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guys about be an oracle im hoping for uncle yeah but i mean i also eat say pop towards full of them pop tarts with your name on it would you like do have blue some infinite is a bigger than others line eight you dont like me so in my mind then blakeney because that verse stupid you cant believe that they let you do that you were ten year before lost my burden to you vowed icon and writing error differences among the forms of barrenness your ass right down now there thats dac ari just demonstrates directions right there bars thirteen i have do you recall new year long where site but honey whats wrong and how had grammar dream again grammar dream yes the grammar trena honey was only nightmare go back to okay alright so goodnight honey my yeah who was then the jury maddog yeah uhhuh on how you two should remove dislike butts i regret my dissension do i really the sauce im jacob when me and my boyfriend at my house his two breauxs i said okay to go there search cat nicely say me and leo 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some still applied shit people have no calm incense untrue and welcome to the trivia game you the correct you know you know i dont know why you think i want to move on channing mean saying no one dies its you were hollow hello hello saying no wisdom dont cry because is over smiled because is yeah home ill find odds that perfect print them theyre going no needs regrets me to inform you that failed kindergarten and therefore are enabled to re imagine someone raping todays george you are you actually serious may i hadn most someone if tell is not real to be true but actually in vaccines because apples i heard one hundred injects apples chemical can autism most scientists and then with facts i nt martha just let you all know market does not conduct smoking if any herbal some and history the more know i dont know why it was fine yeah im you branch hey you all your worries you are just i love you all like i listen at care right now im your big the sauce coming here i wanna mari brasa powered because cute funny and think we mailed a perfect couple if i wu since twelve well not if if collage goes perfectly with comment as visual all everyone one spelling friends name wrong comments is like a its in the middle and its actually pretty common name excuse me gently this is lloyd from i just want to know how you started your matrimonial arts from destroyed plan god hates foreign people all my good good im face plamen so hard it two minutes and dont martin you ever met some boy of twitter van got this they had profile pic loyal and yo mama so short shes die form a ring would really man i like every single dress youd see and start love cooking one day i will be and that they see your syrian did love danes but the nate men cant get pregnant no theres just been coated caitlyn jenner man give me man that might marked cars so sweet and awesome and so fast you can see where you go in there like race cars views and mars you are at me on motorcycle racing on track being crashing and dying my ex mexican boyfriend cities to use body pins scratched inside his ear my grand kids still love watch for lying me i used love this madison morris that person should been locked up in key frowned away i dislike this video because dont like when people play the song on i dont want that so see its donald trump all love and respect group him and make sure they can show you that in the youth in our life him meet side put i hope you shut your still burned have everybody going head the in another perfect cut into it why people always we can see drastic world last night was such good movie on and when a senior get better than drastic parts wake up something incredible happened no one julie this is amazing get downstairs now mmhm eminem is my favorite rapper your game but your is spelled cross didnt check cleaned up you too matty b just keep on rape and dont listen no one