The Collins Family (Episodes 51 - 57)

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okay uncle howard were live hello mom and pop allison and i are standing out here in front of our house today we just came back from hospital and we brought someone special home with us alright uncle howard and and allison lets introducer okay mom and pop your cs present our new daughter and your new granddaughter rosalie choice collins and i also like to add shes the first cousin iv and i have on dads side of the family get close up her gently okay and there she is hi rosalie looks like she heard you joey and look is that smile see look sweetie not sir cousin joey hey there little cutie so why dont you tell nana and pop pop how you guys decided on the name rosalie choice want take this one how may well rosalie was name of my beloved late grandmother and howard and i both like joyce for middle name yeah but two names fit together rather nicely wouldnt you say absolutely so uncle howard how does it feel to become first time dad at forty its the best feeling in the world there is nothing like love father has for his children and i will do anything to protect my daughter thats right uncle howard jeez what stupid baby what did you say sir had jack ma pongal how was your job take the baby i want to go sponsored to sure thing and allison new clothes boy ive never seen guy of his size fly so far before and land right that dumpster over there right where he belongs honey if rosalie could talk you know what shed probably say after seeing us deal with that idiot tombeau from let me guess would it be uncle browsers wow youre good okay sweetie say uncle wilders for daddy come on uncle while there is you can do it sweetie be sure to hold her head iv hello general youre just putting spotlight ever wrestling i just wanna screens you not too hard on iv man and it seems like just yesterday when mom and dad brought iv home after she was born thoughts from jerry called me stupid yeah i know kiddo i was just little thirteen year old punk back then who was just mad that he didnt get brother but now i cant imagine life without my little sister chisels to oh my gosh i just wanted to say what an adorable baby well thank very much whats her name names rosalie shes four days old thats pretty well i just wanted to come and say how cute she is my names stephanie by the way well thank you again stephanie have nice day you too as well as popular i know practically everyone stopped by to see her since we got here patrick veronica give arial and sally and all our other friends shes one good looking collins what can we say and it looks like shes just nodded off i better take her now sweetie carol carman see regularly guangdong claret absolutely ivy you can come see her anytime you want im sure she loves seeing her cousins i want all the other cousins to phoenix here but im sure fill in chelsea in all the little ones will need rosalie whenever they get chance to i will rise these cousins till no iv theyre all our cousins on moms side but theyre not rosalees cousins because rosalee is on dads side world well explain later in meantime i need to get the baby home and we need to get home to iv were gonna be taking dad out to jimmy jays for his birthday in couple hours live out loud that dont dont you love it ha ha okay lets go see you later runkle howard too bad you guys couldnt join us tonight well well see you guys tomorrow night at my place thats when the real birthday fun begins you know it you what of gamers its know boy dj the boss ten here so today i am doing my first blog here in goanimate city very interesting town to say the least lot people coming up to me saying they watch my flock hey i know you looks like another one of my viewers is coming up right now your dj the boss ten until the one and only i thought you looked familiar can i be in your blog course hi this is paul marians are awesome anything else you wanna say no thats all thank you for letting me be annette i have something i want to say okay but make it fast man is it just me or does that guy smell like b o how hard are not so loud okay man your online he will you sexy ladies of cool animate city it stumbled the man of your dreams if any of you see the us would not give me call and ill make it worth your mind all my number elves hey come on my blog is not dating service just as i thought another talk talk of trying to get in way of me scoring hot debate how about you young lady would you like the owner of hanging out with the town bulma get out here pervert no one would ever go out with you if pay them to ugly filthy freak well that was then interesting encounter lets hope i dont run into any more losers like that tombo character anyway im here front the supermarket lets go inside no way is that dj the boss ten yeah its me hey whats up not much bro how you doing pretty good man its surprise see you im joey by way and im kayla nice to meet you you too weve seen all your videos you were like one of best youtubers i appreciate that man do you guys wanna say something for my vlog yeah hey its the big j joey collins and this is kate lamar and i go to oak creek high whats up class of twenty sixteen cool thanks guys cultural who you talking here this is dj the boston remember those videos i watch online hes the one who does them dj this is my little sister iv i have the allow you guys ready to go yeah mom dad this is the guy who makes those vlogs on new too hes known as dj the boss ten and hes making of longer right now glad meet you its nice to meet you too good luck with your vlog thank you alright so i just met really cool family the collinss and id like to give them little shout out right now mister and mrs collins joey and navy thanks for being in my flock be sure look for on youtube very soon alright guys ill catch you guys later keep it real peace out fat joe asked be in video blog oh boy ive always wanted to be in video blog get out of here fat joe morning people love golf animate city for those of too and i want be the first to welcome you with relaunch of your rap and rock and station k t y im howard collins and im sally reynolds and this is howard and sound morning show the first one in nearly two years well sally how does it feel to be back our old stomping grounds its like we never left am seriously so excited right now when the old katie why signed off who would have imagined wed have it back again only twenty two months later dots right now im sure most of our listeners already knew wed be returning but lets give very brief account for those who werent aware earlier this year we heard that the fcc was granting community radio licenses for nonprofit organizations and i along with sally and other former k t y jocks reinaldo sanchez and david can she got the idea to apply for license our intent was to bring back k t y as non profit community station in spirit of the old kt why so we teamed up with our local community theater and were granted license and well here we are today and remember the new katie why is non profit venture where supported through underwriting grants fundraisers and donations from people like you our listeners and top it all off we were even given special permission to lease the old k t y studio which has sat unused for nearly year now and which also is just down the hall from our former employers okay fm why do you think theyll miss us over there howard afterall k fm while is bit like the old katie why yeah it was similar but k f m why didnt fully capture the spirit of our original katie why for one thing we still had to abide by their play list of corporate determined songs and thats definitely not case anymore just like the original keiichi why we are more free form and have choice of wider selection of classic rap and rock and dont forget you can also stream us on our website katie why dot org and youll be glad to know we still take your calls which is great because all those crazy callers were such big part of k t y history id love to see that continue me to well look at this sally we have our first caller right now hello color your our very first one on the new k t y while im honored this is love machine are yes good old love machine youve been one of our favorite colors on the old katie why and later on today fm why nice to hear from you i just want to tell you and sally how happy i am that kate few wires back and also the howard infallibly show thank you love machine and bucked im feeling so good right now that i just want to get down and boogie well not yourself out my friend dont mind if i do man ive really missed this place so how by sally im looking forward to more fun times here and speaking of fun times heres some of the events coming up community world of mankind and coyote nation will be performing in meter park on twentieth for the annual free concert in park series go animate cities fifteenth annual run to feed the hungry will take place on thanksgiving morning rain or shine and also on thanksgiving at washington community center the salvation army will be holding thanksgiving community meal from eleven am to two pm admission is free well i know youre already for music and were gonna kick off the show with music by faith no more the beastie boys urban dance squad and so much more im sally reynolds and im howard gallons and this is the howard and sally morning so once gain on newly relaunched k t y your rappin and rocking station keep here okay smile and on the count three one two and three die in my side he pulled here down you go i well christmas song ho ho ho ho and mary christmas to two little okay miami did good honey now lets go wait for joey and girls then well go to dessert shop and then to the ice skating rink long stake plants around christmas time here they come a mom you guys done yes did your shopping go im just about done me too but am having little trouble figuring out what to get for my kids at cameron yeah is cameron really hot one whose and need me ha ha yeah thats him you should tell him that you have cute friends mean frantic that this single you have to get mine trying catch his girls lined up around clock so you might want borrow from me you know i cant say ive youll find out on christmas federal home alone i think we going to the dessert shop now that plan was really couldnt what did you say it was called again its called christmas mix its the pine mans own creation i told you it was the best ever wasnt it it sure was well ladies can i take your plates for you sure by man everything paul o nome yes of course just seeing you wearing that outfit kind reminded me of someone its two days and were about to head out to christmas party this is my sister janie by the way alone glad to meet you i must say no christmas mix i was fantastic can i get recipe well thank you janet and im afraid like the colonels special blend my recipe has to remain secret well how about if we get another one together you got it a plain man well the game is almost all here nice to see you folks stephen still working by the way i like your new red uniforms high now nice to see you getting in the spirit thank you jennifer i just love holiday season let me go take these quakes back and ill be right with you hi everyone nice to see you all you to sally you all remember my sister janie right we sure do nice to see you again jamie its nice to see you soon well were off to our christmas party if i dont see you before the twenty fifth then hope you all have merry christmas merry christmas to as well sally and have good time at your party see you later sally alright folks just reminder there is twenty percent off sale for christmas makes pies all this week great we will take five of them please coming right up well lets get our skates on are you nervous im maybe little bit after all i havent i skated since was maybe nine or ten dont worry that its just like riding bike yeah slip and fall few dozen times you can have my hands ill make sure you tell okay reading yeah lets do it thats the spirit well i just now got the last gift on my list my christmas shopping is done how about you still need buy for allisons parents but im not quite sure what to get them well you better hurry up howard tomorrow is christmas eve uncle browsers where does the time go dont worry youre not the only one who procrastinate until the last minute well if you were married what would get your in laws dont know never been married or had any in laws nine you know alisons parents better than i do what do they like to do well theyre both retired and one thing theyve always talked both is traveling traveling thats great idea why not give them cruise tickets cruise tickets of course allison did mention the other day that her parents were thinking of going on cruise next summer well there you have it thanks the barrio youre life saver anytime we just go my first paycheck dont good for you tombo now you dont have to rely on us giving you one allowance anymore and you know what im going go buy bunch of powerball ticket jackpot is up to billion dollars yes thats quite lot im going win that billion dollars i can feel it dont get your hopes up tombo come on down one billion dollars with that much money albeit million naira until those nice guy hating bitches who did make it all will come crawling bank betting me to give them another chance and as for working i wont hafta jewish singles day of it ever again ill be set for life in fact i am going go down to the nice little store nice and buy those tickets dan i am going stop my work i got something i want to tell the box yeah baby yeah he gave what you doing here tom book oh im just here to say but i think youre big fat loser i beg your pardon and you smell like five week old garbage and your wife looks like an elephant tom boat what is this nonsense you come down here on your day off and you start insulting me thoughts right i dont need your worthless stupid crappy job anymore you know why because i am going win the powerball enjoyed being stuck up this dead end job luger thats it tom boat you are out here youre fired leave premises now gladly in few days ill be giving you call from my mansion on my own private island surrounded by bunch of beautiful ladies well talked to gave although i hear it is dotted powerball drawing i can already see my billion dollars nine do be quiet here go the numbers seventeen twenty thirty three thirty five fifty eight and the red powerball fourteen dammit i cant believe it none of my tickets hot the winning numbers stupid pile of bottle i hate your didnt i tell you not to get your hopes up now ill have to go back to work again on monday and i just quit not dumb place to tombo you quit your job whats the hell full because i i thought i was going win billion dollars so youre basically jobless again im sure the box will understand once i tell him i didnt win after all o o o o o o o o o o o thats it tombo you go to your basement right now its not basement its bachelor packed