts okay dozers but god i show the call came from here call because they do not got poor grenade their way to the term tsar hawkstone but still got daughter here up the stairs jobs you can do it thats bite more than we can chew lets get to it dione almost got better yeah well its culture i thought saw a robber buddy lives a jogger they rhyme so i was confused did really screaming like pig coquette nature he said for ya he sees the way faith to got shoot over here because theyre not the same issue dobra two days your body georgia post then no i feel like a child yes you dont have to pay well i did wood of mobile it totaled everythings cool maybe a your speakers making things up many back here thanks for caring but nothings going on here thanks inside here come on run run short of saul dusty in there leaving everything is secure control i just need is the right thing three radio im sorry control nothing to worry about here yet it shouldnt dont go there taser stay back down stairs hands off the mobile telephones nothing to worry about here keep controlling control yeah done locked and loaded take showers that pressure fucking get it over with watch out yeah yes get up already down card beach go yet not still a bit months you stay down or i terminate your contract down there down we fucking after the catch him yet bilo sweet pull scandal we got culture thats the guys slow down and think that happy things like your meat sandwich where guys play that shit yeah yeah through left right this way what some state route do really thought i got you whos done move my eyes dont fuck you but hey we find here control left got eight fight now sleep later there are still got shield yes the first aid kit week then wake cooker dad men back in place stayed calm down on ground its trucker why coming over yeah was wondering what does fox say not and stay put they were treating on ground coker coming easy not easy doctors try prayer well good here thanks for calling i gots not your dad states do taser too theyre turning back got eight dont move yeah thats what good does that does that killed has you know some shielded theres this book had the computer job whom am hello hello routes god i know whats going down the that you could about scab bill yeah sort of worrying these you know but get donald i kill you lets crank up the volume justice and how hard could press this button think my radio broke chains i got the bulldozer thanks my brother got doctor here right fucking now dont down a small sigh i have no problem putting holding your brain stood down everyone gets off ground gets chat poop being dies go faster kill the sniper get up dont make me say it again i have no problem putting holding your brain stay down cooker spotted week coca our hey hawkstone get down to get killed come on stay back how do yankee ca chillout well she loved or fuck you cut you in for dozer first aid kit right here got tough week yeah chains not right way alright now this is getting interesting caucus papa i was changing batteries in my radio maybe it was that sort all is fine im just hungry you know my stomach is screaming hey sorry have things k thanks okay up jump down snub ouch straight down on ground move another cut your nose and shot up your ass so you can smell your old pool fucked up i got out and baggy in place card time to leave got a car everyone stay down and stay quiet you blew latching we having good time shed you look fucked up drew jam sit down let me help you we got truck that i just called to say i love you over you found control im you do this i have you the computer is acting up like court law close your eyes go to happy place doled out time for action who watch out better i dont fucking move thats not fair stay back thank motherfucker faces to ground bartoszewski guy yeah good ya dont move faster i got it now its done shoes cuff yourselves ko theyre grown were found window and throw you in i got the call because we got go there and dont get up i got dozer is everyone down and have good ass full time now lets get the van sciver feedback and bag dropped sniper out and right here where dont think they did yeah thats hit it how you in there cup though scrambling down dont make me take interest in you not much finesse by love bang and things funnier on stand fine the computer process smashed up here so computer is stuck quiet as grave here now let me go back to sleep wrong know im coming move it got it sheath that locked up im fucked up e demo rule dot fit booked hey does yeah lets go crazy are im bad year many bags set that through not much finesse by lot of bags yeah got me now cuff yourself thats phaser and dark blue harijans wish ready for action decide what they did there because the rack put dio cuffs bags get it done now okay color you get up high it must be problem at your end fireworks first aid kit there got taser big guy down need break out just hold on fuck matt youve got taller mall that somebody already chew on man belize joined ground now culture yeah believe god yeah he them all your dreams while ted heads down we got this nightmare chaise stay through or be dead easy choice i love you for bond now drops trains does it all she i fucked up yeah coming im double timing it sorry control i slipped on button that do these people dont give up its okay control i was just fooling around and stay there everythings under control control the pain is only your mind the computer process is messed up yet better bar stay through why repaid to floor red with hint of gray stone culture down yet thought broke my day hey its bad but it could be worse heres medic bag breast lets play dead or do stop being game youtube roughed up do what gotta do but do it fast never visa does that i feed i goldar as lumia sh stay oh this is nt may be nt trying to control i dont move well no time for nap a bulldozer really need to punch face now lets get the van we got taser cop song yeah computers though patrons i sit down to the large budget then backing dacha eleventh hour mass consumed destroyed you understand ready for action she that was easy say maybe desert can handle the pressure lookout snide prior stays still young case were drilling go go that hit everything is grey just great taser dad denies your drug ill stay down drago like cyber dad still donna think happy things like sorry mom run faster go go go run the pulling back we got drew problems its duggar coming you bleeding but youll be okay jumped out here housing is fine here control bug someone else non yeah but hes not pregnant bobbis say i got phaser high up time to do this go faster thats navies move it dont theyre out shell doubts fuck you die that cover sniper shooting