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now wow thank you so great be back in new york its so great thank you really some group of people so we broke the all time now the ice whatever that is is filling up and now i hear in school and have thousands people outside would anybody like to exchange places right the right thank you very much have my brother robert here and and where i were on where is my brother where is that guy and then maria you know they have restaurant you might as well do little bit is montes which is great restaurant does anybody know monty it at three thirty three route three forty three right so you know what you better get over there okay now theyll go back into the limo have look all that live television did i give them great free ed okay okay rob well i just want thank everybody were having amazing time this is been incredible and you know lot things going on and were dealing with democracy were dealing with great country but our countrys in big big big trouble and you know what folks were not gonna take it anymore its not gonna happen would not take today on drugs drudge great guy matt drudge one great people and at the top of drugs they have story about china is very upset with donald trump you all saw that because donald trump is saying that trade practices that china participation are not good and theyre taking advantage they are folks and boy did i let you have to see my response you go home see my response i say in the history of the world this is the single greatest after ive ever seen weve rebuilt china we have five hundred billion dollar trade deficit and you know what were gonna start reversing things very very quickly believe me i have feeling that china would like to not win do agree with that have and you know we just want fairness i deal with china made lot money dealing with china theyre great but problem is our leaders dont have clue they dont know what theyre doing whether its china mexico japan vietnam no matter where you go our leaders have no clue our military is being decimated we cant beat isis can you imagine what general george look at this take look general macarthur right george patton we have these great generals there now spinning in their graves folks to look at the situation we cant beat isis its going to be a much different story we got it we are going to create a military thats so strong so powerful that nobody is ever going to mess with us again remember that and know this is not the guy with happy figure this is guy that said dont go into iraq we wanted to iraq was disastrous decision then we got out and we got out the wrong way once we were there we should last and we dont have to save day that were leaving we will be leaving obama we will be leaving on certain day the enemy pulls back boy have they done number ever since we left so its very sad you look at the iran deal ahar show but the other deal we gave them we just handed them iraqs if you think of it we hand them rack the second largest oil reserves in world we gave it to iran iran is doing very very well because united states want tell you folks i want tell you were going become the smart come it would look as as country as country its so embarrassing to say but we are going to become this market country again we are going to become this smart country now on my way up i dont want depress the audience love the audience you what i did i get here and i said ill shake ten fifteen hits know i dont do too much got speak front all my friends i have the people know it is real i hope you love my club you have club in dutchess right trump national great great flow that doug is here in brians you theyre all your great club but have many clubs up have many things up here but this is a great part of the world but let give that let me give you the bad news i cant believe you people would let this happen but you know it wasnt you you do know that its incompetent leaders incompetent leadership so before i came up should do me favor give me little soft porn poughkeepsie in the area and want read it and not going read all because youll go home crying okay but were gonna bring it back dont worry does his goodness good news is were gonna bring jobs back from mexico all these places that have ripped us off if we get federal reserve the number of manufacturing jobs in poughkeepsie region good region has declined by fifty eight percent since nineteen nine the three main reasons nafta which was voted on by j sick okay voted in favor of nafta now now jay sick is voting in favor he wants tp please pushing it as governor is pushing it and want tell you thats going be worsted nafta thats gonna make nafta look like baby and him and and ted cruz one great liars of all one of great lies to all time theyre pushing theyre pushing trans pacific partnership is total disaster it will wipe out new york state and ive been many places in new york state albany were gonna be buffalo tomorrow night is going of twenty thousand people but ive been all over new york so i was here before dont go and know im like everybody else i live here right but i mean have property in your region is not even that but ill tell you why ive taken look and watch and i see and these politicians dont have it then never gonna bring us back then never ever going take us back im self funding by campaign another words are not bought by the special interests and lobbyists but have these guys totally in their pocket mean you look at whats going take look at it senator ted cruz and i intend you know he wants to write with bible held high so i did that because he walks in by held high puts it down goes up here and he starts to i had more than any human being ive ever seen in my life so youre not gonna vote him and remember this line into news and know theyre really saying would you endorse trump and hes got well exist that know like hes torture he doesnt have to dont care i want people just want people these guys you know its so phony like do have watch political campaigns all my life ive watched him ive always been fascinated and theyll be fighting and fighting it saying horrible things about each others vicious than one wins one loses and they go to make a speech and one that loses like to congratulate hes going be great governor senator or president i dont think im going doing that folks you now dont think so number one i dont think were making any concessions beaches are ill be honest and you know were doing so well will leading by millions of votes well leading by hundreds of delegates i think were gonna make it without having to you know rely on the bosses you saw what happened colorado where people picketing and going crazy well in colorado and i said dont waste my money is nice but ive spent im self funding right and may because web business but ive spent less money just about that practically anybody and im in number one position by lot dont you want that for your president you want that spent less you know we went up to new hampshire we won new hampshire was my first big love new hampshire we wanted and i spent two million dollars and jab i dont know many many times and i came in first in landslide ads lets not use names but jeb was awhile did he get and then i went to south carolina and all of the bosses came out and they were all like you know pushing one guy because one guy had lot of guns contributors lot contributors i won in landslide total nikki haley was forum everybody was forum and you know what well shes very weak on a j what shes very weak on borders and shes very weak very on illegal immigration and know what folks where dad strong borders where going to have strong borders and were gonna have the wall now the one hundred percent are you ready are you are you ready are you ready you better believe you better believe it so just because im you people have never heard of this im sure never thought of this who is going to pay for the law who hundred percent hundred prison we have right now a fifty eight billion dollar year trade deficit with mexico the wall is going cost ten billion dollars could nice will get beautiful be very big very powerful someday they got name that wall after donald trump perhaps i have to make it and let me tell you were gonna have big beautiful door in that wall were going to have people coming into our country which we want but theyre going to come in legally legally okay and were going bring our country together you see what you know my rallies are the safest place on earth because everybody protects everybody and know if you have one person stand up and i just im so disappointed we have it because if you do the only the only time very dishonest people look all live television all that live television the media i would say that media lies almost as much as lie and ted but not quite not and then of course we have crooked hillary hilary fung shes been crooked from the beginning and to think that she has shot at big our president hillary clinton we cant let it happen you cant let it happen and vox just came out with very good i do great with her now i will say this will say this saw one of shows they said i have had this is hard believe ive had fifty five thousand negative ads fifty five thousand this is that they will tell you you know i have to be hundred if im off by one percent the next day they say donald trump exaggerated a fifty five thousand negative ads close to hundred million dollars negative and im still doing great and were gonna beat hillary so easily okay sick has had no negative ads nobody cares nobody can said are you doing better again as you would know because nobody knows who he is no of course do hes had no negative let him have hundred million dollars of negative ads you know in florida which won in landslide twenty one points won florida by master and we had so many negative ads that i couldnt even watch and told story adam scott great golfer from australia dont drop that youll do well well having world cadillac world championship adam scott hit this incredible last shot flopped up put it right next the pin sinks the putt and im saying all please dont put on the edge not just get through hand them trophy and set and now will be back in three minutes say wait minute and i have im surrounded by television sets all over place and ive been watching in florida during the race during that which well but it we have big victory there dont forget it doesnt get any bigger than that twenty one points okay so during im saying wait minute so now out of scotts getting ready and bad after red by the way most these ads like little to every once awhile you little bit but most of these ads are total lie we had ed and after and and then got his trophy us this can only happen to me this could only happen to me but if kay sick if k steak would get little dose of some ads hed iraq mean say the say i would really said seriously same thing with client ted mean nobody hits with negative ads because nobody cares nobody cares and let tell you the only person that get hillary clinton does not want run against is donald trump really you remember so too much ago we gave little does she said something about me and gave back and believe me that was bad night in clinton household for two months and i got no credit all sudden bernie started doing well and im the one that brought like this and they get bernie the credit is that terrible they should given me the credit no no look i know bloody people know people that working with her know people that work with everybody the one person hillary clinton at bill do not want run against his trump believe me that billy and even press does admit and theyve done lot polling on this and fox poll that just came out was fantastic by way but theyve done lot polling on this and even press bit so they have to say it will be the biggest voter turnout in the history of united states elections if its strong and and thats good for us itll be the biggest voted everybody says and know we dont vote too much in this country the percentage is extremely low this will be trump versus clinton will be the biggest voter turnout in history of country everybody says right right you see so okay were gonna go over couple these notes and then im going throw them into the audience okay youre ready so the reasons you doing badly on nafta asian currency manipulation they manipulate their currency to appoint delight grandmasters theyre brilliant died at i get it so well we have our politicians dont understand that make it impossible for companys compete and theyre not supposed be doing it okay theyre not supposed be doing it and chinese entrance into the world trade organization another disaster where we let that happen i tpp remember disaster dont let happen anybody that wants it vote him out of office up here theyre gonna take the rest the abyss okay poughkeepsie lost thirty five percent its manufacturing jobs since two thousand one poughkeepsie region has seen sixteen percent decline mining and construction jobs ridiculous did you know is getting them other places getting other countries its not even in united states in the united states not good outside united states on acceptable okay the work force in poughkeepsie look these guys done cry dont worry about gonna bring it back you jobs coming the work force of poughkeepsie region has shrunk by twenty thousand jobs since two thousand eight right new york state has lost three out of every four manufacturing jobs since nineteen sixty three four i mean its very we should have many more you know over the years would pick up jobs right weve the wrong way as you well know thats why your taxes so high thats why your taxes so high i mean i wont even talk about fact that we could led the energy revolution believe me because you take look at whats going on pennsylvania and then you take look the other side of a fictitious line pretty said let tell that new york state is lost three hundred fifty thousand manufacturing jobs since ninety seven three hundred fifty thousand mean its its honestly its disgrace as anybody crying on women crying of men crying by way do the women love trump yeah during the around for those design thank you thank you by the way they wont show they never turn camera the only time they turned cameras of we have protester why love our protesters most of my bought and paid for you know we had protest little protest other night york that guy why you here dont know i ive they gave me the sun what to somebody else why are you here and why do you dislike donald trump i really dont know i think hes good guy actually they did this is all nonsense vox im telling you we are we are being led down the drain by people that dont have this countrys best interests at heart all are there did up the infrastructure new york state is considered by all to be a total and complete disaster are in very bad condition poor affair now illegal immigration cost new york taxpayers over five billion dollars every thats were going get it going folks we got it we all get going dont worry hey is that depressing report had to read it fact have most of your west europe bush was seraph wheres wheres bush one of toughest guys you dont want be a criminal in this area that want tell you butch butch will take care of business right but and its great here as so many law enforcement and by the way law enforcement has to be given far more respect these great people and we dont give them proper respect and we have to they have done an amazing job just my here really folks and just im going out to all the on the who are stealing our content we to this so we will you it lets stop up our love if you dont want start knows how aggressive butchs i said well as much of the owners right walks on the stage thats aggressive person thats what we need we need little more aggression in this country so theres story folks were going through winning by lot we have very very big vote coming up on tuesday that voters so vital and have to win by big numbers because we have system thats absolutely rate its rate we have rigged system thank you thank dont dont pay i think is on side actually you know lot times hear somebody screaming doing what im saying i dont think theyre protester and theyre actually on my side so leave so look do have system thats rigged we have system thats crooked we have system thats got lot problems that we have system that doesnt allow the people to vote in many cases and if they do vote their votes isnt really representative of what it should be we have this delegate system which is sham so would colorado the people going crazy out there because they never got chance to vote everywhere you see with dishonest media they say well we never changes they will thats wrong because i was gonna win colorado with people which is only thing that matters and i announced on june sixteenth and in august they judged they change it so the people no longer vote because they saw is gonna vote same thing happened florida but was reversal didnt know what was going on i was going to run and i announcers gonna run and so is jeb bush and so is mark of senators if governor center right and everybody assumed that easily win florida so they change the system and they made it an all in other words get all the delegates if you win you win by one vote you get all the delegates so they sent right this is good way of taking advantage of trump so they made it so that whoever wins gets all of delegates big win florida like second biggest think have california which by the way new poll just came out california twenty minutes ago cbs forty nine percent for trump thought guys in were winning in california were winning everywhere were winning everywhere but got go vote so in florida what happened is they changed it so that winner take all winner take all certificate jap or marco is only one problem but two after they change poll came out and it said trump is gonna kill everybody and then we ended up winning by twenty twenty one points they made bad calculations right theyve been would any where you have situation where were voting thats why do well where the buses are and i could better with bosses that anybody believe i deal with buses that dealt with buses my life ive done very well politically i just dont want to i could gone out colorado im sure could have bet head guy im sure could wind demon taker tomorrow lago private planes of place which is legal but thats not democracy you know youre allowed essentially to pay off these people youre allowed to pay off these delegates and again we want be smart we want be fair and it shouldnt be allowed so in colorado said dont play the game lets keep it so that i love it i love spending least having best result there were killing everybody so heres story so they go out and theyre wining and dining out you have no idea whats going on with those delegates to process okay its dishonest present that has nothing to do with democracy the fact that you take it all these people out and winding up and die they dont nobody does that stuff better than me i just dont want do it i just dont want do it and now you have wyoming it just came out not lot of delegates but it would be easy ill go ill fly away hoping meet chairman guarantee you with ten minutes is my best friend hed drop a guy like cruise in about two seconds okay but just dont want do it because its not the right thing to do we have a bad system and the system has to change has that jay and and weve been getting lot good press mean lot good press and whats happening is were now starting really final drive and we have new york where were doing great were having pennsylvania where were doing great maryland were doing so great and so many places now you know that massachusetts we got almost fifty percent but it helps that tom brady likes me do we agree that was one it does help to tom brady but weve done great and know its funny i watch this guy i have today i feel im talking friends here this is like friendly crowd well ill give you ill give you example okay ill give you example friendly crowd although my hand is to go so backstage my brother calls couple of other do mind shaking hands with maybe five ten people and taking pictures no prob get here thatd two hundred and fifty people i was there for you know in our so does go new york okay thats called aggression thats called aggression my brother including anne marie i got there said what minute wait minute dont want that look look along that line you have no idea im telling been back there for it howre doing to stop and then they said no signatures we have run buy every single person please would you sign this okay please would you how what gonna do i have to sign it or they wont vote for me and now im politician did you believe it so were gonna straighten things out were gonna bring jobs back we gotta bring jobs back to our country we got big jobs back two new york new york state is right now a total and complete disaster well losing our manufacturing were losing our jobs were losing our economy people forced leave and dont want leave have house and your house is worth less now than was fifteen years ago and know we i know all the problems with any change that were going turn around with cheddar ground very sense youd amazed how fast its going go you gonna be amazed how fast but you do look at that statement that i wrote i was so honored when china the head of finance china said about donald trump okay i was on it because now maybe people understood look it i dont even think our leaders know the chinese ripping us off okay dont even think they know and youre gonna go im gonna look at my answer think can say finally finally thats what we need finally but its not just china its japan what they do with currency is unbelievable the devaluations its mexico its vietnam its any country you can think of any country any country so were gonna bring it back so his story folks in two days meaning tuesday youre gonna go youre gonna vote you can get all your friends get all those friends youre gonna vote i weve got really great mandate you know ive been on cover of time magazine many many times over the last year period time and theyre talking about whats happening here they actually say this isnt me because have all those live television i say if theyre going say you did to theyre saying whats happened as perhaps never happened in history country okay this is really something special this is a movement to they actually call it a movement this is not just in poughkeepsie this is not just in poughkeepsie folks i go dallas we had twenty one thousand people we filled up the mavericks arena i gota mobile alabama thirty five thousand people no matter where we go we have thousands tampa twenty five thousand orlando twenty five thousand here you have here at your ice rink and im going to the ice rink couple minutes so got see those people right should i should yeah yeah i gotta see okay they came out and they said theres never been anything like this mean this building is not exactly new and said theres never been anything like this with this room is packed and that room is packed and its just one of those things its movement and know what it is its movement for common sense its movement for jobs its movement for strong military and taking care of our vets its movement for strong borders no drugs boring unit poisoning our youth where you have huge problem its movement for wall which were going have and by the way mexico is in fact going to pay for you know when im on the stage im debates with these guys and they talk about world and come one them came up to me after the debate you know mexico is not going pay for wise said what you talking about what talking about a hundred by the way youre there right a hundred percent and then said we have fifty eight billion dollar trade deficit of wall caused ten billion dollars and you tell me i cant pull that deal off that will be so easy but these politicians dont know and even if they do know even if they do know theyre not gonna do it because they controlled by this special address and that never got go against their special if i would have raised money for this campaign jeb bush at hundred forty eight million probably much more than that the time ended but toward middle that look like hundred forty eight million by way that did him lot good right bye bye but but had hundred forty eight if i would have raised money for one these crummy packs i think their total disaster by the way by the way there absolutely ashamed theyre absolutely ashamed theyre disgrace to democracy remember said it thats me talking and then they say well we dont talk to our pack the best friends running packet they say we dont talk well what about gulf back played last week with what we did discuss stadia commercials that were folks folks let day where there were real world okay these pacs are disgrace theyre disgrace and you can do something you show do whatever you want do but whats going on in politics today is disgrace whether its the super delegates you know and im no fan bernie sanders billy by think is terrible dont like i dont think hes think hes terrible i refuse to vote for communist okay but but let me tell you but let me tell well in all fairness but in all fairness to bernie sanders he goes out and every week british and his wings bernie sanders was bernie sanders like what is it nine eleven hero bernie said is when and then i listened to the dishonest media there around table and they said well hes one like ten out eleven and they say well but cant win itself thats what is its like its corrupt system because in all fairness bernie sanders should be able to win and they all say he cant win because if they dont say this i say this because its a fixed system its corrupt system thats run by the bosses and you know what the republican side is worse because its less obvious and yet its just as bad its far less obvious but its just as bad the political pros to take in money theyre the ones that call the shots heres what they didnt count on that encountered from getting millions and millions of votes thats what they did and how i mean we have guy named rick its never even heard dont know i never saw me owns chicago cubs hes big enemy of mine never met this guy i never met this guy and used like chicago cubs i dont like them at all anymore folks bigger fail negative because you know what when we put the combustion something it always fails but is guy giving millions of dollars to fight me we have other guys id never even heard them now number one they want be you know they want famous theyre rich but theyre not famous okay and they would give everything they want famous but rickets ought chicago said would do this guy named rick it should never have no he owns chicago cubs oh yeah i see okay good now im against chicago cubs and have real estate there but im pretty good chicago but i will go crazy now so i cant believe it makes might anticipate at all off his pr people you have to stay out news let him take little heat let that guy take and by the way his the beauty i was supposed not win illinois chicago illinois i was not suppose to not win illinois he spent a lot of money that family rickets family against trump i won in landslide folks i won in a landslide so i just wanna lay by saying the following we dont win anymore but were going start winning again bake youre gonna go home and you gotta remember this evening but more importantly you gotta go all youre gonna rest stop on monday make as many calls as you can get everybody out and go and give us a big man day a big big mandate for the movement okay remember they call it a phenomena theres never been anything like this give us big mandate for the movement because the about common sense its about being the smart people and its about winning so we dont win anymore but going start winning were gonna win what our military we gonna knock hell out of ice were going to win for our vets are great veterans who being treated horribly in many cases that big treated far worse than a legal immigrants who come over to this country were gonna win for our vets were gonna win at grade were gonna have the best trade deals carl icahn some greatest business people world have endorsed me we got use our smartest on our best when not using political hacks anymore thats people that do these deals their political hacks that know nothing about business they know nothing about like like secretary kerry political hack the deal he made with iran is one of worst deals ive ever seen my life so were gonna have our best people we gonna have have greatest people world have greatest business people in world fell out money they want do it they want see our country be great again and theyre endorsing me and they love me and will start off with carl icahn okay so were gonna take our trade and we get reverse and were gonna stop companies like mexico these countries like mexico and others from stealing our businesses stealing our jobs stealing our money is going to be reversed went carrier just announce when they moved over when they just announced and then moving mexico theyll sell their product united states no tax no not know that with me they gonna pay thirty five percent tax for every single air conditioning unit that mag and let me tell you you know what theyre gonna do all be called but dating give me any money nobody gave me anything up representing you im not representing lobbyists special address so heres whats gonna happen ill be called wont even take their call i couldnt care less not doing this to represent if i didnt need this folks i did need believe me you dont think this is work you dont think this is work but heres what were going to do were gonna charge number thirty five and heres whats going happen i will because my wife said please please act more president well i want call the head of so easy donald trump president united states goes ahead of carrier okay their condition i want do it to just so easy and love doing this stuff and know whats gonna happen when say thirty five percent tax to bring you stuff united states and theyre gonna say mister president were not moving was staying in united states okay thats whats going happen thats whats going happen but thats whats gonna happen poughkeepsie at buffalo and everybody else we have to get so folks we gonna win drain were gonna win on education were gonna win with the second amendment which is being absolutely brutal on were gonna get rid of comment because were gonna bring our education local and were gonna make poughkeepsie at this whole region vibrant again but were going make the whole country vibrant again our economy is going to boom we got get rid of lot that ninety trillion in debt and heres whats going to go and love doing this and say it and have fun with it but it is so true we going start winning again were gonna win win win were gonna win so much and i kid but i yeah were gonna win so much but youre gonna say mister president please where winning too much we cant take it anymore and i say and im going to say i dont care were gonna keep winning were gonna win win win and we are going to make america again thank you very much everybody thank you