Rockos Modern Life - 1x08 - A Sucker for the Suck-O-Matic - Canned.mp4

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you know useless like useless being it is last straw rubbish feel minoring wned and keep it down trying watch tv it takes picks daily in every time try clean up this book may be cleaner goes fate if on floor from before i leave the now we know why next on channel will show you had major musical return even more exquisite because youre letting your personality take whiff dont like much you cuddly furniture there chasing sweet card but thats the real nggas that land i dont think i can catch king reporting live from washington dc the official motorcade is just come around corner now and all my god theres burst gunfire final game due out three and that he a hundred channels and theres nothing i we have hundreds burt and perky gifts for you home shoppers mmhm thats more like it first for toddlers xr deluxe tape car childs heart will melt when he sees this colony of tapeworms grinding through stomach right honest shall wned serial friend lucky me cucu mean she twenty what does come from let me say think he has granted boy what does that mean hey rocco ppvs working again take break the net effect sometimes think only he can do exist an endless willed it do you sometimes think destined to exist an endless world milk all when you order the incredibles sought gall bladder uhhuh michael manning thank you what regular pop culture telephone answering well let there be other that but that is well very good jeanne thats not all what right coming later i hope that one the with letters it is world politics because hell leann one the most helpful reading household device on they are now the you think want to do this that they made it the most noble rethinking advice on face the air you are just automatic most temperate console device on face the earth yeah sign here here here here here here and initial here when you wanted well i i talk about here thank you do you check out this list of safety warning do not use your open flame doing that you saw always plug built to this year when you properly suckle matic emits cooperatively safe levels of radiation what which they they would fill this template welded fate yeah would they and here i let him go if they found it he fully where should we start lets dock with it copic wned unicycles no we must stephen maybe she tore the needing to explain tell and uhhuh looking in some i am you lets do that again what we do now we gonna return it money back i see the receipt i know congratulations by not its a little too i must have bought were being sucked some guy got roy drops why why it courtesy babys full well cut the room other than poem looks like potato chip got caught its throat mmhm barbecue flavor my god i dont believe it they did seventy three my favorite year do you have new line for you want buy right now now do it you what comic books you can become so hot on your hands every time you turn page wash your hands it turning page youre washing hands it turned page washing hands and then you turn page and in your rocco managers often ask weve heard very much and im im constantly state wanting to throw up youll never be satisfied with mortal woman look like that elf let you are so beautiful youll spend rest of your life searching for that name yeah wha no youre in idiot there is gone one four five six nine one oh come and have seat couldnt live news your brain from low fit for the job title six one two did job title eight one all up from the device using standard but i can but sticks in hiring apparently bear in we have cut holes in our work force to eliminate counterproductive and what does that mean minor no mercy mmhm i yeah yeah guarded camo they had put that besides play not my wife had yeah well let my dog and cat my scalp he lived an area for those im about as lewis well i yeah sorry it would at least begin hes got pen wait what can do so nearly up to you lost my job thanks buddy have be any job he suddenly her kp what is working sandy just anything wrong no one by little queasy thats all written but i wanted cover the rueful by ballot it looked just like that big cannot be that says gloria right up tastes like chicken nma interested bush but he can it make lot money did you get that thanks law or did you get that thanks lot alright did you get the ball rolling speak to final parade baby out bag had thanks funky did he think palast at conduct plumb out no what do you know locked im here about the job gennaro give you know id still yeah mmhm yeah shouldnt do have something in it product testing book mid right this way news is not all of conglomerates hiding products we didnt know it existed the postmaster why dont we yeah made acts wait minute i dont have does you how tense similar new genetically enhancing to ntsa anyone world on net the coach didnt rethink neurotic doug thomas thing ive ever heard use an amazing device do brings consumer of her their styles without the hassle go to the salon if you well laying around you miserable who is our test rumors mmhm like trying do is get that shit its so we know its untested matt do math repellent yeah prayers k can get anything yeah i got away from now i live comic book still page wash your hands tying page wash your hands kinda page wash your hands does your memory little story carried five volume set nuclear swan im double parked and have customer waiting ill point out not case and what bob white cowboy have you got it or no why dont you give me pack of gum as well im you know make one step at comics and one pack of gum noone will lead very well but now almost a mile all bully i think thats it because we dont need different and all yeah we need next week will claudia yeah now are double picked us up yeah yeah yeah yeah as well because know up thanks bob had surely chalo i