Object Terror | [Ep.4] A Perplexing Massacre [Full Episode]

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look shes attracted challenge on impulse indications that we are always up to date on our content thank you now enjoy dont dont dont arm everyone shopping themselves are a joke payment you over here are saying parents see nobody likes me not even clouds on super duper wow really yeah someone finally likes me left the bedspread forever but this girl the magazine no one im sorry yall i love my boss thats or little weird i barring yeah magazine is still annoying what loser so whats new with you too nothing little aggravate why is that cactus is really annoying brads about everything dont his problem yeah him like it did couldnt hell be in st cast ill taking care you think today man take your order soon ill have steak with salad please ill be having grilled pork chop with baked potato until amici please im just gonna have some salad just salad i am just not that hungry okay coming right up wait whats this the bell guess what time it is everyone it whipped cream time shine obviously not nobody likes you actually everybody likes me yeah you doing buddy hehir so tug of war trains its your first time here how you liking it on smells pretty bad yawns i dont think they will like that even why always have bring state where every single time you talk anyways weve got whopping two thousand one hundred fifty one votes this time eight hundred ninety three more than last time surprisingly with nine hundred sixty one likes it one thousand one hundred ninety despite my computer im looking at the ratings episode three and likes and dislikes do not equal two thousand one hundred fifty one do you seriously think everyone who watches has each the reason we used poles the description muscle people out accounts can vote to show the likes reporter with one hundred ninety three likes it when prize then your price is bag potato chips im again like the best prize ever look alikes out way lets start with dislikes the first step save reliable vote stapler will twenty one those thirty four most likely been fifty one votes this cable fifty nine votes coffee cup anyone vote if at the head no fed what got him but only eleven how do i have at times as much looks at him dont we actions dont be such baby right now i lost my train of thoughts or should say my porch right pull ups funny one three cactus magazine to be poop all kind of things hard right just like speech yeah indeed infuriated by hundreds of people hundred seventy eight votes magazine is safe well one second brought to you cactus and people have at least three hundred votes each what im bottom two i dont understand why people love to be put up there and we know it is the reasoning for one your spiritual is that they thought you branch your strength i have been training for months you know and im not bragging everyone just really cares about me and my muscles people your so called sex invoice obviously isnt being sex here all over three hundred people hate it oh sure you would like me to go back my shoe print dexter appeared fort ord you never mind i take that back i serve results people just last one six three hundred twenty five votes and cactus you open limited four hundred three votes speak your words and practice are you gay obviously not all so stupid how can get more votes than wallets this is nonsense also everyone thinks i play it when never ever play all of this is full moon when he its kind of hard so if you want you know what computer course meat right now im so strong that i will survive thought was eliminated with cactus gone only eighteen remain now its time for the next challenge honey you insist sure thing bus lights up lights on okay can distance todays jones is murder mystery one contestant will randomly pick be the murderer was so lets go off murder will shoot and kill whoever they like after they killed someone everyone will then vote whoever they think the killer is person with most votes will be punished if murderer is caught the round is over however if not the lights will turn back off in murder will kill someone else they will keep going until only the murderer remains were murderous kat if only the murderer remains thirteen gets point both their cots his her opposing team will get point first team get two points wins ill give murder night vision goggles so they can see okay lets start around one we who died okay guys discuss you think the murderers do you think its placed right isnt it obvious hate me going through dont lie you play on the stage tonight we know its you youre the only one at all here idle reads mean weight ones before we assume thats flash stripe should meet you know theres more than one person in this room that hate simmons doesnt everyone hates him no okay you hate men raise your hand or but now we have five sets youre assuming im suspect well its chance it could also be people to listen if want me to avert birds know if were to grow their beer sixty both so i would want to bleach chip or visit them time yeah beeper probably kill trial because hes mean have so has beaver magazine this get beer or floss drive sorry flash drive i still dont trust you seem hate me the most of everyone here with luck so you also bodin yeah paints ride think we should vote now alright guys point to who you think murder is okay so flash drive is the blackened and its time for his execution so carpet evening died carpet okay which one of you it was those killed might do you make out that stupid square dont you like baby stephen square i love i did two people that hate both of them who exactly let lizzy now and biscuit et or do you know once he gave you hate both corporate and men who lost could it be deal i did so through magazine what is it you kill my best friend yeah you are magazine just evil so you in making your is murderer alright printer start voting please okay you guys may now vote okay thats the end round one magazine has been caught meaning bounty buses get point okay its time for round two boo who will be the killer this time no no not coffee cup well whos the killer this time i dont know i mean there isnt anyone here hates coughed up right if hate because got me so why would they of course they would theyre both idiots two i think person who did it will be most of start himself wont move out of the way ugly now it is that they don i i thought it meant that gunman hes the killer no theres no way for him he wouldnt hurt fly im what missed maybe he would but that doesnt mean would to person im sure it was him im sure was you whoa what youve heard me i said im sure would yeah no please it isnt me i guess it isnt darn does it it has to be me lets vote it is voting time time to vote everyone yeah yeah kids use one of most votes is meat and you guys are correct he was murderer so its time for his execution wont move okay through the tour were trains get point both teams tied once one so we need tie breaker round now hear from anyways so whipped cream actually me and pain to our acquaintances what made you think it was me yeah through alleys that way but it had to be you know wants him announcement and would never kill and email me if your average ganks that here some kind of suspicious be honest voting time way we didnt get enough time talk about pains murderer delete your conversation was long enough it was so warring votes okay you guys guess correctly once again did why stapler who murdered paint lets travel okay now its time to reveal the scores but for two one lead the bounty buses when again i okay everybody once again the trigger work trains will lose member but before show who vote for i need tell you guys something important so now that got that out of way viewers vote one kid doesnt get eliminated and want to get prize using pole description voting ends the damn screen and up to five comes out whenever its done anyway like the video subscribe keep your eyes peeled for the next episode object terror thank you all for your attention or do wanna play some more for ben and could no longer too much for him dont know who