Objects At Sea Episode 2: "A Treasure Hunt Under Board"

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so wait how play this game of yours well its pretty simple hot from tech without showing the old us are then show the other posts the cut and then thats it we watched little league game its just showing you person card waiting is yummy it took awhile think this how could you possibly you know what should have known would something like this i am wasting my time here anyway im going inquire about this whole nation thing see you well i yeah sure well only do this elimination playing couple of days since we also challenge yeah we conduit into republic vs pm people because they died last episode and how we bring them back exactly well the ship has recovery center plus students went on you know yeah factor support we do that right now extra money probably uhhuh hey welcome back guys it well you can do whatever you want vs pay you follow me to point its elimination well couldnt sherry searches welcome to barrel sign this is where one of you walk plank and first eliminated from shore i know i dont want anyone to be eliminated well thats just too bad sandstone go away in order for elimination water over up up up up the room anyway we received two hundred and six votes which whole heap thanks everyone voted now since this first elimination it needs something special so was twist person with second highest amount votes switch teams with another contestant that doesnt seem like too bad punishment yeah but it will mix up show bit which should be interesting now lets get on to votes the two contestants with least amount votes a sticky rice and versailles with seventeen and twenty one votes each or who would the prizes what what mean like do you take your something you ungrateful racked you got the least amount votes and did not get eliminated thats your prize you should be more grateful well sorry should be that was very rude i very spoiled how we let your parents know about sickening behavior yours now if dont safe with second least amount votes is bed with twenty three votes you next safe is bsp with thirty votes that means have a bottom to canon turnout why im bottom two what did i even whatever house music going done up alright and lost person safe is earned total i mean can gee i was tense dont time go ha what i won i won nope you were first women and what you know what never mind about what i just said youll get prize if jump off plank challenge accepted yeah what an idiot for sake the contestants were nor the elimination diet has left us and now there are only twelve contestants and cicero nerve rejoins this number keep getting lower and lower also i announce that contest perceived second most amount votes would switching tapes of contestant from perishables this was care sort can will be think probably switch and all because now if that don lets get on to challenge wait already yet we gonna be doing sound just right off the sorry this charge is culmination of treasure hunt adema hes finished giant ship theres level purely devoted to this church which is essentially series of an hour passed just invades treasure chest scattered throughout much they strategist be right and contain something it doesnt attrition so much of team finds the correct treasure chest will win this sounds like fun yeah cable now allow me transport did said to rick all right now start alright so i think we should split up into two groups so we cover more ground but we also dont get lost of course usually have another number of people someone would have to go solo yeah sure all go solo alright then i guess thicker ice and bsb tangled together and me and out sight can go together sounds good to me everyone we hold up and think club the other team already ahead you know were actually the plan seems pretty good lets just copy what theyre doing boss we do that someone is going have to go solo me all right well funride anna think cops to should be me tall sandstone and clubs now accountant goupil whats no please no dont worry shes gotten away yeah feel hip if you dial may god have mercy on soul anyway little go different directions now we can probably find this treasure no dont go okay look i know you find me annoying but being placed with me might not too much bad thing actually because believe or not i think i already know what treasurys once how ive done various challenges similar to this before and think of analyze every possible route and judging by the way steering wheel acts think ive already gotten advance prediction of where the treasure chest will be well thats pretty cool yeah know so first off we need go through that passage follow me and well find this treasure in no time so you speak to how feeling about this challenge i yeah im good i guess oh well what is this looks like dole might be good song and should check out sure cant see and we found already we found this we want wait sticky rice member this could just be fake chest yeah but it was fake just wouldnt replace some of this like no one is now youll excuse me kicked his characters cactus cactus can only draw w quite its no i wont love being placed with you was nightmare just tell me were getting close the treasure we getting really close i would only say another five minutes away better be im not sure can take much more of this hows the search going sandstone all its going to herbal you know what dont think its misnomer can we go somewhere else yeah but the other rooms dont have chairs besides there plenty of hiding spots this room where treasure chests can be a hundred treasure chest would be out in the open i dont think you have to look inside no its definitely in this room and you at least hope fine cheney what is this thing you know what eucherius sandstone and go find treasure chest that isnt disappointing weve seen that before were going circles what okay mister smarty pants would suggest we go then owned that way thats where we went just before only the also why more carrying you because theres no other way i seriously the pentagon weve never going to wifi no it was fake money gold what is this how could they be so cruel open title actually think that was the right no its not if was the right one it would be too obvious the real treasures obviously of jawbreaker an aids awareness ribbon well there once was up you please shut up just one minute your life i am really beginning to doubt what youve been saying about with treasury like or even in the ship anymore it just looks like were some sort of tate how could we ever showed up i think we would know if we did your recent wilson made of rock is just increase atmosphere think about it said that we are five men right an hour ago yeah but this is different i could feel it just going make sure let get on google maps what we are on the other side forbidden planet how is that even possible you the worst navigator ever thats justified gee we havent seen treasure chest for ages all green truly on most the team hang on whats over there its another chest maybe the tides finally turned please dont be another fake jawbreaker and an aids awareness ribbon we did that yeah and best part is that we get keep prices then i have another jawbreaker awhile a so good do gold be spear youll write i dont think ship can take anymore okay we had enough backup ship which exact same first thats beside them everyone except me group going can by the way none you have seen labeling can do believe soon that was extremely dangerous but none less bsp in sticky rice you student when few attain yea but i am still curious how did you break your jewel i bit down too hard the jawbreaker what what did you all break up does what fate chess so your team doesnt win off rule she toiled i told you we found treasure yet the real treasure was obviously carat weight you this yeah dub well i guess teamster well youre right they did so once again church soldiers rub rumination which means viewers photo of one following five contestants who walk plank voting ends in week so get voting