Imran Khan blows off CNN's Becky Anderson ... amazing!

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for all the guys i now lot explaining to do over discovery of bin ladens compound near is im about of course short time ago i think three mind calling up by pakistani opposition politician who some say has the support of the i si austin where that the organization was best incumbents or worst complicit in the hole bin laden affair this what said i dont know but what want know is waited all go wrong hokum what country people who have law of have given so much sacrifice for this war on terror thirty four thousand people dead billions of dollars loss to economy hundreds of thousands people under displaced the from tribal areas and will how come we are in situation where were actually blamed as being accomplices what should i think about it not only let just stop there whats best guess complicit or incompetent my best guess is that when the much idea who were heroes remember osama bin laden was heroin long not long ago a billionaire leaving everything and fighting for the of lan which id against russian soviets so now and and will close connections between bugs found agencies and other guy that all the majority group so my opinion what could have happened is that they would be people within the i aside who probably had some connections i dont understand how the bias itemize as part of the army no the army has lost thousands of soldiers the ghq has been attacked generals are being killed the tomando headquarters have been attacked isi buses are being attacked so how could it be that the same agency that the army would protecting must mine whos the whos responsible so many debts at in the army but doesnt make sense so lets talk about web pakistan is now its squeeze is now on one hand got u s which is said to intents and purposes and re evaluating let me say its relationship with pakistan on the other side youve got the pakistani taliban the evidence of which of course that we saw today that what happens next by design has to get out of this war it has to make its own war it has to stop digging aid from the u s the government has stopped has got to stop being perceived as hired gun of the us army has so dont beamed anymore considered it must sirianni so at moment we make our own war will win it at moment bug is done armies but a perceived as agents of u s so its causing extremism extremism is growing in pakistan radicalization is getting worse and were losing war you say the moment you make it your own war its war you believe can be one is that we go without u s money willow juice money because this is a plus for us this us money is not reaching people of pakistan people getting impoverished inflation is at the highest quality is rising unemployment shortages gas electricity soaps up this aid is not reaching people living in doing aaron on let get on getting elite if you running country today you would not accept the billions in aid of u s and shed say forget that lets move on its goes for us make you because weve been digging this aid and people of pakistan and lost thirty four thousand dead keep repeating this to a country that had nothing do with us and the more it is not helping people country its its helping the bank accounts of tiny rich ruling elite we dont need any aid