Object Lockdown: Episode 4 - "Not Your Forte"

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hi fi arm circle and this is my show well melky arab group dead of personality excuse me and there she is now so milky white wanna be featured my show era featured here you drag it stage like lunatic all right next question does feel have no personality well you should know i thought you were nice well tried deal with people like to read about harm ever today by whom we will be locked down the entertainment or come with price well done and reply to the elimination all white and home looks different yeah fire extinguisher sold his simply dont the high school level they show me both to improve dsn excuse you my middle addiction was not supposed mention here whatever eva we have received thousand four hundred both stein laurels here deadlines while i won again my goodness song is golf ball links balm excuse me i will not go insane and kill my team that you had received almost nine here is your prize now attending dislikes all and many static line yeah area socket rc one hundred two one hundred sixty dollars yeah it is unfortunately they wouldnt do hundred and thirty six dislikes i would like thank the job me alright so that though id be on scene parties im down so the votes yes why would viewers vote me it was brother lost challenge for us im not even me bags id i are guys ready for next challenge no also why realness now because jack thought looked cool o okay anyways for todays challenge everyone will be in groups of five to lock down justins will not compete and that makes twenty five a week thats twenty six going sit out this challenge me me me me me me group who said that me well known responded so guess certain sit out because hes idiot yeah wait what so todays challenge the singing and or dancing competition while thats never been done before whatever also ive become dont you help with this challenge come on out computer like dogs im computer if you subscribe to windows youll get free copy of the super what does best fund titan jams album wow nice use of subtle slovak return true channel dork those shut up here the gruesome this challenge group what danger team which consists of sun teapot pocket berrien pumpkin looking good groove to consist of umbrella dollar cone cherry in balloon no im stuck with bunch of idiots dont worry brillo least arent safe yeah sure you are not free consist of paint palette grassy eminem hot sauce and stop sign this is just wonderful know i am wonderful group forgiveness of skateboard snowboard milky banana and do book nice a group five contains a court can diamonds yarn balls great you only have hour get routine right starburst what you think well itself landfill gas country song you cant make jazz country song its impossible view all reviews back off orange top hat oliver north ought not we could use up for performance im not wearing that ugly thing what itll make us why dont all wishes not how you say it awhile ago nutritious no i got wrong again i like green alright guys have any ideas because that would run my new id single but first get no yeah thats great idea as i think into the choreography and i like do is well but rapping at national park is three hundred dollar fine police force going hate me yeah we dont want be up for elimination but with better get working on that song do i think when festival for three years now see i mean press we also going to reduce alright guys what do for the talent show waiting and no murdering man all my goodness so what gonna do we gotta do dub step the most hip thing since sliced bread is running even pull it all book book book like fire signature hates dub step only okay the only show mariah take to it spirits in this classical as anyone else musician here you know all your skill one is musician greats who would do i say we all just sit around and do nothing that would be ludicrous we have state plans we dont get caught so heres the idea are this is the life what youre doing is what want back from death yeah did you practice dance number gave you total i know every single move yeah sure you do prove it fries you know like its against law okay them if you dont plan is routine them kicking off this group and putting you umbrella through all know please give another chance or whatever and then you please teach him dont go away a booming over you are your own work how do we do this retreat well i guess it all just jump off stage and run around hi i guess its worth shot and one and the two and a half and i why knew we win over this chair you gonna ruin whole song is known more understand you hop album even though you three this song is their work of art or dont kill you okay everyone the hours up are you all ready to perform now great your group is up first that was interesting mean i dont understand what i just watched so far ive dont want to go up next we do play jazz song with me on saxophone all the sounds awesome go in one and thats it miniscule lead the deleted well then what pumpkin i give four out ten it was kind funny ill give zero so guys get four out of twenty im martha pumpkin lets not do for me hokum only get down to the next group is going be because youre a guest star oh yeah next up is ambrose group all great well for our performance we will do jazz country style songs are dont think thats thing that exists till then yeah rap star team you know what you are in them or it wasnt what i do grodins apart of those your area wont be because i use what i demand recount or brazil was a perfect representation of jive countries donors it was fortunate my sweater delicious hot so were not next up is a corkscrew weevil forming the classical piece was echols i dont really think had in pain just hurry up already alright everyone three treat are we ordered me know i have no idea i dont think anyone cares because that is zero you hear me us zero i give them negative one alright last group hold on where are they are they on the stage they must be very good perfect we got someone but managed get so when it looked like fun maybe five miles thing is still to find that i know what you will now its like we get good money if we dont get elected to build one for the body parts adn enough you will wow that was actually really good ill give it nine out ten i agree alright guys but show lets show the results pass group one got four points group children nine points group three other great forgot negative least we no the thoughts full moons there was loss of precise typing in f i see notes efforts one on anyways groups one two and five are up for nation however this up so there no viewer so contestants will choose who is locked down except to see you then