iDubbbz VS Pisces [Rock will never die, Mother F#$ker]

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dear you to i am my name was put hes code on i hear im here say fuck you i ign i dont think he likes me its not every day that i does that is to sort of grab and then go but from aids is pushing it way too far from moment and it pisses me off for the last drawl im sick and tired limo fuck mo thug nigger faggett im sick tired that mold fuck you mo thug nigger faggett who did he knows every day i dont think i know everything i do know everything i know that you grew up suburbs have life great mommy daddy may be divorced who that was biggest shake your life the hardest probably thing youve ever faced but other than that life must have been a its freaking cake you may be ee low because using neger faggett okay thats as far memorized do i think its i is pretty good skit on its own but for any you out there who confused by that nice la gag i just did that was gag that wasnt real that was bit of they have all been of a callback no i didnt see class seen video if you wanna know what thats from a you know what im gonna do allman bros disaster deal talking quest one home make fun of us to automate more floridas dance and three heads that you give birth to mob griff hell make you feel but ill let them sure which you know like lot but did get im not sure why you want me burn like mother fucking titty to it as far i know tits arent that flammable okay first lets start now ought dissect it peach okay you say that you see this fisher and brought the tarp rob that right there block will never die motherfucker maybe hes thinking there might really dub step since doubles my name get that lot lot be all you will dub step hey i dub staff and my camera its okay a our but no devices i lie love rock were were agreement there buddy and know theres theres theres theres the creatures of tomorrow motherfucker and you shall not resent will let dad do you do you will burn in hell and that well know i or try to better understand where youre coming from maybe europe high seas i should probably get know how high seas think act hi sis strengths are that theyre compassionate sought you i adaptable yeah barrenness and accepting most welcome little thug nigger faggett crises weaknesses are that theyre over sensitive indecisive self pitying lazy and escapist i dont think any those words describe you though i dont dare do what what would happen is this you guys see that is this this is problem with doing one take is that i if you spit through the gap your teeth middle video you cant have roll with it if listen really carefully you can actually hear hitting floor is this i dont think fish is your spirit animal i think spitting cobra is your spirit animal dr green venom through hypodermic flag yeah i will not back off two i want to get hurt and dewey im having flashbacks sesame street lets count bets and find out up thats one one that too tool to beth one three one three fabulous fliers up up up what do we had three bats and one more sasha makes one three two three for break far better vote buttes i need for beautiful bats the number of the day is full three because you know why you so fucking me adjectives that start with the letter and youre still felt didnt mean i like solve puzzle what is it nigger faggett youre still felt didnt mean very good site say with me nick nick move no then yeah yeah yourself fuckin asshole shit volvo off base there apparently wasnt trying to shout any racial epithets at me was all about ask me being so ass full of shit that you know we were fucking bullshit may have mop bucket huge scuba i dubbed would fucking happy die looking address look uhhuh all im liking this already i hope youre watching this video pacey i just reviewed your kickstarter prime i can make fun of you i didnt say youre happy guy lookin ass i didnt call you bitch see this this me when im mad you wouldnt you got dead cock sucked mall but peace shit already a hit im not should tortilla should i learned all fucking racist nigger faggett nigger faggett nigger faggett nigger fag i dont think youre racist you call me nigger faggett but i dont think thats racist just really good insult why when you call someone nigger fag what do okay three i go to church every love fucking week but there are you are not same day i love book page any thought given where that you would see me any prompted one so far you why dont you know i dont yeah okay you drop one f bombs i get it youre mad lets sort understandable i mean i would be mad if someone expose my kickstarter project but you know youre theres no need for cursing okay theres no need for cursing thats not only rude but its its tasteless theres lot kids on this website and youre probably making them feel bad did did you love what summer execs who are there will be some good lawsuit under don n heres organ and do charity mma match you versus me standard rules applying you win ill take my video down if i win you take the money that got from cyber matrix and you donate it to make wish foundation i think thats pretty fair trade off okay i cant keep this up any longer pie sees is guy that met last semester college we both took drama class together and he is out fucking right this dude can act can sing hes comedian if youre an agent hollywood hiram hes fucking incredible for now never feel yeah dogs i also like know im big fan i have problems digesting but love love it i love it i like it i love for right are not eh i will consider taking down video you make a rap video you make about whatever you want owe you up i would prefer if you make around me and rap about me and how much nigger faggot i am but could be whatever topic you want i just want see rap battle video now doesnt guarantee theyll take down but ill think about