Episode 6 Taming the Gaming Rex Marks the Spot

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now well gunn gradually shot them on eight hundred and seventy well level eight hundred seventy in record time take that saddam and those who arent put five like ten twelve twenty go team taco did turn veggie burgers and loud rice coming right at her reverse double black one jean paul little wait its not polite to eat until everyone is here and when i get you anything id like abstract playing hes been a big game for days as co leader the social pack do you think should spend so much time sitting here playing that game yeah you do yeah sure or should take break and come eat dinner yeah yeah one yeah whatever makoto pie ntia so join us next time for another episode no evenness great my favorite show in the whole wide world jumbo shrimp report research lab immediately jumbo shrimp so big but so shrimp with perfect contradiction sweet and sour sushi sauce on one hadn on other side all of the perfect complement to associate general once we released its a pretty sweet and sour sauce into the citys water supply everyone will have unstoppable craving fox scoop syria basuki packwood spent two months then no one will be able to stop my jumbo shrimp crab taking over walled city the key ingredient to the sauce being from two lemon cleaners and made like golden gypsum lump or even thats blocking under greens are about to get reggie ugly but theres so few all my name is out on drugs at all and got like jumbo shrimp its big and little same time she isnt that oxymoron paradox oxymoron its this eighteen difference and its the same why dont call yourself oxymoron you are not giant yeah main not but knowing me rising paul slightly sneaky sound are you okay eight hundred ninety one is video game playing wasnt good for you but its fun eight hundred ninety one eight hundred ninety one its time for morning training needed my thumbs we had fun people trading for three days come on top turned game drum and knew youd see our way a bungee problems feel not strong focused completely to level eight hundred ninety one move up all we cooked yeah were ready for the first and last and you will soon see pat week jumbo shrimp but time has come put show my grapefruit on regret well go to an all day marathon own even flow windy episodes back to back marathon begins after these messages which gives me just enough time dump that suit itself into the reservoir jumbo shrimp very soon rip off but raking it was jumbo shrimp have been cited at war city reservoir and when we say jumbo no shrimp who do the crustaceans work for our nemesis paradox store where wed better get so he packed but we have mission thats right let get to good safe point game of our you know go come on tackle what what i left them ship taco youre not strong enough to lead this mission today you put yourself and all us at risk all that gaming really took toll on you right away punchy papazian prove my reflexes my hand eye coordination and strength mike ink spray then again ikora you stand in is co leader for this mission ill try not let down party like this sufi pack would be such sweet sorrow look good yeah appeared sweet so on open behind him i could at this paradox letting your customers diva nnamdi she called thinking so among those down to florida now to if the rest them up pharaoh and reads youre good exclusion break preparedness matthew you came for me this person but you we will be or even all do this it was scary time up along what eighty paradox stores dinner plate includes after the main quality nmo stripped down that or even on going up one no one cant see im busy week grooving around i told fight that is good one want what do perfectly all for landing but at least its perfect paradox wned paradise nbae shrimp lived little still had been killed hooked on watching that game shall yeah just like me playing bungee bump us for so long too much anything is bad thing it turns out less is more great start to play again and pressed start to play again it was fun but think had enough video gaming for awhile rise and shine im going to meet but what city is being buried on its own copy fear and vote last we follow the photoshoot and adopt good deal now demonstrate by having trust authority develop garbage which includes plastic tin can and bunch of books written by celebrity i thought you must if you on concrete how did yeah you look its not the speed limit on bob coughing accelerated growth yeah ive pulled his throat accurate measurements were overrated in science home check it out sushis i found these mild comic book collection they totally cried out sushi back authentic pinky rings like ones worn by an old hero called power because make awesome grounds you guys well how old were like so she will theyll see i could even is awesome grounds are now part the up they show us that even poor un maybe you should take turns wearing them why because not everyone has crown i only have four not im cool i dont need crown really i you sure tackle we dont you feel left out no keep your little toys i dont need crown to know im super sushi down cold and the commander that even off me crown no thanks mesabi crowns not my style if you want wear one later taco just speak up yeah we cant read your mind theres nothing to read bad explain so very very much yeah swim black everyone if i wanted stupid trial id say so george of its mould will trash source grow election right it brought me i deduction would be that he has been quite good alright now what you want about with trade journal why is freshest earth making more garbage even your holiday party i dont think got the all im so source back a creature mutated by half chemical spill continues his rampage we better get ready war citys gonna need yes right tackle whatever doctor hymen suit inventor of trash source known as rex claims to have a formula to reverse the creature size my phone is made from hydrogen neon and talked lot about what problem could be taxing rich people you dont what think you got laughs need lot hot dog water flow okay lets not these garbage gradually out the ring tackle lead us signature so she rung lets just skip it and get to work in the car with me crabby go whats wrong everythings fine so we can fix this garbage disposal what looked good her had bad feeling to its just turn that corner landfill taco your call guess we should stop hymnbooks out of us dont get me wrong crowns will get turned to john is that right tacos on monday but didnt want more seems master something we better file well need crown anyway yeah run upper body movement busy moves saudis rights we need plan how about mr gloomy care share whats on your mind either to listen tackle whatever is faring you better spirit is your attitude is wrecking this whole operation spill my greetings want to cry like baby what are they no deep feelings swallow pride it emotions why feeling so to say alright keep founded spring my solemn well the come i didnt get crown isolated want one but really did deep inside they look cool dont you have one i have feelings too that just because im so cool and so handsome and so handsome my feelings dont count thats right nnova music i like bossanova adn i really did want crown just didnt know how say it and let my feelings get my way here but this is your crown will share nnova i look like well i guess i just needed say what was really feeling i feel better now and we feel better now that youre in touch with your feelings i feel somebody bleeding down our necks lets stop him dont you wonder where right now we have job to do we need retrofit solo cropped with extra power brings it up i can do it magura the old bait and switch improvise well need give the slip ikuta usual marbles was saudi you and i going on scavenger three minutes back here so mean so im sorry dont worry connie never lets us down yeah with plainness good job connie johnson try to sort things out ready alright mmhm go tell them to move to bill may already im articulate yeah expanded creek political but i do not want team what makes me happy great leadership taco its good thing you quit feeling sorry for yourself and join team again from now on im gonna say what bothers me holding feelings inside lot of garbage okay rex tying the ball but the old friend blade dot i you dont think nnova but then they started talking to me they said theyre here to save the world i